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I was thinking about the message of Salmon rom this weeks Tarot Weekly and the directness, often aired as sternness or even hard delivery of the misunderstood Queen of Swords. I wanted to put together a meditation that woud help in the process of touching that source wisdom and for carrying that forward into our day-to-day life to affect the change we want.

Anyway, Salmon as Wisdom and Vajra as enlightenment.

Peer often deep within the pool of Fec,
Peer often deep within the pool of thought,
And you will harmonize the wandering mind,
Recover sunken secrets of yourself,
Find love and light without you, as within,
And wake new wonder by the banks of Boyne.

From “The Song of the Salmon-God” by W.P. Ryan

Vajra || Mudra of the Fist of Wisdom

Phylameana lila Desy over at writes:

Varja: The Vajra mudra transforms ignorance into wisdom. Symbolizes the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and metal. photo © Joe Desy

How to form the Vajra Mudra: Right-handed fist surrounds left index finger. Remaining fingers of left hand also form a fist below the right hand.

Why a Mudra? How does that connect to Salmon?

Well first I’m a Reiki Practitioner, and educator. Reiki has primary roots in Buddhism, and deeper originating points traced through practice in such spiritual traditions as Wu Shamanism, Hindusim, and Shinto. There is a relevant connection in my personal cosmology as Ki is often used in all things that I do. I just about empower Reiki with everything, some exclusions for specific types of work, spells, and other occult practices. The Vajra mudra became the link of inspiration that lead me to an understanding of how I can communicate with, and get the most out of this weeks animal helper.

The Salmon was thought to represent Wisdom and the instinct to return to the place where it spawns, or knowing the source, essence. Salmon is Vajra, Vajra is Salmon. The fish / fist of wisdom. They both lead us towards greater understanding.

I use Mudra’s, with Reiki, or other forms of energy work by running the energy through the hand gesture in a state of focused concentration on (1) receiving the impression that the mudra causes and (2) magnifying the energy of the mudra by chanting the name. This illustrates a form of resonance and attunement, and using the energy to affect change in consciousness.

This week we are working with a Druidic Animal Totem, Salmon. Bringer of Wisdom, seeker of Source. In short, this reminds me of the idea of Vajra, or enlightenment. The insight for me was through Vajra (wisdom) and the use of mudra’s, Salmon could be our guide to the Source this week.

I’d like to propose some Journeywork with the Salmon to access the wisdom that has been suggested as a resource for us in the Tarot Weekly.

  1. Get centered and cleared, mentally, physical, emotional, and at the soul level.
  2. Set the intention to clearly and easily hear the message from your source.
  3. Count down into a meditative / magickal state (or your practice of getting into the deeper space).
  4. Imagine a primal forest through wich flows a deep and vast river, winding in and out of the canopy of trees. A powerful force of water that carries water throughout this mythical place.
  5. Approach the river and  evoke the spiritual or “Master Salmon” spirit. The animal spirit essence of all Salmon. You could see it as a larger than life fish that appears within the water, greeting you.
  6. Establish a connection to this spiritual being, the earthy force, the instinct, the power of Salmon. Follow these queues to establish a deeper feeling, and therefor psychic connection, to the power and wisdom that it represents.
  7. Ask the Salmon Spirit to take you to the source of your wisdom. You may find that you are taken on a long journey, others may find theirs short, but you will travel up the river, against the current, to the spawning place of all your deepest wisdom. You may travel through still pools, deep currents, up water falls, and other kinds of watery places. Know that you are safe. Know that you journey towards the source of your insight.
  8. As you come close to this spawning ground, notices other salmon returning to the source as well. The water is alive with their thrashing, spray fans the air as you come to the source.
  9. At the Source, the Salmon circle you, calming. Here at the pool you experience the vibration of your deepest wisdom. Call upon the Wisdom of your source. If we’re supple, open to the shift, we can allow the consciousness to shift and when we reach for our source we can experience the information there on a new level. Undoubtedly the wisdom is there but the point of the mudra is to dispel ignorance thus removing the “cloud” that is blocking our reception.
  10. Take in whatever information that you receive from your source. Know it.
  11. Take a moment then to review your life from this center of clarity, go over the panorama of your life and look for areas where the “discord” or cloudiness is apparent. Feel these spots through the images, symbolic or litteral, and make a connection to them. Explore that sensation / feeling.
  12. Now send the energy of your source through that connection and ask (for your greater well being) that the lesson or direction that is needed become clear. Ask yourself, does it feel healthy to clean, raise the frequency, or even remove this energy from my life? If not, do not proceed. If yes, allow the Wisdom vibration to transform, blast, sweep away, or other lift the vibration.
  13. It’s possible that Salmon will have a message for you at the end of this visualization. Ask if there is anything further that you should know, seen or unseen. Then ask to journey back to the edge of the primal forest with the Salmon Spirit.
  14. Give thanks to the totemic force and spend any time you need at the edge of the water before returning to normal consciousness.
  15. Ground off any excess energy into the earth, and ask that it be used to heal the planet.

