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Happy Moon-day.

I was fortunate to have a little time this weekend, when not at work or cooking, cleaning, and trying to find a piece of the pie to pull my Tarot in advance. You may not know this but if I don’t get to it midweek I’ve pretty much set myself up to jockeying for time on the weekend. It’s no worry but I don’t like to write under a time crunch.

This week you will notice there are only three cards. Well there are only two but there is a story there, naturally and up until this morning I wasn’t able to really draw on anything else.

The reason there are two strength cards?

Well one was lost! The card on the right has been missing for some time, almost a year and as I put down our significator (The Star) for the reading, the Strength Card came away from the star in my hand. Like a parlor trick the one card became two. Strength! There you are!

Stranger, as I picked up my deck to begin the shuffle as I cut the deck, strength was in my hand.


Place. I left the cards in this order and I went into my weekend with an openness to the message here.

Tarot Weekly March 7-13, 2011

Seek bliss to find bliss. The internal flame that rises like a serpent in the darkness.
~Pgs. 294-295 Strength, Tarot of the Spirit, Pamel Eakins, PH.D.


Joseph Campbell:

Remember the last line [in the novel Babbitt]? “I have never done the thing that I wanted to in all my life.” That is a man who never followed his bliss.

You may have a success in life, but then think of it – what kind of life was it? What good was it – you’ve never done the thing you wanted to do in all your life. I always tell my students, go where your body and soul want to go. When you have the feeling, then stay with it, and don’t let anyone throw you off.

Bill Moyers:

What happens when you follow your bliss?

Joseph Campbell (after pausing):

You come to bliss.

On a walk up in the hills behind the Griffith Park Observatory it came to me how much my eye is drawn to plants. It’s no mystery. I look through my digital photo gallery and no matter where I go, I’m watching, inspecting and mentally dissecting the parts and components of plant life. I imagine how deep the roots must travel and spread. I compare the thought to the branches, stalks, leaves and sometimes flowers.

As early as I can remember I have been surrounded by plants in my  house. I can’t not have them. The more I have the better I feel. It is, however conscious or imagined, my thing. I feel very connected to my green people in the house and out.  They give the air I breath, the food that sustains me, you and everything else, and they make my home feel great.

It is the feeling that brings the strength because these forces of the natural world are what replenished me on the walk. I derive a great sense of peace and strength from the plant world. I base much of my philosophy on trees, roots, blooms. Nature really does sustain me!

In Strength, this week, I would like to see you finding sustenance in your source(s) through activities that bring you to the place where that feeling, the vibration, of your solace is resonating like a song, in every part of your body. Forget the astrology, the details, the minutia and immerse in that at the start of the week.

Let that inner feeling be a wind to your sails, let them be full as you travel forward through the next seven days.

This is my bliss…

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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There is an air of “everything is fine,” but there are elements here that suggest facing some truths or facts of life that you may be trying to dodge or ignore. Pluto’s going to do a little dance with Mercury during the week and this is a message to pay close attention to the details and our surroundings.  White phoenix remains in play, highlighting transformations so the details can illuminate changes, passages, and finer notes on our Journey.

There is some judgement being applied in two facets as the Temperance card holds the center and ask us to bind together elements, maybe even opposites. Higher and body wisdom, inner tug and the news from a meeting. Our hearts call and our lovers words. With the amount of pentacles in the meeting here, and the oppositions and reinforcing cards, I’m going to go with things related to business, money, contracts, projects, construction / building.

Our choices take us through well-worn paths or, when we shift, suddenly open new doors and show opportunities we might not have seen if we had gone the way of before. I’m going to take a little leap here and say it’s an opportunity to combine forces in some way, (Temperance + Three of Pentacles) with an emphasis on projects or constructive gigs.

Be open and aware of a few things:

  • Shared or divergent goals
  • Details of contracts or negotiations
  • Any sort of stipulations on deadlines, criteria for work, etc that we may have overlooked.

Note the Four of Pentacles and watch for your inner “one-way… MY WAY” reactions. You poor thing, you may have to suffer a few alterations to the design, never worry the present asks for  new creativity in our collaborations / contracts and you may find those doors opening in places previously unseen.

Watch for smugness, impassivity, indecision, stubbornness; especially any sort of stalemates or stand offs. These are your red flags. Are you being hard-headed? Do you  need to decide your course? Can you see what is happening beyond your personal perspective?

Be a good goat and pull up the horns, the solution is not found in butting heads. 🙂

– –

Scott K Smith
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Welcome back.

