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Journey Journal: (1) My ramblings in a blog. (2) back-end thoughts, less editing, more processing. (3) self-indulgent chatter which I really hope you “get.”

I’m sitting in my office listening to the Herbal Highway and inhaling heavy doses of Hyssop (organic) essential oil. Believe it or not, it’s not Young Living! AAAH! I’m a traitor. Well no, just a smart shopper. It was less expensive, still organic, and part of the ingredients for my sweetening spell last week. Speaking of…

In the last week it seems like I’ve been slowly dropping off the grid. Each time I say that to myself I visualize an egg sliding off the side of a car. I’m reading posts and status updates, twitter conversations by friends and my mental grip on the virtual world is… has, relaxed. I’m at the point where I’m questioning the fist and fingers as well as the immaterial connection that the internet offers.

I think that is parable for my life at the moment.

Over the last 20 + years I have spent my life almost entirely to a journey towards the self. Who am I? Why am I? What am I? The path was fraught with dangers, swollen with love, coming together, moving apart, and travels to places I hadn’t thought I would ever see. There has always been an undercurrent of discontent. An itch, something I call my Gypsy Spirit, that has caused travel. And travel has “been had.”

I’ve been around the world and I, I , I… I have found something I called my self thanks to that urge to move about.

Thursday as I showered before work, I thought to myself “Found and Lost.” You see, now that I am (think I am?) finally in touch with what I identify as the true me, I’m realizing that I am lost about my direction. There is a giant sign that says You Are Here but there doesn’t seem to be a signpost of where to go next.

It’s nothing but a bit of confusion, I’m fairly certain of the feeling and texture of that “I’ that I know but the manifestation is about as elusive as a Quetzal. That tiny, gorgeously plumed little bird that I only had the smallest of glimpses of while I was in Guatemala.

A flash of color in the peripheral, through the green and mist of the jungle.

I feel it coming. I hear the whisper of wings. I know the color as a flavor, and a feeling but I cannot define it. Like the Quetzal it feels real and bright, if I could just wrap my vision around it… I guess that falls into this weeks reading.

The path is calling. The draw to move into a new direction, or begin a new project is felt, but just not yet. Test the waters, refine your thoughts, mull over a cup of tea and have a little faith.

Be innocent with yourself.

So… I guess that is where I will unroot myself, to move with trust. To be the Fool. Embrace my spirit.

Temple of Witchcraft Journey

The Living Temple of Witchcraft (ToLW) work is going well. It’s definitely part of the process unfolding. I’ve moved through the first two Chakra Initiations with little issue while integrating the experiences from the Inner Mystery School. To explain that, in the series we create / discover the Inner Temple. Thus the name of the first book in the series, Inner Temple of Witchcraft. In the LToW we focus the energies of our inner temple to become a place of learning or a “mystery school,” where the journey takes place.

For example, the first series of exercises were based around the Root (Muladhara) brought me into connection with life and energy associated with first peoples, or ancient civilizations. I didn’t see Atlantis, Mu, or even Lemuria. I believe I was somewhere in Northern Africa. Who and when that was irrelevant to you but the message was interestingly clear from a two spirit called Aya-ut.

Aya-ut was a weaver. He drew reeds from the marshes and with the use of mud, stone, and plant materials he traveled with his people up and down a river fishing, gathering, living. He was a male but lived and dressed as a female, he participated in the women’s duties. Aya-ut was a spiritual functionary… and that is to say it felt as if everyone had a sense of their place within the spiritual cosmology that was woven but Aya-ut provided the weave for his people through story, song, and the tales woven into his baskets.

Life, he said, is all woven together as one. We are weavers, each of us, part of a great design, a big basket of everything.

It was an interesting confirmation for me, “weaving” together many aspects of my own personal philosophy and many of my creative and intellectual interests. For some time my chant has included “I am weaver.” When I reached the end of this focus on the Root my thoughts turned back to the present and some of the basic issues of the Muladhara, namely survival.

The second journey in the ToLW is the  Swadhisthana. The Second Chakra. If you’ve read along, this particular exploration lined up interestingly with the Light Body Course, meeting my inner Master and expanding feeling and awareness. These were separate lessons by different teachers and coincidentally had the same message. Here in the Inner Mystery School on another journey, through the gate of ancestors and I met a Northern European (I guessed around what we now think of as Germany) by the name of Uli.

