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As I wrote the date I shivered. We’re getting close to tax time! *eek!*

It’s spring. We just weathered a lovely and powerful deluge in Los Angeles. It was cold enough that at some points it was as if there was snow in the air. I kid you not. Fluffy white flakes fluttering around our third story aerie. Touching the glass and melting. It lasted for all of 10 minutes, mixed in with the rain you wouldn’t even have known it was there unless you were watching closely as it fluttered and then vanished on the window.

Aligned with the Vernal energies, it’s the natural way, I’m feeling the cleaning bug. Every corner of the home looks like it needs a magickal hand, a witches broom, a wash of lemon and cedar. Shelves look cluttered. Books seem dusty. I like dusty old books. Maybe I’ll leave them alone.

Look at the needs to clean and organize on a few levels. Physically clean and organize, if you haven’t already. Get papers, files, and aisles of things in order. As we work on one level we can also cleanse and organize on another. It reminds me of my mother, organizing her thoughts and her day while in the process of cleaning. I do the same thing, it’s a moving meditation.

There are some details that I think deserve looking into like taking an idea that you’ve mulled over and finding a means to make it happen.

Tarot Weekly

Have a little faith and trust in the process. We’re entering a new phase and doubt, melodrama, acting out doubts or hesitations where we are uncertain about our path or process aren’t going to do anything but make a scene or draw attention to yourself.

You may not feel appreciated by those around you, at least in regards to those you might immediately share your “exciting new idea.” Keep it close to the heart. The path is calling. The draw to move into a new direction, or begin a new project is felt, but just not yet. Test the waters, refine your thoughts, mull over a cup of tea and have a little faith.

Be innocent with yourself.

There are some hidden energies at work… or we might say unforseen forces or “the things that are happening just beyond our sphere” that affect us.

We can’t see all things. We can’t know all that will happen. These cards remain hidden but the message: little death, or minor ending and beginning. Watch your finances and specifically how much is going out of the pocket into the hands of others.

You could probably benefit with a little Journey Work, and exploration of things unseen to suss out what is draining you of vital energies. Diet. Friend. Situation. Identify where your energies may be leaking, or being leached, away.

Use your resources to shore up what you have. Give some thanks for the fact that we have our home, our jobs, life, friends, and health unlike many people in the world today. Getting a bigger perspective and wait for the right connections to come into play and until then celebrate your good fortunes with loved ones, family, and friends.

Find harmony in all of your elements.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Welcome back to the weekly.

I gotta tell you this one took a bit to cast. The tiles felt strange to me all weekend as I sat with them again and again. There are, IMO, two good reasons for that. (1) if you remember I had posted a “low post week” because of some Shadow Work, well that was not as easy as I had thought; but once into the processess, not as hard as I had imagined it would be. (2) I began to embody a bit of the reading as I watched it unfold for me.

I take my connection with the Tarot Keys as a process of synthesis and attunement. I take in the vibration of the energy that I comes through and then form a lens of sensitivity: looking for the connections and integrating the experience to form the details and reading.

Tarot Weekly

Found this bit on two significant cards in this weeks reading. I say significant because the significator / central card is the Five of Swords followed by Key XV: The Devil in the position of Earth / North indicating our physical, or monetary pursuits. Is “the Devil in the details?”

Excerpt from Vision Works by Keen:

“The Five of Swords is related to two Major Arcana cards: The Hierophant (card #5) and The Devil (card #15). In many ways, the Five of Swords is the perfect combination of both. The Hierophant sticks to the established way of doing things with no regard to whether or not they are offensive, as his actions are protected by the reputation of the larger order. The Devil is the card representing a pursuit of pleasure no matter what the cost. The Five of Swords submits to the status quo for gain or acts on behalf of individual desire from a position of unchecked power. When either of these cards appears in a reading with the Five of Swords, you are in for a greater isolation from responsibility, but the inevitable consequences of your selfish ways are adding up even faster. Slow down your pursuit of power.”

Entire Description found here.

Personally I feel a sense of importance around our pursuits and the purity of the drive to accomplish those goals. Now, by “purity” I’m not eluding to any set of particular moral values, justt your own. I felt “Devil in the Details” which can be good or bad, just so long as we recognize the message in “the inevitable consequences of your selfish ways (personal pursuits) are adding up…” Again, depending on how we use (or are used) by this influence, this could be a positive or negative to personal growth / motivations.

