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Alright. I promised to post something that I was making for the book review but to be honest, I am waiting for the layers of the painting to dry and there are some other details that cannot be rushed. I will post the final dream circle painting as soon as she is ready, until then you will have to wait.

If you are just joining me in these posts you can catch up on the chapter-by-chapter book review of Awakening to the spirit world through these posts:

Chapter 6: Dreams

I can remember when the world of dreams and the waking world was a liminal space, blurred and connected between waking and rest. I can still remember many vivid dreams where I remained lucid in the dream world, then waking I would be looking for clues and items from the dream.

A common dream was about lizards and/or snakes. Keep in mind that I was a big animal buff when I was little and my great-grandfather had a wealth of literature at his house that kept me enthralled for hours. National Geographic, encyclopedic volumes about particular species, his library was extensive. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to dream of them when I had been so influenced by the natural world early on.

In the dream of reptiles I was seeking and finding them. Could have been Blue Belly’s, or Garter Snakes, but I would be hunting and catching them, awake while I dreamed. I was certain that if I caught them while I was in the dreaming place I could wake up and have them. As soon as I put my hands on the little critters I would wake myself up and hope that I still had them. Of course I didn’t catch them but I didn’t know it at the time. If my mother had peeked into my room on those nights when I dreamed of reptiles she might have found me tearing apart my bedroom looking for the little scaly creatures, certain they had been transported between the realms in my hands, coat, and pockets.

The dreaming took me in many ways.

I can recall playing with friends, I must have been about seven, and suddenly realizing that we were in fact dreaming, “RIGHT NOW!” I would say. “Feel it! We’re dreaming!”

The sensation would come and go, but suddenly I could become eclipsed by the dream, while I was waking, I wanted desperately for everyone to wake up in it. Like I felt I was.

As time went on I became a very vivid dreamer. Naturally I was told that dreams were not real, that they were products of my mind, and that I shouldn’t take them so seriously. After a time, with the exception of night visions of flying, traveling to hidden worlds and other dimensions, and the horrific nightmare, I slowly began to wean away from the dream world… until my early teenage years, about the time I met my friend Kat, and that wasn’t without an event. 🙂

Kat and I spoke of dreams often. Where my dreams felt vivid, her’s were Technicolor fantasy’s and flights into the incredible butt (Kat correct me if I’m wrong) the real leaping off point for us was a shared dream.

During my teenage years I would dream of a little house. The house was usually in some far away place out in the country, stark on a plain. Sometimes I would find it in a neighborhood. The house at the end of a street. Other times the house appeared in the most random place and I would be drawn in through the door, unable to stop myself from entering.

An old woman lived in the house. Gray hair tucked up in a bun, draped in a slim, conservative, and usually dark button dress. It reminds me now of something worn around the turn of the century. The woman appeared kindly but once the door closed the dream became nightmare. The little two-story house would become an infinite mansion of rooms, many of them requiring puzzles solved or monsters fought or fled from.

One night within the first year of knowing Kat, I again met the house. This dream was particularly vivid and violent. The old woman went from a looming figure to a physically abusive tyrant. The dream was significant because Kat was with me in the house.

When I woke, showered and got out the door into the summer, I went to Kat’s house. She lived close and we spent almost every waking hour together, I had to tell her the dream because it seemed somehow significant. When I got to Kat’s house she was just waking. Bruised, beaten, sore, as I had dreamed.

Apparently, as WE had dreamed.

Yes it is true, we had shared the dream of the house and the old woman who lived there amid the doors, the rooms, the nightmare. .

Our friendship threaded with many shared dreams. As our amazement tempered as our experiences grew in many ways but these types of shared encounters, and dreams of things to come, would wind in and around our lives. The significance of the dream world, already heady with the fantasy became a new dimension of exploration. A dimension that in turn wove back paths of insight into our waking life.

Interesting how that happens.

So I’m reading the chapter on dreams in Awakening to Shamanism, and of course there is a gushing well of memory pulling up all sorts of things, like I’ve mentioned above, but a few things strike me from the chapter. I’m not here to spoil the fun of the book and so I don’t  want to give away too much. Anyway I read up to a statement about an ancient worldview: Waking or sleeping, we are dreaming in the same dream.