The Sun entered Aquarius and we’re given the boon of the star in this weeks reading. I like these combinations between astrological movements and the cards that come into play during the weekly. It gives me a little smile and expands the trust I have in the universe. There is also a note with Saturn, Retrograde (January 26th), which as the great restrictror is asking for a look at commitments we made to projects and/or goals. Reorganize. Restructure. Revisit and prepare for the next movement forward. This retrograde is is in Libra and that pings a few things for me…

Seeking balance or agreements that feel right for you in relationships. Finding, through the re-visioning or restructuring, a new sense of going ahead with your plans or relations that is not only better put together but also feels snug, correct in an emotional way. It’s as if we look back and see, “AH! That’s what was bugging me about this!” and so we change and it “fits.” Also keep in mind that Saturn is generally in retrograde 1/2 of a year, so look at it this sort of (seeming) backward moving period as part of life. It’s there 50% of the time and just par for the course, the cycle, and the season of living.

I think this Saturn (R) should be interesting as well as the President delivers his State of the Union speech. As you know the President outlines his legislative agenda but we’ve had a few bucks to the system lately. There are a lot of talking heads yammering about right now about what the President should and should not do and say. I wonder if Barak Obama will find the words that “fit” the changes that must be made. Congress serves their constituents, the President serves the people. Let’s hope they work together.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Jan 24-30, 2011

There is a pause before the change. There is a time of stillness before newness. A moment of darkness before birth.

Like any good leader you have to garner the type of mind that knows when to act and when to remain still. Leading does not require constance manning the  helm at all hours of the day, micro-managing is ANNOYING. It’s time for pow wow, not only a meeting but a gathering of strength and coming together to seek the answers that will best serve us as we come to a close on this last years big changes. Retrogrades and reverses, the World reversed for example, do not mean do not do, although they can I think they are generally there for evaluation. To curb our head strong beast and ask us to stop, look, listen.

That the Star appears, and this is in conjunction with the Saturn+Libra, I think we’re finding the perfect time for inner landscaping seeking answers, solace, and even healing, or in my case easing the spiritual passage. I have the great fortune of knowing many readers, intuitive folk (and the like) and drawing on these friendly resources last week I found a common thread of answer for my own Journey. The message of the spiritual re-birth was clear and the pathway opened before me.

From that path, and the reading, I would like to offer a few tips that may ease your passage in this period of observation, fine-tuning, and easing.

  1. Nurture your process with things of beauty, and acts of beauty. You may think of this as spiritually midwifing and seek out the healer within. Baths, massage, a special therapeutic ceremony that offers healing (The Star) can help you. Even energy work for the sake of something like love, joy, healing, or laughter, sensual giving… these are parts of the pattern of nurturing.
  2. Take advice. In the birthing passage it is hard to see anything else but the way out. It’s sometimes hard to feel anything but the birthing pain. These are leading you towards the new life but it is wise to seek outside perspective, especially when you are simultaneously the mother and the child. It can be confusing (I know) but a little common sense from the doctor can make a world of difference in your perspective.
  3. Expand your graces. Seek support  from your spiritual allies who are probably very involved in your changes. Give offerings. I’ve decorated my house in sweet blossoms not only to bask in the fragrance but to symbolically represent the new birth and give up the blooms to the gods and guides who watch over me.

I’m personally in the midst of this process but after I sought assistance and took the necessary steps to make right for my self and my transformation things began to right themselves. A little self-care can go a long way. I bit of insight can expand a limited insight.

Though the King of Swords is here to call action and progress, I must remind each general that they need a bath, a brush, and a cup of tea with an advisor at the end of the day. No one is capable of doing it all themselves.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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What a day!

Just when I thought I  wouldn’t be able to get my info for the reading I found a surprising source of insight from a friend who really helped me to flesh out this weeks draw. Though the conversation was very personal the highlighted information from the Tarot was relevant to the trend of energy.

It is a time to end transitions, endings, change, and finish up old Karmic lessons to make way for new things. Moreover we’re looking at impulses on innovation, movements towards things that bring a little excitement to the routine and questioning how we can take advantage of supporting hidden influences that are pointed at capitalizing on our success in our goals and resolutions for a different and better life.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly jan 10 - 16, 2011

I’m calling this one the procession of days. Dont’ get used to it. I’m never sure how the cards will be pulled until the little nudges and pushes start.

You will note the following cards.

Key: Three of Wands (R)
Monday – Friday pull, the procession of days: Five of Cups (R), Temperance (R), Wheel of Fortune (R), Death (R), Five of Pentacles, Nine of Wands, The Hierophant.

Feel free to lay those out and give them a read. Remember that I’m drawing the trend, applicable / situational “fine-tuning” is in your court. It’s a little hard to read for everyone, when each of us have differing details in our lives.

What we’re looking at here is a message to being receptive to new ideas or direction. Where can you talents, or energies in life best be used? Are you happy with your focus and situation? What is missing? How can things change in the way that would best work for you and your happiness?

At the start of the week watch for emotional low notes that can carry over and lead you to lose your inner balance. If not yourself, because you are a cosmic surfer and can ride these waves, you may see it in those around you as the week progresses.

