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“With new essential oils, which are the essence of the plant or herb, I like to get into the mind of the herb and “get to know a new friend”. I meditate and connect with the spirit of the plant. I ask if I can talk with it. When I receive a welcome signal I enter into a dialogue. Intimacy. I travel with the plant back to the first plant of its kind. From that elder of plant, I ask to be shown the purpose of its work, the path of its life and how we two have been brought together.”


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Hi there. This post has taken a few days to write and a lot of thought and feeling. What I had initially planed to be a little ditty on an oil I added to my collection called RutaVaLa, turned into a research project, that in turn morphed into a doorway to ideas and I’ve had to compartmentalize a few things so that the focus isn’t so broad.

I want to preface the post with a few things.

First I am a healer. I am not a doctor. I do not prescribe. I recommend, and I recommend that one does the research for themselves into anything they are looking into for healing. Know your body and learn about how it can be better, healthier, well.

I believe that we are all on a Journey together and that in that travel through life we encounter obstacles and situations that test our mind, our body and our spirit. We encounter illness.

Scott_parisI believe that healing is not just going to the doctor and I find it impossible to understand (in most instances) how a pill is the solution to the problem. That said I believe that there are sometimes solutions in a little pill. What I always try to represent in my writing is a very deep and personal belief that there is only one path to healing, your own. That path should be made almost virtually limitless in its scope because healing does not just come from one place. When we limit ourselves to one source without even considering another idea we are limiting our healing. I don’t believe in many absolutes, and those that I do are pretty flexible, but I do know that there is more to our world that we can individually see and know and so we, I, you, should be open to the variety of modalities and philosophies about healing and how they can be integrated into your life for healing.

Personally I like to develop a relationship with my doctor AND my healing tools that is honest, clear and an open path of communication. Combining Reiki and Essential Oils with meditation and Western Medicine needs the right kind of doctor. I encourage you to find a physician who best suits your healing needs.

I am on a Healers Path, I am using my Healer Practices, I am developing my Healers Consciousness. I’m even updating my healing manual to reflect these ideas more clearly! Ultimately I am still learning and these essential oils, from Young Living, have helped me. That is why I write about them. To share my story, to show you what worked and how, to encourage you to investigate with some joy and with scrutiny the ways in which you can be your ultimate, healthy self. I am still exploring. I may be exploring the rest of my life and I suspect that this is true.

Now, RutaVala…

I finally was able to pick up a bottle of RutaVaLa. Funny name. Some of you are probably cocking heads and raising eyebrows. Well the oil is a blend: Rue, Lavender, and one of my all time favorites Valerian.

I play with my oils as much as I use them therapeutically and I really enjoyed the deep relaxation that this oil brought about. Two drops on the back of the neck, rubbed into the upper spine and the back of the head to affect thebrain stem, and I was sleeping deeply in less than 10 minutes. It’s strong stuff!

Primary Benefits

  1. •Acts as a relaxant for the body and mind and
  2. •counters stressed nerves*
  3. •Rebalances energy to improve vigor during
  4. •daily activities*
  5. •Reduces inhibitions and minimizes stressful
  6. •situations*
  7. •Induces quality sleep*

Product guide has been uploaded to my YL Page.

RutaVaLa has been tremendously helpful for some restful sleep. As I wrote about earlier in || Anxiety. Anger. Fear. Release. Surrender. || I am in a healing process as well and this fifth oil, added to my healing routine has completed a essential step. I have successfully phased out a medication prescribed by my doctor to an “as  needed” basis. And I haven’t needed it! Woo Hoo!

How did RutaVaLa help?

I start my day with a candle burning, light from the morning sun and meditation. I complete that ritual with the essential oils I have been working with over the last few  months. Release. Surrender. 3 Wise Men. White Angelica.

  1. 1.As I have been shown, I hold each bottle.
  2. 2.Feel the vibration of the oil. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeuticgrade, and said to have one of the highest vibrations because of the quality of distillation… and man do they vibrate! When
  3. 3.Take three deep breaths. In through the nose and fill the lungs. Feel the vibration fill your body.
  4. 4.Apply the oils as directed.

In the evening, before turning in, I did the same. Feel the vibration. Breath in the EO apply.

