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The Sun entered Aquarius and we’re given the boon of the star in this weeks reading. I like these combinations between astrological movements and the cards that come into play during the weekly. It gives me a little smile and expands the trust I have in the universe. There is also a note with Saturn, Retrograde (January 26th), which as the great restrictror is asking for a look at commitments we made to projects and/or goals. Reorganize. Restructure. Revisit and prepare for the next movement forward. This retrograde is is in Libra and that pings a few things for me…

Seeking balance or agreements that feel right for you in relationships. Finding, through the re-visioning or restructuring, a new sense of going ahead with your plans or relations that is not only better put together but also feels snug, correct in an emotional way. It’s as if we look back and see, “AH! That’s what was bugging me about this!” and so we change and it “fits.” Also keep in mind that Saturn is generally in retrograde 1/2 of a year, so look at it this sort of (seeming) backward moving period as part of life. It’s there 50% of the time and just par for the course, the cycle, and the season of living.

I think this Saturn (R) should be interesting as well as the President delivers his State of the Union speech. As you know the President outlines his legislative agenda but we’ve had a few bucks to the system lately. There are a lot of talking heads yammering about right now about what the President should and should not do and say. I wonder if Barak Obama will find the words that “fit” the changes that must be made. Congress serves their constituents, the President serves the people. Let’s hope they work together.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Jan 24-30, 2011

There is a pause before the change. There is a time of stillness before newness. A moment of darkness before birth.

Like any good leader you have to garner the type of mind that knows when to act and when to remain still. Leading does not require constance manning the  helm at all hours of the day, micro-managing is ANNOYING. It’s time for pow wow, not only a meeting but a gathering of strength and coming together to seek the answers that will best serve us as we come to a close on this last years big changes. Retrogrades and reverses, the World reversed for example, do not mean do not do, although they can I think they are generally there for evaluation. To curb our head strong beast and ask us to stop, look, listen.

That the Star appears, and this is in conjunction with the Saturn+Libra, I think we’re finding the perfect time for inner landscaping seeking answers, solace, and even healing, or in my case easing the spiritual passage. I have the great fortune of knowing many readers, intuitive folk (and the like) and drawing on these friendly resources last week I found a common thread of answer for my own Journey. The message of the spiritual re-birth was clear and the pathway opened before me.

From that path, and the reading, I would like to offer a few tips that may ease your passage in this period of observation, fine-tuning, and easing.

  1. Nurture your process with things of beauty, and acts of beauty. You may think of this as spiritually midwifing and seek out the healer within. Baths, massage, a special therapeutic ceremony that offers healing (The Star) can help you. Even energy work for the sake of something like love, joy, healing, or laughter, sensual giving… these are parts of the pattern of nurturing.
  2. Take advice. In the birthing passage it is hard to see anything else but the way out. It’s sometimes hard to feel anything but the birthing pain. These are leading you towards the new life but it is wise to seek outside perspective, especially when you are simultaneously the mother and the child. It can be confusing (I know) but a little common sense from the doctor can make a world of difference in your perspective.
  3. Expand your graces. Seek support  from your spiritual allies who are probably very involved in your changes. Give offerings. I’ve decorated my house in sweet blossoms not only to bask in the fragrance but to symbolically represent the new birth and give up the blooms to the gods and guides who watch over me.

I’m personally in the midst of this process but after I sought assistance and took the necessary steps to make right for my self and my transformation things began to right themselves. A little self-care can go a long way. I bit of insight can expand a limited insight.

Though the King of Swords is here to call action and progress, I must remind each general that they need a bath, a brush, and a cup of tea with an advisor at the end of the day. No one is capable of doing it all themselves.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass


Hi there. Happy Monday.

The hour changed and it rained all night. I had the most pleasantly interrupted by the sound of wind and water, nights sleep. The occasional wake of a tire on wet pavement. It brought about a deep sense of peace, an overwhelming rest that kept waking me with a feeling of alertness. I had to force myself to sleep to avoid staying up all night.

I pulled cards this last week for today. Seems like I’ve been thinking about several situations at the same time I began to tune into the message for the weekly and the voice, for me this week, came from a very visible source: Human behavior.