There is a detail indicator on Tuesday which for me, with the Temperance there can be an “either /or” situation. To much focus, or not enough. I say “either / or” because (naturally) we have to look at each personal situation individually. Not all are in the same space. So the question is, are you riding the wave or crashing beneath it. In balance the details of important transactions (monetary or emotional) can add value or give credit where credit is due for you; if you are in the midst of the crashing wave and “out of balance” this can be a signal that you should probably check the focus or the range you may be swinging back and forth between the balance point because you’re out of whack; and because you’re whack is out, you are not seeing things from the proper perspective of your own betterment and well being. Operative word for what we are looking for, balance point: Where is it, are you in it?

Two signs of change are upon s in this reading, Death and The Wheel of fortune but they are both inverted. What are the details of the last few months that have been transition themed and are you seated in a place where endings and new beginnings, or renewal, are the focus. With the Wheel I’m seeing a return of the same karmic cycle. Same relationship problems. Same gripes. Same. Same. Same, BUT with now being the time to shift the internal low gear vibrations to a lighter or less dense level of stuck to change. A change of luck?

This is also interesting because Mercury is entering Capricorn on Thursday until February 4th, which is emphasizing details, structure and our place within it. Newness can be captured in innovation that can further our own happiness and success.

What is it you are trying to change / transition, and why has it gone through the lengthy process it has? Have you reached the point where the truth of what you are experiencing, what you want, and where you can change have been distilled to the point of new purpose?

Wednesday morning there is an early and notable charge of energy from Uranus, that can affect your attitude and your zap to charge your attitude to put you in the right direction.

The energy then shifts after the mid-week and I think if we have taken these initiatives there are opportunities for monetary gain, or benefit physically from productivity that we put into our goals and the will power continues to thrive towards transitioning out of the old way and into the new. End week is an assertion of will under the guise of The Hierophant, bringing down those “spiritual” energies and grounding them in the physical.

What better day, eh? Mars enters Aquarius in the afternoon bringing the fire into the consciousness, stirring our original impulse, allowing for break through and sudden illumination.

I love how the cards align…

Anyway, thank you for reading, hope to see you next week.

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith
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Silly me, I just realized I was on vacation. In my mind I was thinking I still had a week to go but in fact, I’m free of all mundane obligations to my real estate position. That leaves time for other things and I would love to devote some of that time to folks who were in need of some healing or face time for guidance, Essential Oils, or what not.

Please contact me if you are in or going to be around the area. I will be gone for the actual “Christmas Holiday” DAY but pretty much home-centric for the rest of the month, including New Years which I will spend with my lovely friends at Santee Court.

Send me an email or give a poke or gab on facebook and I’ll respond as soon as humanly possible.

Hoping you have weathered this retrograde and the holiday’s.

– –

I hope this finds you well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass


Welcome back to the weekly.

I gotta tell you this one took a bit to cast. The tiles felt strange to me all weekend as I sat with them again and again. There are, IMO, two good reasons for that. (1) if you remember I had posted a “low post week” because of some Shadow Work, well that was not as easy as I had thought; but once into the processess, not as hard as I had imagined it would be. (2) I began to embody a bit of the reading as I watched it unfold for me.

I take my connection with the Tarot Keys as a process of synthesis and attunement. I take in the vibration of the energy that I comes through and then form a lens of sensitivity: looking for the connections and integrating the experience to form the details and reading.

Tarot Weekly

Found this bit on two significant cards in this weeks reading. I say significant because the significator / central card is the Five of Swords followed by Key XV: The Devil in the position of Earth / North indicating our physical, or monetary pursuits. Is “the Devil in the details?”

Excerpt from Vision Works by Keen:

“The Five of Swords is related to two Major Arcana cards: The Hierophant (card #5) and The Devil (card #15). In many ways, the Five of Swords is the perfect combination of both. The Hierophant sticks to the established way of doing things with no regard to whether or not they are offensive, as his actions are protected by the reputation of the larger order. The Devil is the card representing a pursuit of pleasure no matter what the cost. The Five of Swords submits to the status quo for gain or acts on behalf of individual desire from a position of unchecked power. When either of these cards appears in a reading with the Five of Swords, you are in for a greater isolation from responsibility, but the inevitable consequences of your selfish ways are adding up even faster. Slow down your pursuit of power.”

Entire Description found here.

Personally I feel a sense of importance around our pursuits and the purity of the drive to accomplish those goals. Now, by “purity” I’m not eluding to any set of particular moral values, justt your own. I felt “Devil in the Details” which can be good or bad, just so long as we recognize the message in “the inevitable consequences of your selfish ways (personal pursuits) are adding up…” Again, depending on how we use (or are used) by this influence, this could be a positive or negative to personal growth / motivations.

In the the position of Will and Passion we have the Page of Pentacles (R), and that feels like a weakness. Lack of motivation to actually pursue the desires could be in favor, or averse, to the the direction the 5-Cups and Key XV are pointing.