Uli, yes I googled the name after, was a female, dark-haired, in what appeared to be Neolithic Northern Europe (I’m basing this on feeling), who’s lessons I am still referring back to and will probably continue to visit since the ideas were so rich and opening for me.

Uli expanded on the tapestry that Aya-ut was crafting for me. Her practice was finding an open space out from the forest, in the wide plane where the moon, stars, and all things could be seen from a vantage. Her world view was all that I see and experience is what we would call “Spiritual.” Uli and Moon were one. Uli and land were one… she was one with all things, and all things were one with her. On the one had that seems very tribal or shamanistic, but that also felt like a very “new age” concept.

I also don’t know much about Neolithic Europe historically speaking and I can’t say that I’ve seen this as a world view. It’s my understanding that things were a bit more Polytheistic then with a spiritual cosmology based around Gods and their hierarchy, traditions, songs, rituals, etc. (Br. Christopher if you are reading this, pip in to clarify). 🙂

I’m not a scholarly buff, I just tend to know something or experience it from a mystical perspective. The moon at 3:00 pm in the sign of Taurus, on the day of Venus, for a love spell… ARGH! I leave that to the (clearly) more qualified. That said, it isn’t that I don’t use correspondences, I just don’t have the mind to track, plot, and enjoy the process of it. Feels like math.

Maybe one day I’ll get there but until then I’m able to do much of my work simply by visualizing, sometimes with Mudra’s or chanting / toning. Candle work, stones, oils, spirits, etc.

Right. So… where was I? Oh yeah, Uli and the second temple.

Christopher Penczak wrote that the “challenge” of this temple was fear, and that the “blessing” was trust. For myself, also true. The lesson plan as far as my journey work, and so mirrored in my life, is fear v. trust as I move into guide, and master work. I find that fear inhibits the very mystical experience of the Light Body Course and the initiatory information that transmits during the meditation. The more I trust in the experience that is being had the greater I receive, the more expanded my experience becomes. This also applies to the temple journey’s, to the magickal process, to my self.

Do I not stand in perfect love, and perfect trust?

Pulling down the thoughts at the top of the page, it leaves me with a feeling of fulfillment and a strong sense of purpose, I seem to be “in the process” but the bigger picture is still hidden. I have less of an itch to leave and more of a desire to fulfill. Being in my process, this is where I am until the way is made clear.

As I move into next week I travel into the third temple, solar plexus, or Manipura, power, I’m looking forward to what other lessons and insights can be learned.

The experience that the ToW books have brought me are fantastic. If you are looking to explore your inner world, learn the Craft, or tighten up your knowledge I highly suggest them. It takes time, years even, dedication, and a willingness to expand as a living, breathing, being into a magickal self.


The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Vl. 1,
By Christopher Penczak

Click for more information

Venture deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft and discover within yourself new levels of wisdom, love, power, and responsibility. In the fifth installment of the award-winningTemple of Witchcraft series, popular author Christopher Penczak explores the Descent of the Goddess. In the myth of Inanna, the Goddess journeys through seven gates to attain entrance to the Underworld and learn its secrets. In this unique book on witchcraft, you will parallel this descent by journeying through each of the seven chakras, symbolically evolving from survival to a state of divinity. Each lesson has meditations based on the teachings of this journey, as well as an advanced discussion of a key facet of magick or witchcraft often overlooked by intermediate books:

A pagan exploration of the Great Ages  •  The measure of initiation • The reason for being skyclad  •  Power and the Right and Left Hand Paths • The power of healing  •  Ethics and codes of conduct  •  Working with soul history • Working with your Master-Teacher •  Discovering your own spiritual laws
Receiving your secret names of the Goddess and God

The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess is for solitaries, eclectics, and non-traditional witches who are ready to integrate the mysteries and magick into their ministry and share their gifts with the world.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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It seemed like a lot of people around me had a goal at the New Year to do something creative or  new. I’ve seen some interesting, empowering, and generally fun things as friends and connections keep their commitments. My friend Carla has taken a photo of the day, every day. Another friend is creating illustrations. Inspired by my friend Maria Yraceburu who once spent a year focusing on meditation, recording her thoughts in the morning. I decided to do a daily journal of meditation.

In short a Meditation of the Day.

For me, this process brings me to the place of writing under a daily commitment, which is very important to me. More importantly I think it causes me to reflect on  myself, my thoughts, the world and what populates it from my perspective.

