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Hello hello.

I’m very sorry for the late post, but I’ve had a very busy and full day… and this isn’t my full time job, however much I would like for it to be. No really, pay me and I will make it so. *wink*

Any-ho-ho here’s the bits from the reading and a few updates. They all interrelate, you know how I like to draw lines.

First the Conscious Life Expo (post conference) with Hank Wesselman.

As I read The Bowl of Light and get better acquainted with him and the story I am moved to comment and support his work and path. You can read the review here, at Lifencompass. I love this book.

Yesterday was no exception to my enjoyment, or my exploration. Hank is lovingly multifaceted, humorous, intelligent, detailed, wise, and learned. I sat in the presence of an elder and I came away better for it. First for knowing that his work rings truth and second that he is, really, a walker between worlds. There was a distinctive twinkle in his eyes that communicated the light of what he represents and teaches. We’re lucky to have him, and people like him, in the world today. He sees into you, he looks at you from the heart. A Shaman.

After the seminar, and some Journey Work to the drum: forgiveness. Healing. Compassion. My friend K and I took some time to catch up and talk about events in the world. Most specifically the recent changes and the quickened, or compact, nature of the latests shifts. (See end of last year through present).

I have to reference this week, last weeks reading:

The spirit addresses us in those who command the physical. Men or women who are rulers in their own right, leaders, kings, emperors, politicians, officials. The light shines through them, their message or the message around them. This is significant in that their decisions are affecting our environment, the physical and social realms that we operate within. The mother.

We are rulers in our own right. Do not let persuasive power move you. Keep your wit and your strength, by claiming your own choices (destiny) and going the direction that feels right for your own growth, practice, or period of life.

This flows with and through a pervasive sense of rising waters as the energy shifts in the subtle, that are chaning consciousness. It is as if the flavor of things have changed and we are all experiencing it. Some of us on a conscious level, others simply living through it.

This week the catalyst has been sent to us. The cracks in the world of last weeks reading have been set to motion, as the Tower places center in our weekly spread.

Tarot Weekly Feb 14-20, 2011

Tarot Weekly

I would like to have this song playing but the music The House that Jack Built playing as you read the weekly, but I couldn’t find a quality version online.

This is the house that Jack built, y’all
Remember this house!

This was the land that he worked by hand
The was the dream of an upright man
This was the room that was filled with love
This was a love that I was proud of
This was a life of a love I planned
Of a love and a life we loved
Of the house that Jack built.
Remember this house!

There was the fence that held our love,
There was the gate that he walked out of
This is the heart that is turned to stone
This was the house, but it ain’t no home
This is the love that I once had
In a dream that I thought was love,
This is the house that Jack built,
I’m gonn’ remember this house!

Oh-ohh wha-a-at’s the use of crying?
Because I brought it on myself
There’s no denying
But it see-e-ee-ems awful funny
That I didn’t understand
Was it a house of an upright man

~Aretha Franklkin

The call this week is for authenticity. To speak from the place of power that has been defined by ourself, within ourself, and in the world and relationships. Our dear Queen of Swords has appeared again in reverse. Though normally she is the direct speaker, often received as harsh, her words are now split or subtle. This tells me that our words can be misinterpreted or that observing the inner dialogue will reveal motivations or paths that can lead us to our goals without direct intervention or confrontation.

These are mental games to watch for in yourself. In either realm, especially the energetic, keep your poise and balance by maintaining grace and authenticity. Be moved by your choices and not the choices of others…

The next two cards ask questions about our changes. What are you holding on? Why are you holding on to it?  What are your choices? What feels right in the heart and makes sense? The heart is not the leader but one of our voices, the conversation must include the head for discernment and practicality. Meaning that you can spend a lot of time over analyzing but, hello *poke* this is the tower, it’s burning. Time to move folks.

Change is upon you but the power to deflect what can feel like a strike at you is yours. Authenticity requires that we are absolutely truthful with ourself about ourself, our motives, wants, and needs. Act from a place of light and awareness. That very thing lessens any connection to human dramas that may evolve from this change. Be above it (spiritual) and within it (grounded and present), let your honesty shine.

Change is now. It is irrevocable as a cycle completes a final turn and begins to close. The time for planning and negotiating, deciding direction and picking opportunities is past. The Tower burns, meaning that the structure is indeed hashed, the end is now.

The Eight of Cups Reversed….

“The reversed Eight of Cups suggests that you may be feeling confused about where your best options lie. Part of you wants to explore new horizons and possibilities, but another part of you fears that in doing so, you’ll miss out on what your current circumstances have to offer.