Personally I found it almost to be laziness about an idea, to the point of lethargy, and/or so much talk, contemplating, emotional experience without action in relationship to our drive to actually move. I imagine one who just goes on  and on about a problem, issues, project, etc but doesn’t really seem to get much done except milking the emotional moment by yacking, and not packing it up and getting it going.

Minor segue here, a mental  notation that  says, the excess we could be speaking may come across in food and drink, and as this is an example of that sort of glut that can lead to clouding ideas, you might want to follow the focus of your aims and see where your balance point is between action and inaction, drive and idea, and where there is harmony or conflict there.

Also remember that we’re in the tail end of Venus Retrograde, which moves from Scorpio into Libra. That was a soft highlight that said “Libra in Venus is being in love with love.” Careful of your defense of any protected ideas, dreams, fantasy’s or ideas that may be illusions about love and relating this week, at least until Venus moves direct again with Jupiter (expansion and opportunity) around Saturday.

*Again, Page of Pentacles (R), insufficient planning, laziness, unrealistic or  ill-applied sense of passion, and impossible values (aka “childish”).

The spread is sort of shelved between two court cards as the King of Wands (R), stands in the doorway of emotions and the currents of energy for the spread. The King is pointing to the source of disruption: insecurity. Inflated self-importance. Ego (covering fear). The weakness of a Page of Wands (R) on one end and an emotionally quibbling King on the other.

Emotionally this could be a affirming of the original message, about excesses, ok, but I also feel drawn to the image of the king inverted and and the torch in the hand of the Devil both pointed towards the earth / physical pursuits or focuses on exterior glam rather than interior illumination. The warning of being tethered to our things, money, discretionary spending (i.e. not needed but only desired), and use of power to assert dominance, recognition, etc for the sake of vanity, fear, desire.

I’m not particularly happy with the combination.

10 of Cups in the South says our minds are totally elsewhere and this is what led to me suggest impractical or unrealistic ideas. The card symbolizes Joy but pared with the Devil, it is a LACK of Joy. “Joyless pursuits.”

Watch the aims for power as the mind seems to be the below to Key VX’s above.

The supporting card is the Nine of Pentacles, and another which we’ll get to. The wealth (monetary, energetic, etc) we acquire is secure from steady sources, our survival needs are stabilized with exercises in self-control, discipline. It is more than just the objects, the money, at the Nine of Pentacles we have come to a place where we realize the value of the what we have and the means with which we have acquired it. The power, intelligence, skill, and resources used wisely to create the estate, the garden that the figure in the nine of cups stands in.

We are miss-directed when our focus is on the objects, the results that we think are of value to ourselves holistically, which is found in the recognition of all parts that were necessary to come to where we are. Not just our drive, or power to want to complete, succeed, but the temperance to sustain that fire, the wisdom in knowing how it is used and where it is conserved.

More than anything else, I think it is learning to move through the world as with the grace of the Nine of Pentacles, iconic of this inner wealth.

The Moon is waxing, I’m thinking about applying the level of inner abundance through the light of La Luna Buena to make some Jupiter expanding, Venus forward, juicy, manifestation.

Which brings me to the final card: White Shell Woman. I thought I would change things up this week with a different influence… I follow my intuition.

White Shell Woman | Susan Seddon Boulet

This card is here for meditative purposes and feel free (as is my way) to exclude it if you do not resonate with the message. “All things around me are restored in beauty”.

I invite you to explore the myth:

“Well, White Shell woman gazed about.
With moccasins of white shell, their borders embroidered with black she gazed about.
Her shoe laces of white shell she gazed about.
Her leggings of white shell she gazed about.
Her legging pendants of white shell she gazed about.
Her skirt of white shell she gazed about.
Her belt of white shell she gazed about.
Her shirt of white shell she gazed about.
Her face of white shell she gazed about.
Her mind of white shell she gazed about.
Her soft feather of white shell she gazed about.
Having on the crown of her head a bluebird with a white stripe across its mouth and a nice voice.
Having long life and good fortune she gazed about.
Good fortune ahead of her.
Good fortune behind her she gazed about.
Good fortune below her she gazed about.
Good fortune all around her she gazed about.
Good fortune proceeding from her mouth she gazed about.”

~ The entire story can be found at Sacred Texts.

Have a good week.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Greetings travelers. I’m excited to say that we got some rain in Los Angeles. I was beginning to feel like a raison. Seems like a lot of things have been on the wait list as well, last week the issue raised was of potential delays in projects or plans, via the star and some opposing cards.

The week the story progresses.

Tarot Weekly

Strength comes into aspect this week with some strange detail cards. The compass of our journey spins the stars are illuminated from a new perspective, over the ocean and across a new vista we see a maiden and a lion. Near the woman, taming beast, we see two aces, pentacles and cups, both in reverse. These are mirrored by the two of wands (R), and four of cups.

