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I wanted to keep you updated on the last Art Walk at the Rowan.

The night went well. I spent the majority of my time at the Rowan Gallery space and surrounding galleries like, the Spring Arts Tower which had a great set of artists as well.

Congratulations to my friends, and some of the other Artists, who sold some art; in addition to the exposure to thousands of people passing through the gallery. I am hoping that the art and the voyeuristic stampede will effect everyone in a “prosperous” way. 🙂

"B", Jenny Aja, and Scott @ The Rowan Gallery Space

You can view the full set of photos via Facebook | Your Photos – Rowan Art Walk: Jenny & Phil + other artists...

I attempted to embed a short clip of the many hours that Ben Evans and Taka Yamashiro spent performing at the Gallery Space but I was unable to transport it from facebook to wordpress… You can view the video on my profile there.

See you at the next Art Walk…

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Hey there. Sorry for the last minute update but I was waiting for some materials… I’m just going to have to wing it on the announcement.

Rowan Gallery Space
460 S. Spring Street / 90013
Corner of 5th and Spring

7 pm – 9:00 pm

Soft opening: Seven artists and two performers at the Rowan Gallery Space. Featuring Philip Aja, Jenny Aja, Troy Alexander,  Bodi, and more.

Rowan Gallery Space @ 5th and Spring Streets

The Art Walk is always free but parking may cost you. If you are planning on a few hours, add an extra or two. There is so much to see at the Rowan and around the Downtown LA Art Walk.


I hope you can make it out. Brandon and I will be filling in for Jenny & Philip while they are working on another project, tonight at the Rowan. We’ll be out both nights, camera in hand! Tho I am not in this particular art walk, I highly encourage you to come on out and support your local artists, in spirit or by making a purchase.

– – –
Scott K Smith

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BOLT BARBERS™ Marks Its Arrival On The Downtown Scene With A Homeless Benefit Fundraiser for The Midnight Mission to support DTLA’s Largest Social Dilemma, Homelessness. Thursday. November 12th.

Ivan Zoot, three time Guinness Record Holder and internationally acclaimed as the Michael Phelps of Barbering will host BOLT BARBERS™ “Hawks For Homeless” Event. Enlisted participants can dream up their hawk of choice and BOLT BARBERS will shear it onto your head absolutely free on Thursday, November 12th.

via BoltBarbers.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge

It’s funny to realize how working on, and trying to  produce my little show at the Rowan really robbed me of my time. I’m at a bit of a loss without canvass at this point but ready to paint! Hitting a few stores this afternoon around downtown to see if I can fins something to paint over.

I’m kind of fuzzy this morning so please excuse any typo’s or brain farts.


Frosti was one of the last pieces I spilled out for “A Hidden Place” but ended up being one of the most popular. From comments like “The texture is really intense” on most pieces to “That one” (Frosti) “is easy to approach and so soft.” gave me a few ideas about how to spin these little messages out.

I keep getting asked how “the Show” went and I find it hard to communicate in a few words. First tho I was displaying my work, I was also among many artists at the Gallery Space so there were venues within the venues and a few surprising additions. I met some incredible people. I…

I listened quietly without introducing myself to hear what people said about the work, mine and others.

I met another artist who was from my home town -it is a small world after all. Warm hands, loving smiles, deep ideas. I can’t wait to do some collaboration with him.

I got my ass grabbed a few times by friends. : )


I loved watching everyone take photo’s of “Fertile”. It was as if no one had seen a penis before but aside from that I also got a little education about the symbol from Ancient pompeii. Corrina forgive me for misspelling your name if you have stopped by to read the blog but I never got your card. Anyway this great lady Corrina and I talked for a spell about her work and Young Living and she told me that in Pompeii they would hang little penis plaques outside of the doors for fertility.

I’m glad “Fertile” was by the door. I sold three pieces.

I felt surrounded and supported by friends.

The Rowan, no the streets of Downtown LA were a mess! I couldn’t believe how  many people were out to art walk but it almost seemed more of a circus than an Art Event. Me thinks I gotta tune in for the January show and make it a bit more private or exclusive. I don’t want friends to have to fight through crowds of party-goers and I’d love to create a different sort of dimension. Hey. I’m not complaining it was awesome.

When I said I was truly grateful, I meant it.

Oh man! I almost forgot. BOLT BARBERS was HOT! They had people lined up for cuts and Matt blew me away with how upbeat, positive and enthusiastic he was about the event. I mean it really was more than just creating a “buzz”. Yeah. Good job Matt. I can’t wait for BOLT to open at the Rowan.

Full event page at


I have a few things on my mind that I will try to spell out for you later like Elemental Attunements, and “what’s this story about soy causing cancer???” but I’m not guaranteeing anything until the coffee kicks in.