The Eight of Cups reversed also represents knowing when to walk away from a situation that is ultimately not working for you.” ~Biddy Tarot

“In a reversed position, the Eight of Cups often indicates struggles concerning separation or moving on. There may be on over attachment to one’s past. In some cases, the Eight of Cups can indicate co-dependency or fear of being alone. There may be a reluctance to mature or grow up. Although you may feel dissatisfied, your fears are preventing you from moving on.” ~Tarot Readings online.

The fear there to be watched for is “giving up the dream,” because it could feel like you are walking away from your path. The reality is that only you can abandon that dream. Situations do not force you away from it, they only offer alternative directions is our intentions are set on the path and the goal.

The path can hardly be called a straight line from point A to point B. There are twists and turns.

I see that moment in the movie Labyrinth where a young Jennifer Connelly, as Sarah is entering the labyrinth. A little catarpillar tries to direct her through what appears to be a solid wall. No going forward, no way in, but it is an illusion. She passes through the the wall and see’s two new directions.

Unfortunately Sarah doesn’t heed the advice of her little ally and she takes a left or right path, when she could have walked right up to the tower of the Goblin King and skipped the whole dam labyrinth. Isn’t that the fools quest…

My intuition points at this: quiet your tongue about your goal and ambition, much like spell-craft it can be knocked off course by psychic interfearence. (Often unitentional). Keep that to yourself or only with those who have your goal in mind and support it, unequivocally. The end of a period related to structures in your life has come.  Do not fall into despair, walk hidden paths, seek the exit from the structure which is crumbling around you. This is a physical structure as in a job or home situation, things built on agreements with other people.

Say goodbye to that House that Jack Built, use the challenges you have at the moment to strengthen your inner fire; and protect that flame, veil it.

The support you may need can come from high and/or low. The presence of the White Phoenix lends aid from the upper realms as spiritual transformation, mirroring what happens at the soul level. As above so below.

And below… Yes there is a pink stone, a rhodochrosite on a matrix of pyrite. This is both protection (pyrite) and energizing and related to the heart (rhodochrosite) helping to circulate the energy of love, compassion, alchemy, and transformation.

Times can seem trying, tough, but if we keep faith in our abilities, self-determination, and instincts while lending trust to the forces that seek our betterment both physically and spiritually we can overcome anything and evolve into something greater.

Know. Will. Dare. Keep silent. And give offerings of thanks for those that assist you.

– –

Scott K Smith
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Welcome back.

We are in the retrograde period of Mercury, until the 30th of December. I’ve posted a heads up, and a new thought on boy Mercury. Things to consider.

Now let us begin the weekly…

Tarot Weekly Dec. 13-19

Judgement is the theme. I’m continuing with the integrative growth theme, from last weeks reading, as it feels to be “the time” for this to take effect. Decisions from last week, appear again with the Two of Pentacles. This was a six shuffle, three split spread and he still popped his little head into the reading. For me this highlights the conclusions about whatever ideas or issues may have surfaced in the last week that we have felt the inner pull to complete, pursue, or otherwise follow. Last week was deciding, this week is moving forward.

What is the new way? Can you find the path of light? This is the way we must walk, this is the direction we must follow. Lead from the heart, guide with the head, trust your connection to your higher power.

Judgment sensitizes the integration, making it keen, stressing the importance of bringing all parts together to a common cause or purpose. We should not be divided and if we find that we are then we should take a moment to regroup and find common focus. This can be seen in group dynamics (job, friends, etc) but that highlight should be on integration of your idea, not being pulled by many different stresses in many different directions. It is time to reel in your thoughts, bring back the focus to the self and swallow the fear. What brings us together within?

Note we haven’t seen the 20th Key, Judgement, up until now. This is something that should be observed.

The Queen in reverse then represents those who would take down our ideas. She who cuts. The Underminer. This can be aspect of the self that spells defeating ideas, thoughts, feelings, but can also be a woman who represents the same things in your life. The two are related because she is working directly with your shadow (doubt, fear) and obligingly responding to that voice. Wisdom would be creating some distance between you and her but insight would say that the perspective should be on the self since we are in a Mercury Retrograde and what is being communicated under the surface on the subtle level may be indicative of the area where growth is needed.

Maybe even a little bit of self love to a truly needy part of who we are. 🙂

Watch out for a whiff of “the Judge”. We’re not talking about laying down the law here. We are talking about unification under a higher calling or greater idea, gathering all parts and leading forward in a new direction, the right way. That forward movement may not happen immediately but we are wise to prepare before that time comes.

I may have a few more things on this topic as the week continues some small suggestions would be:

  • Higher Self meditations (Holy Guardian Angel, Master Work).
  • Starting the day with chanting, vibrational work for peaceful unification.
  • Loving. Loving the Mother energies. Encouraging the mothering instinct.
  • Glow. Shine.

– –

I hope this finds you well,

Scott K Smith

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Traditional Greek-Orthodox Byzantine icon in canonical iconographic style.



Feels like things shifted course a few degrees doesn’t it?

