The Tarot Weekly is a regular forecast for the Other, or spiritual seeker, identifying trending energies, issues, and influences on a week-by-week basis. For those who are attracted to the message, these weekly readings are insights into the universal influences, identified with the Tarot, and translated by your bloggie, Scott.

After a period of meditation a standard deck of the Tarot (Universal Waite) is used to draw on the ebb and flow of information, cast in various spreads, sometimes deviating with day-by-day details, clarifying cards, and mediations which reflect the lesson of the weekly spread.

Readers are encouraged to follow along with their own deck, attempt their own Tarot Journey’s and comment on their shared experience.

Others || Seekers

The Tarot Weekly is not for everyone, in fact it is specifically cast for those on a path of personal growth, self improvement, and healing. The information that is brought forth is aimed at personal growth, self-awareness, planetary connection, and co-creation.

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Otherhoodlight 1999 - 2008

The concept of the Other, or Otherhood comes from the path of Mothers, the very human yearning for brotherhood, and the nurturing, supportive and giving qualities of people everywhere. We can all nurture like mothers, like brothers, like true compassionate beings. We are Others.

Helping the people in our lives to grow towards their potentials and dreams is the true marker of an Other. To be an Other is to be one who is fulfilling the capacity of a nurturer through their healing, council, art, writing, actions, passions, words and deeds. We are the ones who take the risk to step out on to this socially unsure ledge and practice what they know in their spirit to be true in their communities with a greater sense of what community is about.

The boundary of spiritual growth is always stretching beyond the horizon, our spirit and passions continue to expand and grow.Others see beyond lines of separation assisting people regardless of race, religion or lifestyle because they have a pure sense of what love, compassion and wholeness encompasses. It is not hindered by negative or impacted emotional states that create illusions of separation, egocentric power struggles and divisions of better or worse.

I believe that it is through these Others that the most positive changes in our world have come about.

Like Mothers, whose lives are devoted to motherhood, so to have Others devoted their life to Otherhood, their unique magickal-spiritual calling.

There is a world filled with Others working towards these spiritual goals under many names and faces, their true mark is a non-judgmental practice and belief that stems from a heart-centered, clutter-free life calling. Remember that every professional, every minister, every healer that you patronize is a transaction that supports their life and helps them to continue actualizing their life’s purpose.

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