Journal your experience. I might suggest pulling out key phrases that jump out of the entry and combining them into an affirmation, or a chant that you can use in any follow up spell / energy work. Affirmations can be very transformative if used properly, and regularly.

From a previous post…

Affirmations are the act of affirming or stating that something, generally an idea or behavior, is true in order to affect change within our lives. Affirmations are powerful, they change the basic thought structure and patterns of how we think about something and in doing so we change the way in which we do…. do. :)

Affirmations aren’t so esoteric but are actually quite effective. I have transformed my life through the use of affirmations and you can too! Simple, constructive and reinforcing statements “that strengthen the you that you are” and not “the you that you fear you are.”

Louise Hay, Woman of Wisdom, author of Heal Your Body among other wonderful works, would be a great starting point if you want to explore affirmations in greater detail.

I have used affirmations in my life many times over but it wasn’t until recent shifts in thought and lifestyle over the last 5 years that I truly could appreciate the effectiveness of consciously choosing to change with affirmations, and other tools in my magickal tool belt, my self. I have my own set of reminders that I turn to in order to get the most out of our gift to choose to change, and these are them. (Continue reading here…)

~Scott K Smith Lifencompass
Affirmations | 10/27/08.

What good is our inner wisdom if we do not access it?

Take a little time with this visualization, or another that you are more comfortable with, to get in touch with your truth, your wisdom, your source.

Let me know how your meditation goes! Did you work with the energy of Salmon or another symbol or image? Did you have any key insights? Please feel free to share.

Question: If I made Journeywork / meditations private, would you be inclined to share more?

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Novenario at Olvera Street (photo) via LAIST

Halloween is in the air as a cultural festival and as a natural movement here in the northern hemisphere. B keeps saying, I can smell Halloween. Friends are writing about spirits on walkabout, witches feel empowered. The shift is upon us as summer ends in the last fire festival.

An ending, noted in our weekly Tarot spread. Tis the season for reaping the last harvest.

I’m feeling fully witchy. I always do in changing times but Samhain, with all the cultural hub-bub about Witches and ghosts, spirits and monsters, Jack-o-lanterns and such amplify the feeling.

Digging deeper into the feeling this year with many of my recent personal discoveries and my exploration of the such things as the Three Rays of Witchcraft, Isaac Bonewitz’s Real Magic, and just the general journey-work (predominantly underworld / shadow stuff) has brought an acute awareness of those who have gone before.

The capital-D, Dead.

This year I give thanks to those Witches that have gone before me. The medicine people, healers, herbalists, shaman’s, midwives, pagans, druids, and tribal spiritual leaders along the blood line of my spiritual heritage. They are the roots of my power, from them, their discoveries and practices, come the traditions, passages, and magick of my today.

I give thanks to those who have passed, who have nurtured me, those who helped to raise me when I was raising myself, and finding my way through life as a child.

I light a candle for al those who have passed and made an impact on my life, the queer spirits who fought for my freedom, and all those who have endured the hardship of unequal rights, inhumane treatment, and dehumanization. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for creating an awareness through your acts, endurance, suffering and victories.

I give thanks to all those who have helped me that have remained unseen, an unknown. Tho I did not know you were there, did not see or hear your actions, I have benefited from them. Thank you for your service and charity.

I dress for you this holiday. I burn a candle for you at this time… I leave you offerings of honey, and sweets, liquor, tobacco, and food.

May you savor them.