I think it’s because it’s time to move some things… or better said, righting some things from the last month, specifically the lessons of the Chariot.

Tarot Weekly

The Chariot returns and we are flipping him around so his wheels and the beasts are on the ground once again. Curiously he or she is framed by two court cards, representatives of the two powers (the Sphinx’s) both in reverse: Queen of Wands and the King of Pentacles.

Below the Chariot is the Seven of Pentacles, a note to self.

I’ve also added a helping spirit card, the Merlin. A Hawk from the animal kingdom, for more insight.

So where do we begin here?

First we are  mindful that we are in the flurry of many retrogrades, that we have covered and do not need to redress again. Read back over earlier posts to get the full width and breadth of their influences in recent weeks.

Hawk (Merlin) possesses incisive vision, guile, and powers of trickery and persuasion. He or she is crafty, magickal, swift. Merlin is asking that we choose now to focus in and complete plans, ideas, adjustments that need to be made before we let loose and take action.

It’s not yet time to loose our birds and snatch at the moment. Soon. Soon the time comes when we can launch but it’s not just yet. Mercury is in retrograde and I would seriously consider the ramifications of any actions that we take and intend to set in stone (pentacles) because “transactions” / transfer’s of energy could be jeopardized by the inward focused energy. This is good, planning helps, conserving until the moment is right to catch the planetary push of energy that comes when a retrograde completes.

Imagine that energy funneling inward, spiraling into subjects that we’ve been working with. Swirling about and preparing for the turn of the spiral in, that time when the funnel reverses. We can ride that out with new ideas or fresh perspective and use the tide to come out of cycles. Freeing us for new things.

The Chariot is mastery, and the card is asking about command. There has been suggestions that the people who are reflecting parts of our self are now mirroring the potential for that shift. I’m not talking about shifting these people but your self. There is the possibility that what you could mirror back to them would cause a transformation, and I get that as a heavy possibility if you are in a place of personal awareness that the lessons you receive from your own journey could be quite therapeutic, but don’t expect the change in others. Find it in yourself. The card is in the righted place, but again remember that we have turned the card in the upward direction to show the potential being grounded. An event that is soon to happen but may not have happened yet.

The Charioteer is both mastering the pillars and passing through them, so in a sense there is a note about the teaching of the Priestess. Penetrating the mysteries of the self and the universe, channeling the polar into one being. Upper and lower, mother and father, or the two court cards that are before us. The assertive nature of the Chariot is at the pinnacle for our own passage through. Taking command of our self and topping the hills we may feel we have trudged up.

Queen of Swords (R) is there to cut through the masks that we project, and show the authentic self. The inner you that has worked up and out. This could be heavy-handed, sharp, especially when paired with the Merlin. Your insights could be “cutting”. Her reflection could be an insightful woman in your life who doesn’t hold any punches. She’s nice but serious. Laughs at the reality. She has no illusions about things and can sometimes come off harsh. There is love there within the Queen of Swords but she just doesn’t have time to play around with your bullshit.

Be mindful of your own process and intuitions but equally conscious of how you deliver them. Watch for narrow or extreme views.

The King of Pentacles (R) is then coming in rather conservatively but this is a good thing. These two rulers are working well in their own realm and the King of Pentacles has the skill and know-how to bank on the future. He’s steady, plotting, think of a boss who has a long vision of a company’s future and who, what, where it will go. He can plan it all out.

Manage your material affairs.

Think about the long road, the bigger picture, and how what you are doing now can be steps towards a future. Be practical, grounded, steady. Watch for resistance to change, allowing something flawed to continue because “you can manage it”. Also check for “by any means necessary” attitudes, spend now, do now, start now.

Conserve, again, for the right moment. It’s coming.

We leave the Seven of Pentacles for last, revisiting us from the week of the 24th.

He or she is asking us to take a moment and asses our situation, what is needed, if anything? What direction are we going. Does our life reflect our inner compass? What space are we acting from? How does it feel?  We are at a crossroads and the Seven of Pentacles is begging the question, are you in line with your goal and or vision of where you should be.

Is there two big of a gap between the life imagined and the life lived? Sevens are not final numbers in fact they represent that moment of contemplation as what we know is deepened through reflection, again affirming that this isn’t a time of endings but reflecting.

It seems to me that we’re being asked to wait, physically, and move mentally/magickally. Sit still and journey.

Gather your notes, your journals, and all things related. Lay them out on a board, blog it, bring it together and see what the bigger picture has been. Where have you been obsessive, overly focused? Where have you been lax? What does your bank account look like?  If you want to launch something new then you will need to plan out these things and have the funds to make it happen. Ventures require planning.

Get it together. Pull it together. Cut through the BS. Plan ahead and keep a sharp eye out for the right moment to act.

Grow with the flow.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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