Meditation is a skill, a psychic muscle and using that daily I become strong and focused at it. This, I like. 🙂

This is on of my “Meditation’s of the Day” (MotD). I would generally keep these down to a few sentences but today I feel verbose.

Reclaiming for me is a powerful thing. To reclaim a word, an idea, I am taking what would otherwise be considered unsuitable for use and re-crafting the definition, the meaning. I chose Witch a long time ago. I reclaimed the word for myself.

Today it seems like the word “God” needs reclamation. It is in the hands of institutions, on the lips of radicals, and the justifying reason for violence against others. Humans use “God” -historically we can call this a “once again”- as an excuse for incivility and down right mean-spirited behavior, cruelty, and worse. I hear a television personality say it, sometimes with an air of righteousness or even defense, and I cringe…

I think that my conditioning to shy away from the word is actually a fear of power. To reclaim the word, the idea, God, I am reclaiming a powerful spiritual thing hijacked by religious institutions and villainous ilk.

I think it’s up to me to realize that I am not alone in this, me and my inner “don’t-go-there-with-the-G-word,” and I think it is time to go there. To take it away from those who would use it to persecute, subjugate, enslave, or harm another.

I’m fortunate to be born here in the States, to live in a city where I have the freedom to do this without violence, civil unrest, or persecution. I can write about it without my government shutting me down. I can speak about it in a public forum without fear of arrest, or violence.

I reclaim the word God and strip away the facade, the gender, hate, and history of pain and I see it for what it is, for me. An inner spirit that comes in many shapes, faces, and things. Genderless, loving, and willing to re-write a history beginning with healing.

That healing begins with me as I reclaim the word.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Hi there Tuesday peoples. 🙂

This article caught my attention. It’s off the path of how I began the week with the Tarot but I find it, Death, fascinating. As life reminds me often, this is our mutual gateway, the place where we all will pass. It isn’t an attempt at morbidity but a opened armed embrace so that life can be seen clearly.

More than this, and with this article in particular, are the questions about where we go and who we will encounter when we do pass along to another form, life, or place.

Personally, and in these my middle years, my view has dramatically opened to see and feel the connections that we have with Otherness, the spirit world.

Consider it food for high thought.

Scott ~


Do the dead greet the dying?

If you find the concept of a dead loved one greeting you on your deathbed impossible or ridiculous, consider what I finally realized as a parent: You protect your children from household dangers. You hold their hands when they cross the street on their first day of school. You take care of them when they have the flu, and you see them through as many milestones as you can.

Now fast-forward 70 years after you, yourself, have passed away. What if there really is an afterlife and you receive a message that your son or daughter will be dying soon? If you were allowed to go to your child, wouldn’t you?

While death may look like a loss to the living, the last hours of a dying person may very well be filled with fullness rather than emptiness. Sometimes all we can do is embrace the unknown and unexplainable and make our loved ones feel good about their experiences.

via Do the dead greet the dying? –

Looks like good ol’Clootie is hanging around for another week. Horney little bugger must be pretty insistent we catch the message. Last week was a look at miss-direction and perspective.


WLANL - koopmanrob - Hekate

Hekate | Image via Wikipedia

There is truth in what you feel and see. The point is to listen to your feelings, you inner sense, about it’s rightness for your self. We can all suffer miss-direction, the world is full of many wonderful and terrible things that can bring up our passionate self. I consider it a personal challenge to allow for the fire in the belly to burn without it setting everything around me ablaze in a 4 alarm fire…. well at least not without the proper safety equipment.

When we come to the crossroads, it is our passion that lights the way. Harness it. Make a torch like luminous Hekate, and seek the path you choose.

For the centered person, this could be a time of observation, seeing over indulgence in vice in others and knowing or seeing the result of those decadence. You may find you have an opportunity to shine a light in the darkness. Caution indicates that you shouldn’t let other people’s business take you away from your own life so much that your own passions suffer.

Tarot Weekly

So our cards for the week are: The Devil; Ace of Pentacles (R), 7 of Wands (R); King of Swords (R); Ten of Wands; Assisted by Wolf.

I write to the creative, the spiritual seeker, the person who walks a similar path. Novice or adept, there is a thread that we share found in our connection.

The gist of what I received this week during communication with spirit that I work with on the Tarot Weekly was this.

  • False starts
  • Inspect what we have committed to; what have we allowed to overpower us? What have we given our power to, dis-empowering ourself.
  • To move forward (a very common theme lately at the Tarot Weekly) we must find the resources to leave the confines of our current situation.