Much love,

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge

Hi there. Had to post again and update you on some more of the artists I’ll be sharing the Rowan Gallery Space with. This is going to be interesting. I peeked on some of the work that is going up inside. Add in BOLT Barbers  and their demonstrations and my work… I’m smiling.

I wasn’t able to get links to all of the Artists but here is who I have.

Tony Tee / Known Gallery

Steve Anderson / Nudes


I also received a list of names, of photographers, who  I do not have addresses for. Victor Lopez, Clark, and Nima.

Of course we still have BOLT Barbers who will be setting up five chairs for men’s hair cuts, at the Rowan Gallery space while their retail space is being built out. Cuts are part of the BOLT experience and during the Art Walk Matt has joined with Jodi Bonassi, paintings of Barber Shops.

And of course there is my work, titled A Hidden Place.


Art Walk @ The Rowan
460 S. Spring Street
(at 5th and Spring)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

*Art walk is always free*

*Note about Parking Downtown:
Most streets have free parking (at meters) after 6:00 PM on Thursday Night. You will find that there are quite a lot of people on the street so you may have to pay for parking if you didn’t decided to take the public transportation in or stage your exploration of new art at a local’s loft / parking.

Invite on  facebook:

I hope you can make it.

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge

Scott K Smith / Bolt Barbers™ Barbering Exhibition / Jodi Bonassi @ Rowan Gallery.

IMG_4388I’ve been sent an update two of the other attractions at the Rowan Gallery Space. If you didn’t know it, there is an awesome little barber shop opening up at the Rowan, BOLT Barbers. Information on the new retail tenant and a collaborating artist are below.

This is said to be The Rowan’s LAST night of participating in the art walk as new tenants begin to fill our their retails space. We will miss the Rowan Gallery. It has always been a great attraction of artists and art appreciators. I know personally that in many ways the success of these shows belongs to Joji Dreyfus, the guy who took the reins of an empty space and opened the door for the temporary venue. Hat’s off to you Joji!
(Official Press Release)

Bolt Barbers™ Announces First Barbering Exhibition At The Rowan Gallery, Artwalk Downtown Los Angeles, September 10th, 2009

Founder & Chief Barber of Bolt Barbers™ announces Bolt’s first artwalk exhibition at The Rowan Gallery.  Bolt Barbers has teamed up with artist Jodi Bonassi, to display her award winning barbershop oil paintings at the gallery, located adjacent to the future location of Bolt Barbers at 460 South Spring Street in Los Angeles

Mohawk Matt and his team of Bolt Barbers will be offering guys free haircuts all night within the exhibition space.  Guys will be shorn in one of Bolt’s five vintage Koken President Barber Chairs, dating from the 1950’s. The exhibit including the live barbering will convey not just the look but also the feel of an old school barbershop, something that has gone missing from Downtown Los Angeles until now.

The artwork of Jodi Bonassi conveys the important role barbershops played for men as a social garage.  Jodi was inspired to paint barbershops by her own grandfather, Jacob Feldman, who was a Barber. She recently completed her ninth painting in her Grandpa Jake series,  which will be unveiled at the exhibition. Jodi’s goal is to complete 100 paintings in the series as a tribute to her love for barbers, barbershops, and her own grandfather. The first Grandpa Jake Painting, which was reviewed in The Boston Globe and published in Harpers, was stolen at LAX.  Since then, her Grandpa Jake series has continued to get reviewed and published in articles such as Flavorpill and other noteworthy publications.

The Barbering Exhibition promises to be a memorable evening, enabling visitors not just to see, but also to feel, smell, and experience an authentic real barbershop.  Mark your calendars.  Thursday, September 10th.  The Rowan Gallery.  460 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.  Exhibit hours are from 4pm-10pm.


About Jodi Bonassi

Jodi Bonassi’s work has been reviewed in the Boston Globe, Flavorpill, LA Times, Daily News, and The Chronicle Review.  Other publications include Art and Living, Art Calendar Magazine (cover),Harpers Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine (Ocean Press), 2007 Emerging Artist Calendar and others.  In 2008 and 2009 she received the University Scholars Award for her “CREATE” Program.  This unique community service based art program is targeted for High School students in need of art programs.  She is a dedicated artist whose recent work has merited inclusion in the Alchemy of Art Exhibition juried by esteemed Los Angeles critic, Peter Frank.  Other noted curators who have selected her work in juried gallery exhibits in Los Angeles are Ann Philbin (from the Hammer Museum, gallery 825 Open Show, 2006), Cliff Benjamin ( “Out There”, LAAA, 2008), Bert Green of Bert Green Fine Art (“Out There”, Gallery 825, 2009), and Marc Pachter from the Smithsonian Institute(Best Painting Award, Cambridge Prize Show, 2003.