Hind, or the deer, returns to us again. One week in, one week out, and now back. She is our animal guide or living energy that teaches us to handle our urges and the situation with gentleness, grace, beauty.

Getting ahead of myself, let’s see how these cards feel together.


The way forward is to lead with love, it may be tough love, it may be “killing them with kindness” but the way to carry on now is by exerting some control over your re-action to snap, bully, control, or growl and swipe. Bad kitty, no!

Lead the way forward from the heart.

When we bring the energy of anger or aggression up to the heart center we balance and take the animal gut reaction up to the human level.

Ace fo Pentacles (R) is asking us about what it is we are not doing to manifest what we want. Are you dedicated to making your will fruit to reward? This could also augur a loss of what you thought was a sure thing. A job, a financial opportunity, a monetary gain of some sort. Don’t play yourself by banking on outcomes that haven’t come to fruition. Wait for the pay out.

Ace of Cups (R) says, buck up kid, life isn’t all sunshine and lollipops, and you need to accept that the bad is as valid as the good, you sometimes don’t get what you want but, grow up, deal with it. Lying around and crying about your problems and blaming the world for your current situation. You NEED change.

Water is fluid, fluid is liquid, it flows to new places, takes on new forms depending on where it is carried. The current vessel for your fulfillment seems to be inadequate, otherwise you’d be feeling something else. Wouldn’t you?

Something to think about.

If you haven’t taken the time to get centered on your guiding star (last week) and come to understand, FEEL, you next move, the Two of Wands (R) is here to remind you of that important lesson. It’s nice when these little reminders come up, otherwise you may lose the opportunity in the moment.

“The door will come but once, do not hesitate” comes to mind. It’s from one of my favorite series of books ever, The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan (RIP). Your momentum in relations to your goals, desires, and dreams is based on your focus, enthusiasm, and dedication to manifesting your dreams into reality.

It takes courage, conviction, and even risk. Putting ourselves in new situations that we do not know the temperature of. We are learning. This is life. Are you learning from the right experience or is it, the experience you are in, reminding you to find your passion again? Balance and on point, or goal lost from sight?

Which leads up to the other card (aspect) the Four of Cups. I quote:

“When you encounter the Four of Cups there is a sense that it is time for a re-evaluation of your situation and a need to look deep within your own psyche to find understanding.

You need to re-evaluate things. If you are bored or dissatisfied with the status quo, avoid distractions and examine your heart of hearts to gain clarity. “Crying over spilt milk” or saying, “I told you so” is not attractive.

The Four of Cups means disappointment in someone or in a situation. You may become tired of the same old struggle that has been carried on too long in the past. The end result may include disappointment in the final result.”

~Biddy Tarot

Well, when the message comes the invisible seems to really bang down the meaning for us. 1-2-3-4.

If you are self-absorbed, you tend to refer everything back to yourself – your own interests and desires. On this card, we see a man who is unaware of the cup being offered to him. He misses this gift because he’s turned within. In readings, the Four of Cups can indicate that you are wrapped up for the moment in your own world.

In some situations, you must focus on yourself. When life is too stressful, you need to devote time and energy to yourself or you will feel swamped. The Four of Cups can represent a positive period of self-reflection and renewal. By taking the time to go within to dream, muse and reflect, you restore your emotional balance.”

~Learn Tarot

The Deer is our little helper this week. I think she is saying to handle our self with a little gentleness and love. She becomes the lions keeper, feminine, matching that of the woman in the card. So great is her dedication to love that she can even calm the beast through her otherworldly power.

Subtleness. Have you ever watched deer coming out at dawn or dusk? Quiet. Graceful. They move with a quiet grace, ever vigilant, silent. They come out in the in-between time, dusk and enter the night. The deer return at dawn to the forest, grasses, and hidden places, always mindful of the beasts of the land. Deer can become prey.

The Druid Animal Oracle mentions a special connection the Otherworld and the Faery Folk, indicating that there is magick (new perception and exploration) to be had in these times. She’s been to us now once before.

My experience in the last week has been to see a dream crash (friend) and the later “aaack” because of it. That crash has to be recovered or we let the experience become defeat. Dont’ let the negative crush your dream, as my friend Astrid likes to say, “it can take a thousand rejection letters before your writing gets accepted”. The Star has told us, the dream is real, it can happen. Do not lose hope, do not let these times take you down, and if they do pick yourself back up, collect yourself, and look deeper.

What’s next for you? Anything is possible. Get back in touch with original vision. Take these notes and apply them to your dreams. What do they say for you and your goals in life? Begin there and find your answers.

– –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Happy Moon-day. I hope this posting finds you well. If you’re in Southern California like me, please avoid the heat. It is one hell of a hot day.