What does that mean?

If it is a job and you wish to progress, you may find that this is not the job for you OR that someone has or is hindering your progression.

Relationships could be binding us from change that can infuse us with the creative energy we need. Not to say our partner(s) are bad news but maybe some break away time for you into your own endeavors would serve you better.

There is a final message of “Own your Mojo!”

Do what is necessary to find your great spirit, your authentic self, your true-glowing-you and begin to cultivate that energy. It is time.

A look at the cards…

The Devil: Desire, temptation, and encounters with our fears related to our passions and our animal nature.

What are you facing here in your current situation, are you actually tuning into your fears or an instinct that can help you in your life right now. Fear of progression? Fear of advancement? Fear of change?

Seven of Wands: Are you afraid of leadership? Decision making? Are you focused on imagined outcomes? Remember the realism of the Queen of Swords and the practicality of the King of Pentacles? When we clear the mind and get back to the real path of what needs to be done, the illusions of fear fall away; or if they, our doubts, are founded in actual relationships, it can help us to find our right perspective. Where the seat of our consciousness should be sitting.

Ace of Pentacles (R): Take the seed, plant it and begin! The door is before you. Your greatness, your wisdom / know how is on the other side. Pony up! Let the journey begin.

Do you feel insecure? What are you grounded in? Again, re-seat your consciousness in the proper throne.

King of Swords (R): Again, miss-direction but more specific, either there is focus on the wrong issues and not the bigger picture, or you have been fooled and it’s time to clear the head and set yourself straight.

He is representative of a selfish man, serving his own ends, and will probably do whatever it takes to make sure his own survivability / needs are met. Could be a very charming guy, who has a sense of how people work and uses that to play the right cards. If it’s not another, watch for these motivations in the self.

This could represent our own Devil.

Ten of Wands from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

Image via Wikipedia

Ten of Wands: Said to represent taking on too much, or more than your share of responsibility in a situation. Overburdened. I also feel an element of shame there… The figure is not only carrying to much, but his head is bend into the staves, hiding behind the work to prove the place he is in.

“See how much I have to deal with? This is why I can’t just let this go.”

Don’t fool yourself. It’s not worth the energy you are wasting that could be spent in something that you want to pursue and would make you happy.

The animal energy that comes through is the wolf.

For me, personally, this has to do with retaining a sense of power / independence while existing within the pack.

Our sense of self that is sustained by those we surround ourself with, we are empowered when we are connected to those that are part of the goal, support us in our higher aspirations, and want to see us succeed. Find these folks.

I recommend a meditation on the force and power of the Wolf to find the message that it brings to you in light of the tarot connection this week. Seek your lunar influence, feel the dirt beneath your paws, run through the primordial forest of your self.


– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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I’ve ticked around a concept for a few years involving the Mana. The power that is within, or imbued through thought, feeling, and worship within objects, places, people, and spaces. In a sense this is a part of my art and the things that I, we, create because there is often meditation involved and the use of ritual, essential oils, herbs, breath, and Ki.

The following is a movie that I have meant to watch for some time. It is part explanation and part visual experience of how the sacred is acknowledged around the world. It is the primary motivation for my next piece/pieces.

Mana: Beyond Belief.

From the website:

Mana: Beyond Belief is a 92 minute ’round the world motion picture encounter with power objects and how people believe in them, filmed in dazzling High Definition digital video.

MANA–a journey leading from a Navajo medicine man’s mud-covered hogan to the eternity of space, from the most ancient of technologies to the most complex, from the concrete world of objects to the projected world of values, and from the individual’s attempt to comprehend the secret powers surrounding him to the power our own minds give us to shape our experiences . . .

You can watch the full film here at or you can tune in via Google Video. More information about the film is at the Mana Movie Site.


– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

I don’t know where my comments went when I originally posted this.

What I said was (basically), I do have some creative things to post today but while I’m waiting for this mornings model it’s articles like that that really get the rodents on the wheel running (and coffee). \

Enjoy ~ Scott


We believe an external world exists independent of the perceiving subject. Philosophers and physicists from Plato to Hawking have debated this idea. Niels Bohr, the great Nobel physicist, said, “Not so.” When we measure something, we’re forcing an undetermined, undefined world to assume an experimental value. We’re not “measuring” the world; we’re creating it. At the legendary debates, Einstein presented ingenious ideas supporting the idea of a “real world out there,” but Bohr shot them all down and gradually won over the physics community. But today most people still believe there’s a real world out there.

