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Happy Monday. Welcome back to The Journey. It’s been blustery, raining, and crispy cool in Los Angeles, I love it. Feels like winter.

This weeks  message is about self care in times of stress, and challenges. It’s pretty simple although at times it can be hard to do.

Tarot Weekly

A friend of mine has a way of thinking about money, it boils down to, I do not lend money, I give it. If they give it back to me that’s great but I don’t let money come between me and my friends. Naturally the philosophy is born out of instances where she had to cull some unsupportive, leech-like relationships, but because of the difficulties she experience in her relationships she learned a valuable (personal) lesson.

I’m reminded of this with a feeling of “giving without receiving.” It’s an expression this weeks energy. As Bjork sings, we give out the energy, support, time, and caring but we shouldn’t expect it to be returned from the sources we have invested them in. In fact that’s a bit of the bitchy-Virgo in each of us that thinks should get back what we have invested from the ones we have cared for.

Well, you’ll be taken care of, you’ll be given love…

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It’s all around you
All is full of love
All around you

~ All is Full of LoveBjörk

Tarot Weekly: November 22 - 28th

The cast of cards this week are an interesting bunch, standing on their heads for the most part. Page of Pentacles remains in the sweep with a continuation of the “yada yada yada” about problems, which could probably begin to harp a “me. me. me.” song as the time that was given is not returned and a little martyr is born out of it. Watch yourself.

Remember to give back to yourself, that’s the first and most viable source of rejuvenation, besides how much gratitude are you going to get if you are holding your hand out and asking for it? The point is then lost. Watch escapism, need for validation, demands for pay-back.

There are some notes in the air here that says there has been, or we could be entering a time of some challenges and we’ve given a lot into our situation on the level of giving / receiving / exchange. This could be work, this could be relationships, this could be helping out a friend, or cause… The underlying message is not to be so intense, or driven because you could  lose the balance point perspective of charity and fall into the role of debt collector.

This is not about “right” and “wrong”, winners or losers, those who have and those who have not.

We can honor our feelings. There may be something that is critically wrong with the situation we are in, either immediately or in the long run, and by Gods, that is valid. We can say I have given enough and now it’s time for me. Some self-appreciation is in order, or even some pats on the back from a friend who see’s your real worth. Talk to them. Step away and in one way or another refuel.  Find some balance in your life between work and play, giving and receiving, honor and obligation. It’s the “Holiday Season,” a time when these issues can seem to pop up around every corner, and so it is also the perfect time to be mindful of this balance between give and take.

Give when we are full. If we feel empty then it is time to step back and rejuvenate. Take care of our health and well being and then from there we are in the place where we can enter into the scenario or move onto other things.

When we expect gratitude, when we ask for thanks, or demand respect we have lost all three things, it’s probably wise at that point to look critically at our situation and what we are getting out of it; what we expect out of it; and what we are doing for ourself that may need to be asked.

“When you feel locked into a difficult set of circumstances – nothing can be accomplished – center yourself and wait. Difficult though your life may be – it will change. Go deep within yourself and seek spiritual guidance. Think carefully now and ask yourself if you have considered everything. Communicate any new ideas or decisions in such an objective way that they can be received and heard. Focus your mind and allow yourself to see the whole picture.

When your balance and peace are disturbed – your passage is no longer serene – your emotions are stirred up and your physical or spiritual journey becomes stormy. Trying to “attack” a long standing problem – especially one that has been accepted by others – only agitates the situation…”

~ Crystal Reflections


What is the Tarot Weekly?

You can find out all about the weekly, and link to the Tarot Feed by visiting this link.

Take care. Have a great holiday.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

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Hello again. Happy MOON-day! I bring you this weeks casting of the Tarot Cards.

Tarot Weekly

Death (R) + Magician (pointing at) Nine of Cups (R), Seven of Pentacles, and Page of Wands (R). Not that there the Arcana of the week is the little Death -so called because it’s in reverse. The Magician was just standing around on the side, and so part of the drawing. He’s pointing to the significance of what we can use in the three Minor Arcana cards that accompany the energy this week.