Tarot Weekly

The Start, Four of Wands (R), Ace of Wands, Nine of Swords, Knight of Pentacles (R)… and Dog. *pant pant*

A few words floated around in meditation this morning, and a random morning encounter with a friend brought another, on a walking meditation you have to be aware of these things. The words were: Sophia and Kismet

Sophia being the divine feminine spirit, wisdom, and awakening to greater love… The energy of creation at the level of the heart, or crown. Kismet, or the will of Shai, Gods will but I get the sneaking suspicion that Kismet is more related to Ma’at, or she who moves the heavens, the stars, and the forces of The Universe.

I’m thinking that this week we are better served to seek the answer outside of our view. Do not draw on our personal well of knowledge, seek new vision first. To be open to enlightenment about our ideas about healing, resolution, and well our overall well-being.

We may want a positive experience, but it may not seem so uplifting at the moment. The Star (below) does not herald instant results.

The Star

The Star returns to us after some time to us and I feel that this is in perfect timing with the challenges that the Chariot and other astrological obstacles of late. (See the Tarot Weekly thread).

In my mind it’s a bit like someone who is held in a room. Four walls, carvings etched there, reliefs of various events that he or she is addressing. The stones have been solid, the issues writ, the response the same, and we do not pass out of the room. Suddenly the stonework becomes transparent and for an instant we see beyond it, our hands pass through the stone like clouds, the challenges of reality lift to the mental level, the mind can address them in abstract, our situation changes, we are not bound the room of stones.

Again, The Star does herald victory, but it’s not immediate, it’s the knowledge that a soul-felt success is coming. Maybe because in this we can see beyond the immediate and into the long-term, or at least the opportunity to pierce the present perspective.

Supporting Cards

Four of Wands (R) represents the limits of our view (of our situation). The house is on its head and we think that this is the way that we live. Relax it up, see where we need to allow for some breathing room and expand our minds with that breath.

I relax my body. I relax my mind. I relax my emotions. I relax my soul. Now, what do you see? Check in with you and find out.

Ace of Wands illuminates the thrust of passion, with respects to the Four of Wands (R), I believe it may show that the drive may be misdirected and thus the need for the break to collect one self. The energy is there for a reason, it is passion without purpose yet. Calm, collect, review, then see where you need place your energy. You may very well find a better way more in line with your real creative / innovative self.

Nine of Swords is a reminder to not let the doubts keep you up at night. This is the little demon that’s keeping you from the expanded place where you have the heaven’s view. The one that kept you in walls, the little beast that’s been niggling at you to fear, worry, mentally struggle. It’s in direct opposition to the message of the star. Dreams could be very revealing.

The Knight of Pentacles (R) then is the Knight of our fears. This could also be representative of someone who is adding to, or convincing you of the worried state of mind.

Connect to our angels, guides, gods, higher power, spirits, of inspiration. Soften (Sophia) to their message. See the bigger picture (Kismet) and find what these broader movements mean to you and your current state of internal affairs.

Connect to sustaining support systems, your vital affairs such as work, home, income, and see if they are being handled with care, planning, responsibility, and love.

(Careful of the guy that says there is nothing to worry about and that they have everything under control… Your concern could actually be telling you something. He’s probably fooling you).

Animal Ally

Dog (R). Love. Loyalty. Guardian. Protection. Gatekeeper in many traditions.

The Fool is followed by the dog, who is that little dog down there at his foot, yapping at the seeker? Is the pooch there to guard against the fall? Guardians of gateways into mystery, the dog is allowing us to see through the crack in the universe at this time. He is leading us to insight so his power can be used for good or ill. The mind is the director of the vision, if we’re hell-bent of fear, doubt, narrowed ideas, worry, then the ever-loyal dog will illuminate our truths through these denser paths.

*UPDATE: Just realized it’s National Dog Week. How appropriate.*

From the Aeclectic Tarot

“On the bleak landscape where the Tower stood, the Fool sits, empty, despairing. He hoped to find himself on this spiritual journey, but now he feels he’s lost everything, even himself. Sitting on the cold stones, he gazes up at the night sky wondering what’s left. And that is when he notices, nearby, a beautiful girl with two water urns. As he watches, she kneels by a pool of water illuminated with reflected starlight. She empties the urns, one into the pool, one onto the thirsty ground.

“What are you doing,” he asks her. She looks up at him, her eyes twinkling like stars. “I am refilling this pool, so that those who are thirsty may drink, and I am also watering the earth so that, come spring, the seeds will grow,” she tells him. And then she adds, “Come. Drink.” The Fool comes to kneel with her by the pool and drink. The water tastes wonderful, like liquid starlight. “I can see you are sad,” the girl continues, “and I know why. But you must remember that you have not lost all. Knowledge, possibilities, and hope, you still have all of these. Like stars, they can lead you to a new future.” Even as she says this, she began to fade away, like dew, vanishing. All that remains is a gleam that was at the center of her forehead. This rises up and up, until it settles in the night sky as a shining star. “Follow your star,” the woman’s voice seems to sing from that light, “and have hope.” The Fool takes in a breath and rises. It is a dark night, a desolate land. But for the first time, he has a guiding light to show him the way. Distant as it is, it heals his heart, and restores his faith.”