– –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

These are my thoughts, sketchy they may be, but I’ve stripped myself of the journal and I’m doing my best to post my thoughts to The Journey. If you are joining me now at this point this may sound like gobbly-guck but I’ve been working at these things for over three years now, dedicated to reclaiming my magickal path. Follow along, chirp in as you feel, please don’t hesitate to contribute. (I will douse “flames” and kick trolls in a heartbeat. 🙂 )

As I’ve been told, so I am thinking, that I know this work: Shamanism for the self, for the work I do.

I’ve read through the Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft off an on, between the book review, art, and work. I have to say that I have found a lot of useful information, knowledge that fills in the gaps in what I know. I’ve had great conversation here on The Journey, at and with friends and a few fellow magickal folk.

Today as I read through much of the book, I realized that I do know this material, in part by practice (interpreted) and in part by… well I don’t know but I know it. Thinking this brings me back to my first Re-dedication ritual where I met much of what shaped my path today. In that first re-dedication I experienced the following:

After a ritual cleansing and consecration of my self, body, mind, and spirit, in the Inner Temple, I found a doorway just beyond the temple. A passage to a hill marked with stones, much like Stonehenge, and there by a fire in the center sat two deities: an Earth Mother (Gaia-like) and a horned God.

I spoke my intentions to them to re-dedicate myself to my path. I spoke my intention aloud and waited for their answer amidst the stones. There under the moon, within my sacred space, the God brought forward a host of voices. Spirits. It is hard to describe this moment… It was as if the cry of a thousand healers, witches, medicine people and folk passed through me. I cannot say how long  I was in this place but I felt the memory pass knowledge and history to me. There is no time or space to detail it all to you now. I don’t know that I could, but I had a grounded sense of all that passed into me, settled into the blood and bone of myself.

There was anger, hurt, torture and death. There was also a gathered sense of purpose, as if I gifted with something important, the role and title of Witch. In that moment I was both humbled and honored. I wrote in my journal that it was a lot like a massive download of information and feeling, compacted into moments.

When I came out of this Initiation it was as if my brow was alight with a flaming pentagram that wreathed my head in light and fire. My arms emblazoned with bracers, etched in knots and more pentacles, aflame. Ah but so were my legs in old world bracers as well, adorned the same.

I was alight!

Since that time so much has changed (significantly) and often “information” just pops in. Remembering what I have not recalled in some time, or before in this lifetime.

It’s an honest journal entry and I feel I have to spell it out. I’m about to complete my Shamanic initiation / re-dedication. For me it is an attument to water but other elements come into play, ideas, images, and notations that I have to scribble down for myself so that I gather what I need before I pass through the vortex of this door.

Some of these ideas are tools.

I don’t have a cauldron. Yes, smack me. “What sort of Witch are you???” But really I have used cups, vessels, “lota’s” and pottery. Until now the use of this elemental tool has seemed strange, or replaceable with substitutes. At this point I cannot see how I can continue with this underworld symbol.

Other things have popped in as well, things to do, things to find, and this is my laundry list of items and tasks to bring together before I do the next re-dedication:

  1. Cauldron: as I said this seems (now) vital in its purpose, use, and significance. No more kitchen bowls. Yes, my dear cooking pots, you will be spared the flames of rights, I will now seek out a cauldron.
  2. Spirit Relationships: I felt that I was covering this pretty well. I’m a daily ritual person in the morning where I say hello to the four directions and my guardians, guides, and the avatar’s of the directions. Including the guides that are with me beyond the four corners. I am drawn to strengthen these ties, this family of spirits around me. I’m thinking the following:
    1. Journey work to each guardian for insight. I will detail as I can.
    2. A symbolic tool associated with each totem, tether, or object that represents each force, gathered together in a bag and ritually blessed. There is memory niggling at me. I gave away a bag like this a long time ago, when I had no boundary, when I was young. It’s time to reclaim that power and strengthen these ties.
    3. Shield: Highlighted at the end of the book is the instructions to build a shield, detailed with representations of your spiritual allies. Artist aside, I’m drawn towards the making of this spirit shield. (To be made after I do the journey work).
  3. I need to connect with a group. That’s a bit of a challenge for me at this phase because I’m following the course of my path and I’m not a traditionalist in any sense of the word… tho  I have deep reservations about a lot of the “eclectic” groups out there, mostly because I’m a solitary Witch. Yet the call is there.