It’s not yet over… Any frustration that you may have been having over the last few weeks may remain. There is an end in site but it appears that you are not quite completing the cycle. In a work situation this could be the continuance of a project or job that you had thought was done. It’s not. In love and relating you may find that the same issue  has come up again and the results were the same.

They are the same because we have not changed and that is the message of Death in reverse.

Frustrating situations drag on and on. I’ve read that you may not be able to move forward on these issues until you finish old business, which appear to be “over and over again scenarios” in your relationships. Same fight. Same-o, same-o. In short it is unfinished business.

There is the glimmer of a new beginning but only just there, a different path to take down the road of how we use our power / energy in our interaction with this never-ending story.

As I said the Magician is here, one hand pointing at the Rattle (literally) and the other pointing down to the three Minor Arcana cards this week. He, our Magician, is asking us to apply our magickal/spiritual thinking and practice to our thoughts about the situation(s) at hand: Those that don’t seem to end.

How have we fallen into an unconscious interaction with this person, or people, that are part of the revolving karma? If we could generate the audacity to change, to act consciously rather than falling into the same fight, how would we have manifested and grounded a different outcome? You can’t be a sleeper in these situations of change otherwise the moment passes by while you’re counting sheep.

Nine of Cups (R) pops in to tell me that there is a rise of disappointment that things do not change. This is an indicator of our challenge to the self. Note that this message of change has come up for the last few weeks. As we moved into the Mercury Retrograde, in the sign of Virgo, how could we not find an opportunity to explore the finer points of change and growth? Virgo’s see the details.

There is an unfulfilled feeling surfacing in the scenario and knit picking the details wont hash it out any more if you are going round-and-round int he same scenario. You have come at it from every angle, please look at it from the standpoint that you could be wrong in your approach. Maybe it’s time to strike out on your own and create the you that you desire and see what sort of difference that makes?

Above all contemplate your ideas about your actions and desires for manifestation at this time. We’re in a retrograde, retrogrades tell me “inner journey” not outer.

The Seven of Pentacles pops in next and affirms the last statements. He or she is asking us to take a moment and asses our situation, what is needed, if anything? What direction are we going. Does our life reflect our inner compass? What space are we acting from? How does it feel?  We are at a crossroads and the Seven of Pentacles is begging the question, are you in line with your goal and or vision of where you should be.

Is there two big of a gap between the life imagined and the life lived? Sevens are not final numbers in fact they represent that moment of contemplation as what we know is deepened through reflection, again affirming that this isn’t a time of endings but reflecting.

Page of Wands (R) can have to do with self image which further leads me to believe this energy is all about our own personal change. There is a possibility that the Page of Wands (R) is someone who is bullying you with temper, I keep reading mean spirited, or using the lame leg to cry “victim” to tether you to a dependency situation where they can get what they want by playing the wounded one.

Get centered bring up the Page of Wands in your minds eye or place the card before you. Extend your senses out to the card, feel the resonating vibration of the Page. Cast your minds eye out and carry the resonance with you, seek the source. Is it someone in your life or is it your own self-image that is playing the power role to get what it wants?

That brings me back to the beginning. If we are the cause of the ever-repeating karma, then its’ up to use to realize that the master of the wagon (Chariot) is you. Take command of the journey by giving yourself a lesson in change: It’s starts with us.


Full Moon in Pisces

Michelle Karen writes about the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces between Tuesday 8/24 at 7:11 AM and Thursday 8/26 at 7:48 PM:

Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…

She also notes the continuing retrogrades, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury. You can view that list of retrogrades, times, dates and potential influences to be mindful of here.

Take that into meditation if it resonates with you. I pay attention to those planetary motions.

I hope this weekly finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

This morning’s meditation was…interesting, but aren’t they all? Maybe that’s why I turn back inward all the time, the timeless entertainment of discovery.

Before I even began to pull cards I heard the name Durga. I connected to that name and in a moment all the mothers in  my life passed through my mind’s eye, an outpouring of love and respect for mothers everywhere. Just as strongly as this procession of womanly faces and the gratitude that we should all have for them, were two other thoughts.

Yes I know, Durga assembled by light of many gods, she was given their greatest gifts, she has many forms. She’s a destroyer and protector, she is Invincible, made of the light of all the gods, wielding their many fearsome and magickal weapons and tools. She kicks asses like a thousand Bruce’s Lee’s, demons of poverty, famine, evil thoughts and suffering beware!