I hope this finds you well.

– –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Things to think about this week: Full Moon Aries, and the Autumn Equinox.

With La Luna Buena, very full in Aries there is an umph! for spontaneous combustion. I found a particularly great little write-up at

When the Moon is full in Aries, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Libra.

Aries is a cardinal sign, making it about instigating, activating and launching the new. Aries is a fire sign, with an emphasis on being animated, high-spirited, enthusiastic and eager to act.

Full Moon in Aries: trusting your instincts; the passion of compassion; vigorous warrior energies; the animation that comes from meeting a challenge head-on; fresh starts; courageous actions; risking confrontation to be authentic; forceful self-expression; the purifying fire of unsentimental truth; taking a stand; being at the edge of new experience; personal charisma.

This Full Moon illuminates: the vital power of the individual — think David and Goliath; your courage to act on the strength of your convictions; your willingness to go it alone, if necessary, to take a stand; the catharsis of being true to yourself; the rewards of going beyond your comfort zone; the thrill of acting on impulse; the exciting heat of friction between strong personalities; your impetuous side.


It’s a Good Time to: celebrate individual freedom and your right to live free; nurture hope in new beginnings; be inspired by the urgency of the times; take action, even if you’re full of fear; act on strong intuitive hunches; face a threat directly; allow buried passions to emerge and find expression; honor the messages that guide your unique destiny; act on true desires, not what you think you “should” do; take a bold step toward what you really, really want; do what makes you feel alive!

Sounds very much like it fits in with the message of The Fool there, right?

The Autumn Equinox has arrived as well. Equal day. Equal night. In the Northern Hemisphere we honor the change of the season amidst a Libran point of balance, noting that we will begin to grow dark and cool. Days will shorten, nights grow longer. Leaving Summer, finding Fall. Turning to colder months… well I’m in LA that would be a blessing. I’d like some rain and storm!

These two events take place this week, in the midst of our weekly. Thursday is the Equinox, Friday is the Full Moon. These are incredibly magickal times to be had, yet I don’t trust the power of the Fool at face value, he’s blocked. The message could  conflict with the Aries push through the lunar cycle and the balancing power of the Autumn Equinox, if the message in whole is not heard.

A Fool, couple of swords, three cups (R), for coins, 9 wands (R), and a wolf.

I know a few folks that have written me about the Tarot Weekly… I can’t say I know everyone that reads these posts but I appreciate your feedback, support, and encouragement. It isn’t always such a lovely reading but it is a reading none-the-less from a source that asks, what is the trending energy?

Let’s take a look…

Tarot Weekly

The Fool, foppish, flops into our spread this week. “It’s time!” He says, “Let’s begin our adventure. Would you rather be there?” pointing at some distant vantage point where everything looks much better than where we are. Where are we? Blocked, grounded, held in place.

Are you allowing yourself to open? It feels like the opportunity for new things, a change of pace, a new scene or relationship to explore but something may be blocking you. What is your feeling telling you? Your intuition? Your gut? How do you feel about the person you are with and those that are around you? Can you trust them? Are you not trusting them for a reason? Are you the reason that you are shutting someone out?

The Fool and the Two of Swords are asking a question, are you blocking yourself from an experience connecting with another? There are swords across your heart. Your eyes have been blinded, are you staring in at a memory, reliving that pain or are you embracing the moment.

She could also say, why are you of two minds about this, is there a reason you hesitate? What is the reason fear or necessity?

Three of Cups (R) -the Threesome Card- is next and this strongly suggest that someone is directly affecting your intimate / love relationship (status?). This could be a couple of things but most likely through gossip or just really shallow behavior.

Suss out your emotional state. FEEL your feelings. Where are they telling you to concentrate? How did you come to have them? Where should you be focused?

This could also be the temptation to indulge in damaging behaviors, excess drinking, drugs, bad habits, or letting in the wrong folks at this time. These are masking habits that people sometimes use to cover their feelings or the truth of about themselves.

Watch the gossip but be mindful that you are making the choices here (The Fool). Now is the time to be conscious of your choices in intimate situations, who you trust with what / or your lack of ability to trust at this time. The crossing of the heart and blindfold can pair with this card and ask us questions about our consciousness in the moment with those we love, and those we trust.

Four of Pentacles says “selfishness” and “egotism”. “I want”, “It’s for ME”, “don’t touch. MINE”. Generally childlike behavior and personally, kind of gross.

What are you trying to preserve? What status are you trying to sustain? Of course the card can say that there could be some material gain coming your way… but with the shape of the cards as they are, I’m feeling that this is about love, intimacy, and trust. Again.