Her work has been selected for unique depictions of centers for communal exchange, specifically barbershops, malls and cafes.  She has also used recycled materials such as soccer balls, and broken plates or furniture to paint on.  Jodi Bonassi has an extensive exhibition record in regional institutions and galleries and is fiercely committed to her painting career and to teaching. More information is available at

(BOLT BARBERS™ , a Delaware LLC was founded in 2008 by Global Marketing Entrepreneur Matt Berman.   BOLT BARBERS will open its first barbershop in November 2009 at The Rowan Lofts, 460 South Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles. More information is available at




As the name may suggests the work I am presenting at the Downtown Art Walk might be found in a secret location but it is not, directly. A Hidden Place is an exploration of a reflection that I found in the music and meaning of the Album, Vespertine, by Björk.

Vespertine draws its name from evening prayers, or Vespers. (Björk, Vespertine) Listening to the album and reflecting on my own home life, my inner world, and the tiny beats with parlor-like dances in Björk’s music I found a muse.

I present to you “A HIDDEN PLACE”. The interpretation of the work is your own. I found image and movement in the music. These suggested, resonated with aspects of my self and life inspiring creativity and deepening my sense of home, Vespertine parted a veil between what is and what is not seen. Less about objects, more about feeling and flow I introduce to you my little paintings here. My evening prayers.

Art Walk @ The Rowan
460 S. Spring Street
(at 5th and Spring)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

*Art walk is always free*

*Note about Parking Downtown:
Most streets have free parking (at meters) after 6:00 PM on Thursday Night. You will find that there are quite a lot of people on the street so you may have to pay for parking if you didn’t decided to take the public transportation in or stage your exploration of new art at a local’s loft / parking.

Invite on  facebook:

I hope you can make it.

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge

Hi there. Just a short note to remind you that I am participating in the September 10th Art Walk, in Downtown LA on Thursday September 10th.

Rowan Gallery Space
*I’m right in front*

460 S. Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

6-10 pm

Additionally the paintings will be up for 5 days after in the gallery, after the event.

You can link to the event on Facebook at:

The bulk of the work can be seen here or at the facebook site however keep in mind that most of the images are works in progress. I want to save the wow *I hope* for the drop of the final veil.

“ Aurora”

There are just tons of galleries, artists, performers and specials in the Old Bank District on the Art Walk. To learn more about the Art Walk follow this link:

*Art walk is always free*

Be well,

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge


Woot! Just a quick note.

I just spoke with my friend who runs the gallery space at the Rowan and it has been confirmed that I will be in the September 10th Art Walk, Downtown Los Angeles!

“A Hidden Place”
Details and invitations to come.

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge
Scott Lifencompass


Image taken for The Rowan by Laurie Wilson.

Everything runs in orbits, circles, patterns in my life. One of the biggest orbital powers over the last three and a half years has been The Rowan. I started with the sales team as an assistant and moved into a more engaging and responsible position as the years passed.

I entered the building in the begining with a photographer, Felipe Dupouy and observed his phenomenal skill with his camera and the constructive debris of the building; and I walk in now and see Birch flooring, rich accessories and I can feel the old and the new. The 100 year old building, the touch of the designers, architects, and history is woven into modernism. I look at it all and I can say, I am a part of this.

Until now only those closest to me knew that I was a part of this project as I didn’t want to mix my site here, Lifencompass, my passion and my calling, with the Rowan so as not to influence or affect advertising, marketing, sales, blogging, news, etc, but here I am at the tail end, the final complete. I have come full circle and it clicked with a congratulatory email from the developer in which I was reminded that we are the team that helped walk the building out of abandonment and spent the last 1000 or more days of our lives affecting it’s transformation and sale; ultimately it’s habitation… Which is happening now.

It is a heart warming moment in time.

These last few weeks have been a storm of business for me but what I am feeling is “complete”. I see “the buyers” go from Auction Winners and long term interested parties into homeowners. I hand some of them the keys to their home. Three and a half years and the project is complete.

So that’s my big reveal. 🙂

Over the next few months I think there will be an evolution in the Old Bank District with all of these new neighbors coming in. And I am a little smug because I know that there were so many neigh-sayers who wanted to (and some of them were verbosely negative about the project, calling it a “rental” and that it would never sell) see it fail from the minute the economy went south on all of us. As one of the few remaining communities, for sale on the market I can say that I have a little pride. Proud of the developer’s strategy and vision. Proud of the sales team. Proud to have been a part of the continuing story.

I am proud to have been a part of this team and I look forward to what the world has in store for me, with or beyond Downtown Properties (the actual owner/developer of the project). Either way I’m looking forward to a little time to focus on Lifencompass, get back in touch with some friends and hit restart on a few personal goals, all of which have been neglected.

Well, I have an office to run. I hope this finds you well.

Scott K Smith

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“We all have a special responsibility to help create a better world, because material progress alone is clearly insufficient for a happier human society. No one loses, and everyone gains by a shared universal sense of responsibility to this planet and all living things on it.”

-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

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