Basically what I found there in the book is repeating what I suspected when I was young. Yes, much like the child “me”, I wanted to say, “We’re dreaming RIGHT NOW!” to people around me. I want to vocalize the feeling because I’ve got that long forgotten awareness of being awake at a dreaming level. Dreaming at a wakened level.

There are also suggestions for the Shamanic path, ways to enter the dream, to dream lucid, to understand the meaning and messages of the dream we dream.

I took one of the suggestions and for two nights I dreamt the “healing dream”, which meant that I actually fell into a deep, deep sleep. I slept so soundly that I cannot remember the real healing dream!

The last exercise I wanted to try with the chapter review was the dream circle. A portal we make to enter the dream world, safely. I am still working on the portal, as I write this to you now the painting is soaking up some essential oil blends for safety, expanded awareness, sacredness, and restful sleep. There is even a bit of Selenite part of one of the two circles in the canvas!

I am going to have to ask you to wait for that piece. It’s going to take a bit more time to complete.

Until then…

I hope you will join me for the journey.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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So I’m in the midst of a brainstorm about a craft item that I want to construct from Awakening to Shamanism and, typical me, I’m also starting in on the third leg of my re-dedication, The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft, (TOSW) by Christopher Penczak.

I had thought that I would begin the Living Temple Work but the inner tug and recent events have caused me to feel otherwise. Over the last two and a half years of re-view and study through the Temple of Witchcraft instruction I have found valuable facets of myself. In a sense the re-dedication has been a journey of reclamation, picking up pieces of myself and bringing them back into the organic whole. Skipping a leg of the journey, regardless if I’ve been told that I could, feels like I’d be missing a valuable piece of information.

And I have to thank the book review for that. Awakening to Shamanism has provided me with some good recall and awakening.

Last night after dinner, while I was hanging out with B and Trixie, I read through another chapter in the TOSW. I found a bit by Christopher in Chapter three that struck a button. One of those internal dings that compass-like, magnetically turns us in the right direction.

“The Tribe I most identify with is the global tribe. The term “global village” has been used a lot lately, referring to our advances in global communication and hopefully stimulate a sense of global rather than factional identity. The New Age we are slowly entering is referred to as the Age of Aquarius. Aquarian energy is marked by a sense of universal brotherhood/sisterhood, a sense of global humanity and social consciousness. Aquarius teaches us at the highest level that we are all in it together, not just all people, but all ife on this planet and beyond.

I work to serve the global tribe. Many of us do. Some find their identity in social, political, economic, or environmental causes. I have found my calling at this time in my lie on a mystical level, by helping raise the mass consciousness of all people on the planet. One of the best ways we can all do this is by raising our own consciousness. The more we heal as individuals, taking care of our own issues, angers, fears and inner conflicts, the more we heal the entire world.”

Buddha: Shaka || Meditation (Mudra).

Between the two books I’ve been merging he ideas of Witch and Modern Shaman together. As noted (I’m paraphrasing) in the beginning of TOSW, Shamanism has become a general term for many practices with common themes. There are Shamans in every culture, they are mystics, medicine people, healers, witches, tribal spiritual functionaries all throughout time and history.

The Buddha (Above) is one of my directional guardians. I didn’t choose him but met him in a journey into one of the directional portals: The Watchtower of the South, the realm of air, thought, truth, and word.

At the time I me the Buddha in my magickal journey’s I wasn’t at the level of thinking-to-connecting that the Buddha represents the enlightened Buddhic nature in each of us and that sitting in the Southern Elemental Gateway has almost cheeky. Mind | South | Air | Enlightenment. Der for me. 🙂

Today the significance is poetic.


So I’m working through the final chapters of Awakening to Shamanism, and preparing for the third leg of my magickal re-dedication journey through the lessons and guideposts in the Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft.

I hope you will join me for the journey.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Wednesday’s are becoming a favorite day for me as I’m working from home and able to handle most requests from the desk, often with Trixie at my side. After morning meditation today, and the drawing of the daily I had a notion, you know the one, that sudden insight that colors everything inside you. Funny, because the card I pulled for the day was The Star.