Writing out these thoughts is helpful but also important. I’ve challenged myself to come out as much as possible here at The Journey, to bring you along on my quest. I hope to detail each of these experiences and my eventual re-dedication before moving onto the next three attunements.

In the bigger picture I feel that this work brings more to my goal, the purpose of the site and my work, to serve, to create, to make.

Thoughts, ideas, advise? I know I have some good loving connections out there, wise and chatty. Hit me up.

Be well,


Okay so this posting definitely covers several threads in the blog, the Journey, including the Tarot Journey. I feel I have to say it, this is a bit more of a journal entry to record the experience and not so much a blog entry. I did my best to thread it together.

Over the last few weeks I have attuned to the energy of The Lovers, while I’ve been preparing for the Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft (“TOSW”, Christopher Penczak) attunement. This third leg of the Journey is part of what I’ve been calling the re-dedication process, my “welcome back” to the magickal path. I think it, this next path, began when I picked up the book. It’s also possible that this began when I started to receive requests to review Shamanic literature, specifically Awakening to Shamanism, The Path of Direct Revelation.

This morning I preformed some of the healing work and path-working, and performed the rite, The Shadow’s Promise. Trixie, my little black Hekate guardian at the side of my circle, music humming, it was a great way to start my day. After circle I had some time to write and meditate before heading out into the world. I keep thinking I should get up even earlier to accommodate more day-time to work but I haven’t gotten over some night owl tendency. Anyway, with that time I made a few connections. I’m tickled when I make connections out of the abstract or in various circles.

Well. the mind tries. There is a connection to the Shadow work (begun) and The Lovers tarot card from the Journey, and the dream painting-circle that I have worked on. There all sort of working up in unison. I don’t mind what could seem like a slow-down, these things happen in their cycle and season. I could overlook points of discovery if I were to blaze through them.

I do keep in mind that I have deadlines, work, commitments, and I guess that just becomes another reason I like for the passion/spiritual work to open up as it does, in its time.

The Tarot Journey as it is at this point in my life is a movement towards the community, to step back into the local spiritual ecology as facilitator, teacher, artist and healer. I have detailed a huge part of the process here at Lifencompass and (again) I take my time with the opening folds, exploring each new bit that opens up.*(note at end of entry).

The Lovers was an interesting pull. Naturally the cards all come into play, each a doorway into insight about how I move forward into fullness. When I initially pulled the lovers it was the marriage of ideas, Libra, and finding a middle path. As I start the TOSW and explore the lement of Water through the path of Shamanic Witchcraft, the heart has come into play.

One of the first exercises in the TOSW (exercise 3) Emotional Body Training:

  1. For this exercise, conjure up a strong emotion from your past. Think of a particularly difficult situation or relationship that will bring up some reaction in you. Focus on emotional patterns that you consider harmful or difficult rather than happy.
  2. Bring your attention to your body. Focus on the sensation that the emotion conjures up in your body. Don’t analyze it or try to mentally figure it out. Simply scan your body, bringing your attention to your head and then down your entire body. Where do you feel the emotion the strongest? There may be more than one place.
  3. Disassociate the memory or situation from your bodily sensation. Don’t worry about how you will resolve the situation, or worry about what you regret or would do differently. You can worry about resolving it later. How would you describe it? Is it painful? Does it have a temperature? Does it feel electric? Magnetic? Pins and needles? Heaviness? Just describe to yourself. It probably won’t feel good, but that’s okay because you will be releasing it soon.
  4. As you breathe, will this energy from whatever part of the body it is in to move to your chest. Feel it move. As you command, it will move because all your attention is on it. Imagine your heart chakra opening with green or green and pink light. Feel the power of love in your heart. Feel the energy of your trauma pass through the gates of your heart, transmuting it. All uncomfortable sensations cease, and the energy passes out of your heart like a beam of pure light, transmuting into divine love and beaming out to the universe. The love you send out will return to you threefold.
  5. Afterward you can do anything else you need to do to restore your inner balance. You can do the Shamanic Smudging Ritual in Chapter 3 to cleanse and smudge yourself. You can do a chakra balancing exercise (ITOW, exercise 25), or you can simply rest or take a long bath.

~Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft, Chapter 4, pgs 73-74


I have practiced this exercise daily. I have shifted memories, deep-seated things, and associated energies that I have carried bodily, in a new direction. At the heart, the seat of Alchemy, I shifted up the energy and felt a lightness. This is the immediate change but I have now begun to see a few transformations within the spaces that these stuck emotions and body pain have sat. The emotional shift became clear in my relationships.

The two main issues were both in my distant past. The first related to digestion and elimination on the left side, associated with my childhood. The later doctor’s visits, medical procedures, and a deal of shame as a child. The second had to do with TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) which I have lived with and moderating for a very long time. Now I’m not going to get to personal here but the images that popped as I moved and collected the energy that I released at the heart was pretty “duh!” at the same time surprising in the emotional relief I felt.

There is another point of interest in the Shadow work, I realized that I invoked Dainichi Nyorai OR he volunteered his time. The Medicine Buddha represented on my altar (below). When I sought my healing guide for this, he answered. I did not, however, realize the kind of changes that have come about internally.

Just before this exercise while I was in the reading and planning stage I felt the tug to cleanse and reset my altar. On some good insight I moved out some tools, and made a water, herb, and fire offering to the Medicine Buddha who sits in my elemental South, home of Air, my guide for this leg of the journey.

Journey Altar
Now the healing work was well and good and I plan to finish what I have begun but there were some interesting repercussions in the last few days, as I said, namely in my relating to others.
The first day I was taking my morning walk with Trixie and I distinctly felt a friends presence. Someone who I chat with occasionally but rarely see. The feelings I had were overwhelming at that very moment. It was as if we were standing together and the water-wave of emotion and energy was enough to sort of displace my head for a minute. Then… Out of the mental tsunami comes the image on the altar, my guide in the south, the black Buddha. My reaction instantly changed. As if meditating on the image of the spirit was staring at the sun, an overlay of the meditating Buddha imagined my heart opening, than closing. I did. I shifted.

The following day I had to take part in some conversation and send some healing, remotely but on site, for another situation. Again my first, and probably childhood reaction shifted. Others have come along, each time I feel a gentle changing, each time at the heart.
The Lovers: Reconciling differences. Choosing between paths. The high road and the low road. Vice and virtue. Above and below. Back and forth this has started to feel exhausting. What if the lesson [for me] in The Lovers is in the middle path? I wonder to myself, could it be that this choice between two things is really hiding the magick in threes? The third way…

When I think of the way of three, or the middle path, it all sort of rings right for me. Awakening to Shamanism chapter-by-chapter review coming soon.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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The Stand

Do you remember reading the stand? How about the line, “That wasn’t any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery.” (Larry Underwood)? I do. It pops out in my head as a memorable quote and comparable to some of the recent events in my working life. If you haven’t been reading that would be the Tower.

Since I’ve been meditating on the seven of wands for the last week and a half, I’ve had my own moment to make that stand. Some of you may have caught that Daily on my Twitter account Friday. After a period of meditating and then waiting for the message, the attunement to the Seven of Wands, and a lovely reading with Nancy Stenn, the message was clear.

This is a Journey, yes, a Tarot Journey, annotated with meditation, comparison, and some research. I always compare my observation of the card, the life experience and the written meaning. I like the three sources, including notes form readers. *wink* For instance, Joan Bunning writes:

Some battles are worth fighting, others just cause trouble. If you are involved in a conflict, ask yourself if it’s worth the struggle. Is it important? Does it have value? Will the outcome serve you or others? If so, be bold and aggressive. Defend your position. Refuse to yield! If not, then consider letting the conflict go. Be honest with yourself about this. You will be tempted to hold onto your position, especially if you have invested much time and energy into it. Don’t let battle lines be drawn unless the war is worth fighting.

(Copyright © 1995-2007 by Joan Bunning)

After I received all of my information about the things that were happening in my daily life, holding it up to the light of what I would like to do it became clear where I need to make a stand. I’ve ranted a few times about the office. You probably read it. If you know me, you also know that I’ve probably been on the hedge about a few issues and a few people. But I think that was maybe part of the problem, hesitancy, sitting on the fence. I’ve tried to hold myself back from most of the arguments and discord but sometimes it’s next to impossible without walking out of the door.