The last of the Tarot this week is the Nine of Wands (R). Now we are asked directly, why are you holding yourself back? The fool says forward yet you guard your heart, you hold onto the present and want things to change, you lose the energy, the thrust of new, by building up your defense.

This is not inspiring. I ask, is this even a strength at this time?

The long and short of it seems to be:

You want to move forward because you feel the need for change, want change, or otherwise are in a growth period but your blocking yourself, defending your emotional nature, and the question to ask is: Why? What does it serve? What does it protect? How are you fulfilling your intuition to be happy / satisfied? Are you focused on the right things, people, and method of operating?

In my own life I see this playing out in three scenarios, personally. Suddenly people I know to be gossips were highlighted. The change I’ve felt in my relationship (positive) was illuminated with a big cosmic highlighter and I want to make a note of that as well. We change as human beings and in a relationship whatever the dynamic, if it is a relationship based on trust, love, and companionship, we grow and change together. Not always at the same time but if we have established that trust then we have support, a sounding board, and a partner in our time of growth. We explore together. I did not have resistance to this, as marked by the cards.

However in the last week two things happened to show where this resistance is playing out within my own life, on another level and it came with two gifts. One was a pair of stones from my friend Nancy Stenn, one piece of Pyrite and Rhodocrosite that grew together quite nicely in the earth and the other was a gorgeously dark piece of Heulandite. These relate to the heart, and I’ll get to that.

Pyrite is a power stone, related to Leo (that’s my sign) and has also been thought to be a healers stone. I’m a healer. 🙂 It can be used to harmonize dualities, left and right, and we approach a time of balance, the Autumn Equinox. The heart is a center for Alchemy, brining together forces and finding harmony between them.

Rhodocrosite is another stone of love and balance. It helps to align the various bodies. Another harmonic stone, pink, related to the heart or peace center. It also has a Leonian connection.

Heulandite in its green form also connects to the heart chakra, and the earth energies. Among other things it helps in times of change.

When I opened the box that contained these stones I instantly felt a cloud lift from my heart.

Later last week I also had some time to get a massage from a wonderful friend by the name of Bryan. He did some work on my back and ribs, I had some blocks and locks that needed to be addressed. At the end of the massge my Hara line lit up like line of fire, igniting each chakra from crown to root, clearing up some of those blocks. Bryan is an amazing body therapist, lots of love, and that second gift again hit on the issues at hand.

But the issues for me were not with my physical relationships but with my spirit relationships. I ask myself, how and why am I defending against greater connection to my spirit allies? Why was I so ungrounded with this newness and how do I begin to ease into greater communication and relating.

This can be the relationship that is in question as well.

Anyway… Thank you for tuning in again. I hope this finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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The Tarot of the Spirit is my all time favorite decks, the bonus is that the literature that accompanies the Tarot is as full of wisdom as the deck has the ability to unlock within us. I really have benefited from these Tarot images, and the lessons form the Tarot of The spirit… even if I originally left the book reading until the meditation / journey was complete.

These are selected excerpts from my weekly reading that I thought you might gain from.

Here are a few snippets from my reading.

Earth Sister

“So, our question is:  What structures, systems, practices will better accommodate the Heart’s Desire?  Based on the first card, the answer is more of a practice:  to stay Alive, Awake, and Balanced—moment by moment—knowing, absolutely, without a doubt, you are guided (you are not alone) especially when the sea (the world within and around you) is turbulent.”

“What you put into the world will return to you and yet it will be in a transformed state.  That is because we cannot control all the variables in the world.  What you put forth is an intention and a practice.  For example, if you want Love to come to you, become a walking Lover of the World and Love will flow back to you, perhaps not exactly in the state you imagined, but nonetheless Love will come.  If you want Art, immerse in Art daily, and Art will come alive within and all around you.  If you want money, focus on creating just that.  If you engage in your Heart’s Desire, your Heart’s Desire will come alive.  The challenge is to Open your Eyes wider to see that the Miracle is Occurring or that the Miracle has Occurred—because it may not always come in a shape or form we recognize in the first instant.”

Temperance calls you to come alive in the Now, about making continual minute adjustments to keep your balance intact.  In a sense you will always have one foot in the light and one foot in the dark.  This is what life, itself, for humans, on this planet is all about.  It is about learning how to walk and then walking in directions that are worthwhile.  No one can tell you what is worthwhile for you.  Only you know that because you are totally unique.  You are unique and wonderful and you are meant to be here—Right Here, Right Now.  You belong here, in this moment.  This is the perfect place to be and to begin.

Thus, when it comes to the question of what structure, system, or pattern to put in place, set your intention on your own direction, trust your guidance, LIVE your PATH, and make small adjustments in every single moment to retain your balance.  Thus will you create the “room” in which your Heart’s Desire can thrive.

Wishing you Extreme Gratitude this week.”

If you are interested in the Tarot of the Spirit, Pamela Eakins or her upcoming classes in Half Moon Bay, or alternatively online, please visit her site:

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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