With new essential oils, which are the essence of the plant or herb, I like to get into the mind of the herb and “get to know a new friend”. I meditate and connect with the spirit of the plant. I ask if I can talk with it. When I receive a welcome signal I enter into a dialogue. Intimacy. I travel with the plant back to the first plant of its kind. From that elder of plant, I ask to be shown the purpose of its work, the path of its life and how we two have been brought together.

Any-who-who. As charming as it is to say, you know Valerian Root, you know it smells like dirty socks. Adding Lavender to the blend helps a bit, bringing the scent down to an earthy level. I should tell you that it did get on my pillow as well but in the end I enjoyed the sleep. The scent, tho slightly offensive because it is so oderific, in the end moved into the olfactory background as I slept, deeply.

Why? Well Lavender is a pretty relaxing herb. It clears the head as well as promotes emotional calming but the clearing is important. Valerian can make one a little muggy in the head.

Rue. I was uncertain. I had to look this one up. In the end this is what I was able to glean about these three herbs / essential oils.

Rue (Ruta graveolens)
According to The Oxford Book of Health Foods, extracts from rue have been used to treat eyestrain, sore eyes, and as an insect repellent. Rue has been used internally as an antispasmodic, as a treatment for menstrual problems, as an abortifacient, and as a sedative. (wiki)

Rue is used in banishment, exorcism and protection. Associated with Mars (Roman) and the Strength Card. Denoting it’s value as an inner fortifier, magickally speaking, to be clear and without illusions, to seek balance in power.

I have always thought that Rue was a power herb, used in protection and attraction of money when grown at the doorway. It is a strong herb and I’m curious about your uses, as I understand it, Rue also has some southern magickal connotations as well.  I’m really curious about Rue as a healing herb.

Meditation on Rue:

In brief. Fire. Earth.

Fire for the strength and intensity of Rue. It literally can burn you.

Earth because the power of its connection to the planet and Rues ability to purge the system and work with the lower chakras and thus the lower organs of the body.

Lavender (Lavandula)
This herb has a rich and global history of use. From skin care to relaxation. The range of it’s growth extends across the Canary Islands, North and East Africa, south Europe and the Mediterranean, Arabia, and India.
Prized by beekeepers, loved in gardens, used in syrup, applied in soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, ointments, sprays, and cooking to name but a few applications of this widely used flower.

It can inflate allergies (I should have know that but I admit, I didn’t) but is primarily anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory. It has been used to help with sleep, calm nerves, sooth burns and insect bites, help in healing the skin and promoting elasticity as one ages, on acne, in tea… Wow. Right?

Magickally speaking, the herb has as long and diverse a history. Related to Mercury and the sign of Virgo, and then then / also, Hecate and Saturn. Regardless it is a sacred herb. In times it has been used for fertility, consecration, love, magickal workings, visionary work, dreaming and invocations; hand fasting, Midsummer rites, and most importantly to me Lavender has been used to alleviate stress and bring calmness and serenity to one’s inner self.

I use Lavender every morning as an essential oil that I mix with facial moisturizer. I put it in a spray bottle with Lemon and Purification, and spray it on my sheets, carpets, blankets, pillows and even use the bottle with ironing.

Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils and I don’t know how I ever didn’t have it as a part of my Apotheke.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis, Valerianaceae)

For me, Valerian is an herb that can stand up and beat it’s chest in victory, if even it is yawning all the while. It has been around for a long time, written about in ancient Greece, and personally has been a home remedy friend for years and years. In short, it has the right to brag all it wants. I love it. It’s stinky as all hell unless you are a cat, in which case you are probably going to be rolling all over the floor and throwing out the catnip. For felines this herb packs some sort of pleasurable punch. 🙂

Valerian is a sedative. It calms nerves. It soothes the system. Valerian is an excellent herb for inducing sleep… I should know, when I was younger and learning about green craft I accidentally overdosed myself and ended up in a lucid dream like state, out of  my body and not able to get back in!
Valerian is used in Purification, Consecration and Protection. Paul Beyerl  notes association with Virgo, Aquarius and again, Mercury. I see notes that it has even been called the “Witches Herb” but I have yet to use it in any sort of spell work -aside from the healing properties of RutaVaLa.

The three together, in two little drops, on the back of my neck before bed are subtly intoxicating. I forget that I am even going to bed.

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Be well,

Scott K Smith

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