Yesterday another book review arrived. I am more than happy to read and / or listen to good material and this one is. I received another book from Sandra  Ingerman, entitled Awakening to the Spirit World, the book comes with a CD inside the back cover. The publisher also generously sent me the Shamanic Meditations CD companion as well. *Grin*

Now I have to say that I’ve been reading and doing a lot of this type of craft for most of my life starting around 13 with a friend, a magickal tranny aunt who pointed the way, and a book shoppe owner who made the mystical world available to us. That little Occult shoppe was called Mystic Gems. In 23 years of meditation, reading, exploring, mystical experiences, laughs and some duds, I’ve changed a lot. It is through true works of word and art that this type of growth occurs. I mean to say there is a plethora of material out there that is “burn this incense, use this candle, say these words”, or “listen to this drum. Dance like so. Honor the tree” is an understatement. These are also accompanied by a meditation exercise and a standardized A-B-C method that can be used like a fill in the blank and have a vision type of stuff that really doesn’t do anything for you unless you have established some roots in the how of having a mystical experience.

I’m not knocking the basics, the A-B-C’s, trust me, they are invaluable… when they are explained, known, practiced, and they become ingrained in our magickal psyche as methods to unlock deeper experiences.

What I did when I was 20 is not the same as I do now, at 36. There has been change in my perception of myself and the world, and in turn the material that I find in books, music, art, nature and the world. It’s different because I am different, and I am different because I made the commitment to myself to know myself and how I operate, and through that doorway how I interact with the world on a metaphysical level.

Anyway, I think I’m rambling here but going back to this morning. I do have a purpose other than my long boring history for writing this entry today at the Journey.

Over the last week, as I’ve reset and de-stressed from the office situation, there has been this niggling feeling of “setting things right”. I called it the stand, it’s the previous post. It’s more than that for me, in the sense that once I start moving forward from that place of poise within myself, I find that I’d like to change a few things. Starting with how I present the insights I receive. Why I want to share them. What inspired me and how I think that they should have practical application.

You’re so excited to be learning with me. 🙂 LOL

Anyway, um, I opened the envelope this morning and drew out Awakening to the Spirit World, Sandra Ingerman, with CD. I set it to the side of my creative space / altar and did my daily. That involves contemplation of the four directions to center myself, a brief meditation on my personal divinities, and a moment of gratitude while I ask for the daily message. As I said, I pulled the star, that was the start of my post.

The book sort of jumped out at me. Magnetic. Technicolor. Vibrating. Call it what you will, I flipped open to random page to get a taste of what I was about to read. You know I really didn’t even know that there was a “Society for Shamanic Practitioners“? I’m investigating that a bit later. What I pulled out was directly related to what I was seeking to apply, practice, or “walk”. It was in a word mentioned round the similarities in to the Bull of India and the Buffalo that Black Elk spoke of. The term was “primordial spirituality”.

Juicy word right? Makes me smell the loam of the earth, fern, redwood, mist. I feel like runes will fall out of my hands and land, jangling with bones, bits of feather, shells, other totemic items into a pattern of meaning. That my dreams will be filled with Raven, Wolf, Fox, and Snake as ancestors speak in spell and circle while I take my underworld journey.

I was thinking practical right? Well yes. I am. These nature spirits and earthy items are poetic of my own earthy journey, what I imagine that brings me closest to the earth, it’s spirit, my spirit, and the Great Spirit of life. The furrowing of hair when we touch, the smell of sweat as we dance, the air of incense wafting in smoke. The pounding of heart, blood, passion. The call of birds, the light of stars, the sun, moon, and elements. Practically they open the natural intelligence for me, my “intuition” but they also directly relate me to the embodied experience and why we “burn this incense, use this candle, say these words”. The why that is important once we are in the mystical space.

Anyway I am sure that this post is loads of fun for you. Know that I’m heading back to the drawing board on a few projects, crafts and items for the “craft” area currently under construction and I plan, with whole heart, to dig deep into this new book Awakening to the Spirit World. I’ll set a date if you want to pick up a copy and read along with me.

The official book announcement is posted, as received is on the Journey, I wanted to add a bit to it so I wrote this, second entry.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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