There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic
To human behaviour

But yet so, yet so irresistible
And there’s no map
and a compass
wouldn’t help at all

They’re terribly moody
And human behaviour
Then all of a sudden turn happy

But, oh, to get involved in the exchange
Of human emotions
Is ever so, ever so satisfying

Oh oh, and there’s no map

~Björk || Human Behavior

Tarot Weekly


Tarot Weekly

Please note the recurring message of the Queen of Swords and the Knight of Cups… again! These are stresses on seeing and delivering the truth, message, expression through an offering, or method of giving (gift-giving).

A perfect example of this is the person you know that believes they are heading in the right direction but on every level they are really ignoring the message. “The Message” being the way that the world interacts with them, the cause and effect, the ripples returning as what the “friend” feels are attacks, drama, and things that they have no personal responsibility for.

Honey if you’re in it, and you’re experiencing it, then you are a part of that problem or situation and probably have an obligation to be your best self. Running off and dodging situations that you feel are uncomfortable doesn’t solve anything. Spending money on toys or parties doesn’t pay the bills.

Easy, fast, immediate fixes are not the answer, no matter if they make us momentarily feel better (watch the power of the Knight of Cups in reverse).

The problems that exist in your life are your problems and you can’t pretend that you are blameless. In fact it’s a bit of an ego trip to think that you didn’t do anything to deserve this.

The Queen of Swords and the Knight of Cups have shown up repeatedly, sometimes in reverse, to delivery the message of truth, to look at ourself objectively and to ask what our motivations have been. I feel like there are many observations that can be made but what i find most striking is the two common themes:

  • Fearing the truth. Fearing to hear it, or fearing to delivery it and thinking that if we use the same passion that wants to express that message and putting it somewhere else that things will go a different way. Doesn’t seem to look that way now does it?
  • The Gift. Gratitude, in essence, seals the circle and completes karma. When we pray, we pray for what is, not what isn’t. When we visualize in spell work we are adding our Will to what is desired, the outcome is seen as done. The gift given. The gift received. What is your perspective about what is happening? Are you seeing the opportunity? Where is your emotional focus.

These two representations of action  and intention are pointers for what appears to be a common message here at the Journey.

I think that the answer should be fairly obvious as the Five of Pentacles and Ten of Wands (R) are pointing out that the situation is running you down and (this is heightened by the Ten of Wands) wearing your thin. This could potentially be seen as a mini-tower, without the thunder and lightning. It’s an easy transition once you let go and allow for the gift of that change to occur.

All the hub-bub is around any resistance to the idea. The power of the Knight of Pentacles is rather hound-like. It’s driven (air to earth) and can be as much of a gift as it is a curse, especially if we are miss-directed in our pursuits. The power, drive, and ambition become destructive, and we become blind to the course because of the stubborn nature of his power.

Sometimes your storyline is
the only line you have to Earth
~Sharon Doubiago~

Salmon exists in the realm of ancestors. They swim waters and brave currents to return to their source. They are the inspiration, the magickal Crest, for the Journey this week. Returning to our sources (guiding principles, teachers, elders, our center) can yield the greatest illumination about our truth and take the emphasis from THE Truth which is often ideological and off-center to what we should be focused on.

Swimming upstream back to their birthing grounds is hard work. I want to say the contrary to the current swim it’s right in cases where we are discussing ourself, or someone else, who fits the bill as missing the (personal) message about their direction in life, on a project, or in a relationship (see last weeks weekly). Sometimes “the best” teaching method is to struggle, often that’s the only way that the wisdom of Salmon can come through.

Short and sweet this week!

– –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Affirmations are the act of affirming or stating that something, generally an idea or behavior, is true in order to affect change within our lives. Affirmations are powerful, they change the basic thought structure and patterns of how we think about something and in doing so we change the way in which we do…. do. 🙂

Affirmations aren’t so esoteric but are actually quite effective. I have transformed my life through the use of affirmations and you can too! Simple, constructive and reinforcing statements “that strengthen the you that you are” and not “the you that you fear you are.”

Louise Hay, Woman of Wisdom, author of Heal Your Body among other wonderful works, would be a great starting point if you want to explore affirmations in greater detail.

I have used affirmations in my life many times over but it wasn’t until recent shifts in thought and lifestyle over the last 5 years that I truly could appreciate the effectiveness of consciously choosing to change with affirmations, and other tools in my magickal tool belt, my self. I have my own set of reminders that I turn to in order to get the most out of our gift to choose to change, and these are them.