This something-nothingness issue is ancient, and of course predates biocentrism, which explains why one view and not the other must be correct. Take the seemingly undeniable logic that your kitchen is always there, its contents assuming its familiar forms whether or not you’re in it. At night you leave for the bedroom. Of course the kitchen is still there, unseen, all through the night. Right? But consider: the refrigerator, stove and everything else are composed of a shimmering swarm of matter/energy. Quantum theory, tells us not a single one of those particles actually exists in a definite place. Rather, like Bohr said, they merely exist as a range of probabilities that are unmanifest. In the presence of an observer — that is, when you go back in to get a drink of water -− each one’s wave function collapses and it assumes an actual position, a physical reality.

According to the “many-worlds” interpretation of quantum physics, there are an infinite number of universes — known as the multiverse — associated with each possible observation. Biocentrism extends this idea, suggesting that life has a non-linear dimensionality that encompasses the multiverse. Experiments show that measurements an observer makes can even influence events that have already happened in the past. Regardless of the choice you make, it’ll be you (the observer) who experience the outcomes and histories that result.

Ideally, our concepts of nature and god should adapt to this evolving scientific knowledge. What happened before the Big Bang? Or if god made the world, then who made god? According to biocentrism, these are ultimately irrational questions, because space and time are simply tools of our understanding and don’t exist in any absolute sense. Before and after are relative concepts tied to us, which includes the totality of existence in the multiverse. Imagine what might be possible, especially if we’re able to recreate information systems to generate any consciousness-based reality fathomable.

via Robert Lanza, M.D.: Is There a God or Is There Nothingness? New Scientific Paradigm.

Happy art day. Arty-farty day. :p

I’ve spent a good hour in meditation and toning. Got up, poured some Java and started my web crawl to see what the Universe might throw out at me today.

Chati Coronel.

I love her new work / creations / expressions. These thoughts and  the image are perfect for my Wednesday…

((NOTE EXCERPT via Facebook))

Why do I paint? I paint to talk to the divine. To manifest a vision, a dream. At its highest form, I believe that a painting can change the energy around it. The way Buddhists believe that the vibrations from chanting Mantras or from sacred images called Yantras change the vibrations around them, I believe that paintings, which are also made of vibrations, can change the energy in a space too. In fact that has always been my way of knowing whether a painting is done. When a painting changes the energy in a room, it is done. I paint to change, to bless the energy around me and hopefully, if you are open to it, to bless the energy around you.

Tool number two: (I made this one up)

See it from your highest self.

How would I see this from my fulfilled, highest self? She would say that what is really important is to live. Painting is a consequence of that. The only truth that can come out of me comes from my experience. It comes from being completely alive.

I am looking at the world from the inside and…

Continue reading via Facebook | Chati Coronel: Art as Spiritual Practice.

Follow Chat on her weblog:

Be well,


Hear ye! Hear ye! Tonights Rune class has moved to June 23rd, 2010!

That’s right. So mark your calender and give points of light a call, let them know you are going to come. 🙂


***info from Runeworker***

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
7:30 pm

Points of Light
4358 East Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA
(562) 985-3388

While you don’t have to register early, it would be a great benefit to me if you could call ahead put your name on the list.

It is a 10 week course and is $15 per class. I look forward to teaching it

via Runeworker: Runes 110.

I had intended to save this entry for a Wednesday and so I did. Although I can say it was burning a whole in my virtual blog pocket as it is one of the creative ideas I’ve been wanting to pursue for some time.

Make my own runes.

FYI Christopher will be teaching Runes at Points of Light, Long Beach, starting on the 16th of June. I plan on attending. Hope you can make it.

Where: Points of Light
4358 East Stearns Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Cost: $15 per class


“…When making your own set of runes (main for divination purposes) there are a few considerations that go with it. To me, I see them as:


There are many materials you could make runes in. From a historical perspective, the main materials would be wood, metal, bone and stone. The modern perspective opens up that a little by including in clay, plastic, and precious stones. Each has their users, their proponents and their opponents. I myself chose wood.

When it comes to wood, lore-based information indicates…”

Continue reading via Runeworker: Crafting your own runes.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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If you are just joining me in these posts you can catch up on the chapter-by-chapter book review of Awakening to the spirit world through these posts:

Chapter 5: The Power of Ceremony and Ritual

“The Flame of Gods”Welcome back to my chapter-by-chapter review of Awakening to the Spirit World, The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation.