Today she feels silent, jovial, waiting. Supportive, nurturing in her strength to give stability, balance, grounded power, and keen perception that will come in handy, later. For now it is our time to stand, sit, stabilize in her earthly powers of light. It’s not time to strike, it is time to rejuvenate. We are all mothers, we all have a thread or a weave that connects us to this powerful energy and, we all (Mothers and Others) deserve a break this week.

Maybe it is the strong Mercury and Virgo influences now and preceding the upcoming retrograde of Mercury in the Virgin, but the focus was not on the details as we know Virgo can “knit-pick” a thing to death but in the cooler, bounty aspects of the earth. The enjoyment that comes from enjoying a cup of tea, a glass of wine, the laughter in our friends and family, over the things that may come into focus in the next week that tend to irritate us or drive us to make alterations to plans or projects.

Don’t do it. It’s not the time. If you must consider carefully the bigger picture because Mercury + Virgo is narrowing the ego into focusing on details that may blind you to the greater pattern of what is being woven. This is where the “knit-picking” will hurt you. Besides wouldn’t you like to regroup a little and conserve and not blowing useless energy off on petty details. Yes, petty! Enjoying these bounties as if power, ego, a self unconcerned by worming feelings that the prevalent energy can potentially turn towards.

The cards show the astrological influences in this way…

Tarot Weekly

Justice (R), Queen of Wands, Five of Wands (R), Ace of Pentacles (R)

Careful of the balance between work and play.

Sitting at my altar the card that pops out the most is not the Major Arcana card, Justice, but instead the Queen of Wands. In this instance she is our Durga representative. Queen of Wands is quick to burn, but this is her mothering way. She snaps a flame under your ass to get the lesson across and then hugs you and tells you to get past it. Lesson learned.

Queen of wands is stable in earth this week so I know you may suspect a fly in the ointment take on a sphinx like aspect. Wait. There is some mischief up in the workings of things but to strike now would be to divert the progression by striking before the iron is hot.

What is the progression? Last week we talked about that, it was “the changes” that we are going through. This stabilizing point is to ground the energy into something more stable than our emotional nature, something more current with the season and the path at this time. We say “relax” and “rejuvenate” because there is reason to continue to seek the inner voice and follow the path that may not seem most direct.

My feeling, that our fire is held in check, used instead to radiate a warm glow, as it builds, warm up your environment, find some fun to do with the flame -friends, family, lovers, dancing, charming, almost Empress-like, spreading out the wealth of that power… just not raising your spear to strike the heart of the foulness that you are sensing but cannot pinpoint.

You may have frustrations, you may feel off-balance, you may find your self striking with the fire of the Mother of Wands but just ask if this is Justice, or something more petty, like revenge or justifying reason that we create to feel “right” or come out looking better than someone else.


Periods of retrograde are  times for inspection, the energy now focuses on our elements fire and earth. The Durga is a mother as much as she is a warrior goddess. The Shakti is flowing this week, potentially through you, take the time to find your inner mama and use that power to cultivate love, stability, strength, and if necessary a firm hand to define boundaries.

In the meantime be sure to give your mother, mother figure, or friends who is a mother, a call and tell them how much you appreciate their love and support. Giving thanks completes a karmic circle. Even better it’s nice to give mom’s a good thank you, they often do their service of raising children (birthed, spiritual, or adoptive) without a lot of gratitude.

Hug a mom.

On a side (but related) note, I really enjoyed this video by Sister Unity Divine. It was “Bardic”. Something entertaining that draws you into the story of Durga. Check out parts one and two.


– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Hello! First I’d like to thank everyone who sent in feedback or posted comments to The Journey || I do my best to reply to every comment, if I missed you please feel free to give me an electronic poke on facebook, or the journey.

Tarot Weekly

This week was another strange and tense draw: Key 15, The Devil (R); King of Cups (R); Four of Pentacles (R) again; Ace of Swords (R).