Sometimes what we know, what we experience needs re-evaluation. Events can catch up on us, tether our spirits to outmoded models of doing and living and questioned what I had gotten myself into. Did my personal path, ideally, match my thoughts, words, and deeds? Was I living as a steward to my passion? Is it, the work I am helping with, aligned with my healing principles? How did I feel about it?

By Friday night, and some recent conversation, and the reading with Nancy, I realized that I needed to back up. Halt. Reset, and move forward again. I had to do this because the question that really popped was about what I perceived as happening and a sneaking suspicion that I had let my emotions, and the recent events of the moment sway me in a way that wasn’t really aligned with how I’d like to live my life. Coming from the place of the Healers Consciousness… well that’s not the preferred destination. Agreeing to a little whirlwind of insanity, well that’s not really where I’d like to stay. Yet I admit, it happens. It did. I was there.

Hasn’t it happened to us all?

This weekend after the reset and week of space the subtle light of truth shines through. No blame. No finger-pointing. No arguments. No distress. I’ve just had a week of peace as many of the energies I admit I banished (An Harm None!) have taken a strong hold and life feels like it’s running smoothly again. I can recall the bigger picture once again and from that wide-angle, seeing the forest through the trees so-to-speak, the larger spirit of my purpose and path is pretty clear.

Here I make my stand. Not on any side, or even some sort of blanket morality. Personally I have to stand up for me so that I can bring what I do to the table. As soon as I stop doing that. As soon as I start allowing the loudest voice to take the lead, or dodging the biggest threat (verbally) I’ve lost my balance and I personally feel that I’ve gone the wrong direction. I did, totally without realizing it. Silly me.

I gotta say tho, in and between all of this I give myself a few pats on the back as I stayed focused on my dailies, personally, the purpose of the Journey, and focused on an outcome. A good one, which was my intent, and I’m finding that daily practice of meditation and affirmation my personal lights has been totally beneficial. Regardless of the long storm that’s had me seeing things from a stormy perspective, I was able to reset. Often, just not completely. Enough to say, “Hey Scott. He or she is being pretty dam negative. Back up.” or “That wasn’t really right, so I should say something.” Boundary lines.

Problem is that, the line between professional and personal had been crossed. Ok not personally for, by, or directed at my lovely person, but it is a close environment and so when the office began implode mentally and emotionally some others were caught in the crossfire. Under said shoot outs, you can only duck and run, so to speak.

Anyway, The Stand. Standing up for myself, in myself. Yes? Naturally I did my thing, I’ve got the Witch-bit if you remember *wink* and there were several moments of banish, bind, forgive, release… I’m pretty good at Binding, Banishing, and Protection, and I don’t mind saying it. The important thing is to stand up for myself after I have gotten back to the right perspective, for myself. Looping back up, that was my creative and healthy P.O.V.

That, to me, is important because you can’t make a stand if you have lost your principles or your purpose, magickal or otherwise. To have a little grace and gratitude with your conviction is always nice, in fact gratitude or “Thanks Giving” completes the circle of closure, but how can you have any conviction if you have not the belief in your purpose, your Stand?

**I am in a journal mode. I will re-read through this before I post. I hope you are following along**

And what is the conviction? I see that, yes, my purpose was overrun a bit at certain points, but I always came back to course: Healing. Writing. Creating.

I am builder. I am maker. I am healer. I am lover. I am artist. I am weaver. I am Witch.

I can also see the duality to those passions. It cuts both ways doesn’t it: Hurting, and destroying. These are also parts of myself, and they are pretty loud voices sometimes. Valid. Necessary. Part of the human existence. Yes. Yes. Yes, HB I hear the Kali in me. 🙂 For me that is a natural destruction as part of natural course of things. I was a part of that Tower, I could see the fire, smoke and flame rising, and as guided I added tinder and fuel to the flame. I watch it burn.

Well. The walls have fallen. The embers are burning low. The smoke has begun to clear. What do I see?

Nothing as was presented to me before. My vision is clear.

As Joan wrote, “Some battles are worth fighting, others just cause trouble. If you are knee deep in conflict, ask yourself if it’s worth the struggle. Is it important? Does it have value? Will the outcome serve you or others?”.

I agree.