The fifth chapter in the book came on the heels of a handful of requests by friends, family, and some magickal connections to assist in some form or another. As I approach the full moon with a list of healing requests, and a prosperity push for a sister-friend I find that The Power of Ceremony and Ritual a fitting read.

It’s not that I don’t know some form of Ritual or Ceremony but I am inspired by the difference in approach to these fundamental magickal acts. They are magickal acts for me, we can call them Shamanism in the modern sense of the word, but the ideas about the ritual and ceremony we conduct, introduced by the authors (Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, and others) give me great food for thought.

One of the first things in the chapter that read bold in my mind was a note about the difference between ceremony and ritual. Sandra writes,

“Strictly defined, ceremonies have a predetermined structure and goal. In this sense, everyone participating in the ceremony has a predetermined role, and the ability of highly structured ceremony to create change cannot be underestimated, especially in helping maintain the physical and metaphysical equilibrium of any given community.”

In certain senses this reminds me of mythic reenactments, festivals that have been celebrated throughout the ages (with direct spiritual connotation that links us to the natural world), solem or celebratory. Ceremony, for me, is an act of honoring, affirming, dedication, and gratitude personally, and socially. This is the birthday, the wedding, and the funeral. The rite of passage from boy to man.

“Ritual, on the other hand, is much more open-ended. When we are engaged in ritual, we always have intentions for doing so, yet the end result may be quite different from those expectations. This is because there comes a point in every authentic ritual in which the spirits arrive, and then any predetermined structure or form may go right out the door.”

These two statements ticked at something in the mystical mind. This then is the formula followed, right and rote, to create a state of being. The Great Rite, the maypole, and Drawing Down the Moon… This is where I enter my altered state, the ritual brings me to the jumping off point and unlock the greater spirit. I am diving into the magickal.

Excuse me, I think I had some confusion over the year about the meaning of the words. In fact I think I’ve used them interchangeably. I digress. This was only an ah ha moment for me. 🙂

I need to say that I’m also impressed with the structure of the writing and the delivery of the message. I can’t say that I love certain terms used to describe things but I waddle through that in an attempt to keep my persnickety side on a leash, and my mind open. Expanding.

We continue on into structuring a ceremony or ritual, when and how, with some good starting steps in how we put this shamanic act together. What’s the purpose? What steps do we follow? How do we begin and end. I like. In fact I approve! I take away some tips and tricks that I’d like to implement in  my own personal work. That’s a plus.

Jose Stevens gives us a basic guideline of ceremonial and ritual structure: Opening, welcome, intention. Offering of gratitude for the work. Calling in the spirits, addressing the elements, cleansing of participants, the blessing, and the prayers or work. Raising power. Closing. Giving thanks and saying farewell to the elements.

There’s even a bit about intentions. These are very important things. Trust!

Anyway, we conclude with some interesting bits about what to do and examples of ceremony and ritual structure. Good chapter.


OK so if we’re doing this shamanic / magickal work, what are we doing it for? I can’t help myself here. I want to stand up on my little blog pedestal and ask What is important in the magickal work that we do?

Yes there are personal things that we as individuals need to accomplish. That includes necessity as well as acts of pleasure. An austere life doesn’t serve us unless there are acts of joy that better our lives. We need the sweetness because life can sting. Life is not just the serious and full of diversity to be enjoyed, reveled, loved, caressed and cared for, including our desires.

There are pressing issues like  health, money, survival needs that must be met and all of these things can be assisted with some magickal work. It’s a muscle and the more you use it the stronger our ability to work with the unseen, yet felt, world grows. Magickal work is part of my every day life, it’s at the point where I feel that each moment is a path inward and outward, living in many worlds.

Early on in life I wasn’t so integrated. I received a text message last night about a friend and instantly I snapped into a place where I was reaching out to someone in need. No candles, rattles, music, or incense, because after years of work that place is instantly attainable. In the past I would have had to count down into meditation, take a break, step away, but as B was talking to me I could simultaneously reach out to someone in the hospital bed and seek out her spirit, calling her home.

Toot-toot? no. It’s a demonstration of what each of us can do at the drop of the dime with proper training, dedication and experience. We can use our gift, our natural self to help us achieve what we desire, to find our answers, to seek, to know, to learn.

Awakening to the Spirit World seems to offer us a solid approach, from a green perspective, in easy to swallow explanations towards those goals.

Moving along into my week, I hope that this posting finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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