The web that has spun tight about us now loosens slack. We seem to be able to fall through the ever-widening gaps of what appeared to be a situation where there was no possible escape. If we’ve been doing our work and walking our path in the last few months and pay attention to the vibe we are sending and the harmonics we are receiving then we should be in pretty good shape at this point, if not a little worse for wear at least shifting with the changing times.

I want you to consider one thing about the situations that we feel mentally or emotionally tied to, liberation happens when we lighten our heart and mind to allow our life to pass through the confines of our imagined prisons.  The webs have not grown slack, our personal vibration has become refined, and so what earlier held us cannot seem to bind us in the same thing.

I keep seeing this great web of light slowly expanding, becoming so faint that we pass through it, and tho we stay in the same place, the situation has changed because we have changed.

Practically speaking that means we have come to a zenith or center of possibilities, one being that we are now directly confronting our problems. The time is now. The card is in your favore. The moon is in Leo and it’s new a time for new beginnings before it moves into analytical Virgo and we begin to look at, turn, and dissect. Better it be an emphasis of what is possible and an analysis what is wrong, or what doesn’t feel right because the some stellar bodies are moving for you in that direction.

If it’s the shadow you are working with you may find yourself with an opportunity to heal that relationship with your inner self, which deepens your intimate, worldly, and living connections through integration.

Be careful of the Temptation to indulge.

The Devil is accented by three cards, as is the way I pull for weekly readings.

The King of Cups (R) is highlighting an overly indulgent nature, almost piscean (??) that says I control or drown my problems. This could be someone who is emotionally cold or who turns down the volume on his (or her but the card is a King) emotional nature with substance. The potential message there is someone who is telling you that you are over reacting or “too emotional.” Alternatively this can be our own nature that is lording over our feelings about something and we are asked to check in (again) and see if this is a personal dragon or a subconscious message that something ain’t right at mama’s house.

Again with the Moon moving from Leo to Virgo (with some aspects of Mercury thrown into the Virgin mix) it may be a perfect time to clean up house. Just keep in min that planetary cross that could spell some problems with relationships. It seems I already see this playing out with a few people in my direct circle, and I’ve felt a yank or two that has caused me to retract my Leo claws. Last week I said, “Don’t shoot the messenger”. This week be certain before you pull the trigger. The messenger may be a reflection of our own emotional turbulence that you’ve kept in check too long, rather than the cause of the disturbance.

The Devil (R) is also accentuated by one of the influencing energies we saw last week, the Four of Pentacles (R) which has to do with holding onto currency or energy. And I have to ask again, why is it you are holding onto these emotions, bottling them up, or disallowing them to be expressed in a healthy way? I’m not asking you to explode your head off and pull a Pompeii on your life. I’m asking you to look at the deeper current, the situation that so disturbs you, and what is in it that you are holding onto so strongly. Feels tome that the emotional vice grip and the later mental anxiety about the situation are deserving some alternative attention. The are screaming for you to listen.

The last card that pops into the Devil’s play, empowering his influence this week, is the Ace of Swords (R). My first intuition is that the sword has been dunked into the waters, beneath the surface (consciousness) and down into the depths (subconscious). Withdrawn it now holds the treasure on the blade, a crown with the remnants of the ocean still dripping from it’s bejeweled peaks… but is it really? Are we making more of something than it actually is? Are we exaggerating?

Are you an over-actor because of deeper issues? Could you be being willful and pushy only because things haven’t turned out the way you expected?

These are the deeper questions to be asked.

On a last note I do want to say that not all readings are “good” (i.e. what we want) and that sometimes they are what we call “bad” (not what we want). There’s a reason for that. Sometimes what we wanted isn’t that good for us at all, or maybe we’ve imagined things so much that when we finally come out of our illusory haze the “real” relationships and situations we are actually in can seem rude, offensive, and just wrong.

It’s not a matter of right and wrong. When we come to moments like these it is important to stay grounded, face what we are shown with open eyes and see it (whatever ‘it’ is) for what it is worth. When we have seen that we can then embrace it. If we can’t accept the reality, we cannot change it. It may be contrary to our ideas and beliefs.

I  like to say, “It is what it is. Just accept it. When you accept it you can change. When you change, shift, you are practicing magick, and that’s living.”

I hope this finds you well.

– – –
Integrate don’t segregate,

Scott K Smith

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