In the the position of Will and Passion we have the Page of Pentacles (R), and that feels like a weakness. Lack of motivation to actually pursue the desires could be in favor, or averse, to the the direction the 5-Cups and Key XV are pointing.

Personally I found it almost to be laziness about an idea, to the point of lethargy, and/or so much talk, contemplating, emotional experience without action in relationship to our drive to actually move. I imagine one who just goes on  and on about a problem, issues, project, etc but doesn’t really seem to get much done except milking the emotional moment by yacking, and not packing it up and getting it going.

Minor segue here, a mental  notation that  says, the excess we could be speaking may come across in food and drink, and as this is an example of that sort of glut that can lead to clouding ideas, you might want to follow the focus of your aims and see where your balance point is between action and inaction, drive and idea, and where there is harmony or conflict there.

Also remember that we’re in the tail end of Venus Retrograde, which moves from Scorpio into Libra. That was a soft highlight that said “Libra in Venus is being in love with love.” Careful of your defense of any protected ideas, dreams, fantasy’s or ideas that may be illusions about love and relating this week, at least until Venus moves direct again with Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) around Saturday.

*Again, Page of Pentacles (R), insufficient planning, laziness, unrealistic or  ill-applied sense of passion, and impossible values (aka “childish”).

The spread is sort of shelved between two court cards as the King of Wands (R), stands in the doorway of emotions and the currents of energy for the spread. The King is pointing to the source of disruption: insecurity. Inflated self-importance. Ego (covering fear). The weakness of a Page of Wands (R) on one end and an emotionally quibbling King on the other.

Emotionally this could be a affirming of the original message, about excesses, ok, but I also feel drawn to the image of the king inverted and and the torch in the hand of the Devil both pointed towards the earth / physical pursuits or focuses on exterior glam rather than interior illumination. The warning of being tethered to our things, money, discretionary spending (i.e. not needed but only desired), and use of power to assert dominance, recognition, etc for the sake of vanity, fear, desire.

I’m not particularly happy with the combination.

10 of Cups in the South says our minds are totally elsewhere and this is what led to me suggest impractical or unrealistic ideas. The card symbolizes Joy but pared with the Devil, it is a LACK of Joy. “Joyless pursuits.”

Watch the aims for power as the mind seems to be the below to Key VX’s above.

The supporting card is the Nine of Pentacles, and another which we’ll get to. The wealth (monetary, energetic, etc) we acquire is secure from steady sources, our survival needs are stabilized with exercises in self-control, discipline. It is more than just the objects, the money, at the Nine of Pentacles we have come to a place where we realize the value of the what we have and the means with which we have acquired it. The power, intelligence, skill, and resources used wisely to create the estate, the garden that the figure in the nine of cups stands in.

We are miss-directed when our focus is on the objects, the results that we think are of value to ourselves holistically, which is found in the recognition of all parts that were necessary to come to where we are. Not just our drive, or power to want to complete, succeed, but the temperance to sustain that fire, the wisdom in knowing how it is used and where it is conserved.

More than anything else, I think it is learning to move through the world as with the grace of the Nine of Pentacles, iconic of this inner wealth.

The Moon is waxing, I’m thinking about applying the level of inner abundance through the light of La Luna Buena to make some Jupiter expanding, Venus forward, juicy, manifestation.

Which brings me to the final card: White Shell Woman. I thought I would change things up this week with a different influence… I follow my intuition.

White Shell Woman | Susan Seddon Boulet

This card is here for meditative purposes and feel free (as is my way) to exclude it if you do not resonate with the message. “All things around me are restored in beauty”.

I invite you to explore the myth:

“Well, White Shell woman gazed about.
With moccasins of white shell, their borders embroidered with black she gazed about.
Her shoe laces of white shell she gazed about.
Her leggings of white shell she gazed about.
Her legging pendants of white shell she gazed about.
Her skirt of white shell she gazed about.
Her belt of white shell she gazed about.
Her shirt of white shell she gazed about.
Her face of white shell she gazed about.
Her mind of white shell she gazed about.
Her soft feather of white shell she gazed about.
Having on the crown of her head a bluebird with a white stripe across its mouth and a nice voice.
Having long life and good fortune she gazed about.
Good fortune ahead of her.
Good fortune behind her she gazed about.
Good fortune below her she gazed about.
Good fortune all around her she gazed about.
Good fortune proceeding from her mouth she gazed about.”

~ The entire story can be found at Sacred Texts.

Have a good week.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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