Creating Affirmations

Before you start affirmations you should always know what you are up against in resisting change and growing into a new being: You self.

Finding affirmations that work for you is more important than you know but it can seem kind of tricky. You have to choose words that you agree with, that you are comfortable with and that inspire you. The vocabulary should be easily said and feel right since you will be repeating them over and over again. However, before you get to that point you have to discern what it is within you and your life that is in need of change and growth, affirmation.

A good tool is journaling. Write every day. Be honest with yourself. Read over it later. Even if you write a single paragraph it is good. Try to write every day and at or around the same hour.

In your journal a lot can be seen about your ideas about love, life, friends, money, relationships, politics… Heck, these aren’t so bad, they are the seeds of your affirmations. So in reading over your private thoughts you see that you don’t feel good about something you wrote, that is your indicator of where you need to help yourself, where you can use some help, some affirmations.

For example, say you feel that you are overweight, in  today’s society that’s not hard to imagine when you think about how much pop culture pressures us into impossible ideas about sex and beauty. Now imagine that you have written in your journal something negative about your body and weight. You look at it because it is, really, what you feel but is it healthy for you and, as a good friends said to me, “How does it serve you?” Do you feel better when think about yourself when you step in front of a reflective surface? Probably not. Right?

So, you choose words that are not only positive about your body but supportive of a better mental/physical idea about yourself. Maybe you realize that you eat bad or don’t do allot of physical activity. These are all indicators of how you can change… so you find words and re-think the nonproductive thoughts about yourself.

Maybe you try an affirming statement like:

“I love myself just the way I am. I AM beautiful. I AM worthy of love and respect. I AM a child of God and so I am perfect in my own way.”

“I am the perfect weight. I have perfect health. I love the way I look.”
A really great one I picked up from Christopher Penczak is:

“I love myself. I love all others. I am infinitely loves.”
Whatever you choose, find supportive affirmations that instill a sense of love, pride, and security. You can design your own or turn to one of many great books and teachers to find the right affirmations for you.

Say them the right way

Your affirmations should be easy to read and feel right when they roll off the tongue. In fact it helps if they have a little rhythm or if you can find a rhythm in the words.

Don’t rush through your affirmations. Take your time. Read each sentence. Digest each word. Think about the statement and speak aloud as if the statement is true. It’s a bit it like like smiling when you talk on the phone. The sound of your voice, a part of your attitude does change. Now multiply this over days, weeks and months and you can see how powerful an affirmation can become.

You read your affirmations regularly, daily in fact and we’ll get to that but while you are reading them, they should be read consciously, and with the right tone and inflection. If the affirmation is loving, you want to sound loving. If you are affirming prosperity and success then you should be reading and speaking each word powerfully and successfully.

For a while I felt as if I was “acting” but then I realized magick, manifestation, and affirmations are drawing from the same great principles; and that even if I am “acting” what I am really doing “pretending” and it is in that space of pure imagination -and being safe in that imagining- that I create the greatest things in my life. That is where magick happens when the mind, the body, the soul are one and they all agree and it can happen. It does. In your imagination.

Do your affirmations everyday

That’s right, everyday.

Not just once a day but three times a day. Consistency is so important. The mind enjoys ritual. It can feel a bit disjointed at first to introduce a new -however short- thing into your life but the “routine” is so comfortable that it is strange to our minds to disrupt it no matter how bad it may actually be for us.

Life isn’t static, it is change. Being powerful and proactive by helping yourself to change through affirmations is one way you can rejoin the living movement.

So when do you do your affirmations and for how long? Depending on the length of your affirmations and how long it takes for you to read them I suggest nine-times each or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first. I hold myself to the  9-times each because I actually have about 15 statements that I read. By the time I have spoken the list nine times it has usually been about 15 minutes.

Do your affirmations in the morning when you wake up, mid-day and bed time before you sleep.

There is allot you can do to accentuate the changes you want to affect. To be healthier, confident, loving and loved and you can find them in a variety of places but the important thing with affirmations is to make sure they are in agreement with you, that you read them well and with meaning as if theyare, and that you read them consistently.

Before you know it -generally 30-60 days, the changes have already occurred and you, like I have been, are looking at yourself with a little bit of wonder thinking, “Wow. I did that.”


Scott K Smith

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