My retrospective over the last months, with commentary from friends, and a LOT of meditation has taught me a few things.

  1. Sometimes you have to add to the flames. Sometimes it’s better to help a situation burn out because the longer it lasts, the longer it burns, the worse off you are.
  2. Never let the loudest voice dictate a situation. Always listen to your guide, your inner voice, and definitely step back from all of it to get a bigger picture.
  3. The only side to choose is my own based on my own principles, personal morals, and passions. Besides if I choose another I either “win” or “lose” and that, is not me, on any level.
  4. To Mister Larry Underwood, from The Stand, sometimes some “pure human fuckery” is in right order. We live. We learn. We hopefully get better at it. I have found my stable ground. 🙂
  5. I should write a book about office drama.

And so, tonight I turn another card.


OH and I am working on a few random pages at Lifencompass so you may see new tabs pop up. Those pages will say “Under construction” as I work on them. Delving into new waters here and learning a bit more about WordPress.


– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Hi. Hey there. Hello. Try as I might I couldn’t get a moment to sit down and write yesterday. The day was pretty busy, if you caught my twittering, you know I was at city hall listening in on some decision-making about a project in downtown. Big fun, I KNOW!

I know that I needed the time to meditate on the Tarot Journey, but I’ve been in more of an observation versus doing mode so meditation really hasn’t helped much. That sort of be still, regulate and deepen breath, count down through-alpha-into-beta-space, where I can play with my own mythic imagery has eluded me and you can tell by the contents of my journal. BLANK.

Then I pulled Wodin… The Hanged Man. The sacrificial deity, or more commonly for me, “giving up the run-about for some necessary contemplation.”

Hmm go figure. (Talking to myself here). “Alright mind, so why are we so anti-meditative?”

*brain storming*

Hanged man. Sacrifice. Letting go and looking / listening. See the world from another perspective. Standing on my head. I am not upside down, the world is? The world is not upside down, I am?

Back in 1993 or 4 I was meditating on the Hanged Man. I remember this clearly now. I think I had been stuck on him for several days, that and contemplating Tiphareth. Forgive my geek-talk but I know they are maybe not traditionally connected but the symbolism of the heart, the sun and the aura / glow around his head had me drawing lines in the sand.

Walking along the street with friend Kat and Todd, it struck me and I energetically flipped… That is I was simultaneously there, in my body but also up and over my head. Two of me, crowns touching, aware of both, not separate.

Spirit and flesh.


A dream. I remember a dream back around that time. In it I am in a dark city. Bad things are happening all around me and I am running, hiding, running again. Pursued by men in uniforms (meow!) I arrive at an intersection, and an older gentleman over the side of the fence says to me, “How long are you going to do this?”

I stare at him bewildered and then the feeling strikes me. “Two worlds” and I am only in one. There is this flash of sensation and light in my heart. The imagery of the dream, the world there flickers like a film reel that has caught and stuttered. There is this brightness and then I am no longer in that place, pursued. I am in the world of light.

The hanged man. The light around his head. The world flips upside down. What does he see? How does it look with the ground where the sky had been and everything moving in the heavens instead of down below his feet.

Speaking of that, the little bit of leather, worn and tied to his foot, suspending the hanged man to the tree which still grows, what is below him now that his foot faces the stars? Is that a path? Is he grounded in a spiritual sky and channeling the earth and all things in it?

And if he is channeling, what is coming through? What does, or will it say? Will it be like the Runes, the Furthark, cast on stone, made of blood, eye missing; Raven laughing? Will it form letters, numbers or words?

How has it become such a wonder to find myself in the place of the sacrificed? Am I grain? Wheat? What is reaped?

Suddenly I feel pretty meditative.  🙂

I’m going to set myself a task, to have none (things to do) for a few days and “hang out”.

Meanwhile, my DJ is spinning “up side down”.

Scott K Smith

“With new essential oils, which are the essence of the plant or herb, I like to get into the mind of the herb and “get to know a new friend”. I meditate and connect with the spirit of the plant. I ask if I can talk with it. When I receive a welcome signal I enter into a dialogue. Intimacy. I travel with the plant back to the first plant of its kind. From that elder of plant, I ask to be shown the purpose of its work, the path of its life and how we two have been brought together.”


|| essential oils || healing ||.

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