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In keeping with the trend of forecasting energetic trends, I bring you an excerpt from Michelle Karen’s blog.

Look for:


We are blessed with a Solar Eclipse on Tuesday January 3 at 1:03 AM at 13º39′ Capricorn.

This degree is represented in the Sabian Symbols by the following image: “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture”. Eclipses are always days of intensified energy which shift our lives permanently to a whole new level of experience and consciousness. Everything done/said on an eclipse day tends to be final. No matter what happens, we should take extra care in remaining positive and loving. This particular eclipse asks us to re-evaluate our goals and ambitions, as well as our place in society. We may want to simplify our immediate reality. As more and more of the knowledge carried within from past/parallel civilizations remember itself within us, the more wisdom and power we exude. An important time to remember who we really are in our divinity and where we come from in an expanded concept of reality.

Saturn turns retrograde on Tuesday January 25

3′ Libra. This degree is symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by: “Two men placed under arrest”. A time to seriously question the duties, responsibilities and obligations our conditioning has made us blindly accept. Even if this means that we could become vastly misunderstood. The more we awaken to our personal power, the truer to ourselves we become, the less tolerant we may be toward structures that have lost their meaning to us. It is a time to reach personal mastery and be clear in our hearts on what rules we truly want to follow and why. On the road to enlightenment we have to follow as much as we can, the dictates of our inner truth.

via January 2011 : Michelle Karen Books, Astrology – A Special Tool for Personal Empowerment.

What I don’t see mentioned here are the great words from her email, which I found quite helpful. Here are some excerpts as well.


As this new year 2011 starts, we are truly being projected into the unknown. In the Mayan Calendar, this one-before-last year is our last chance to clear our karma. This is why everything is coming to a head in such a violent way, forcing us to face the consequences of our actions,  but most profoundly, look at our thoughts/images, our feelings and the realities they create in our external world.

This Solar Eclipse talks about the need to find passion in our lives, fully commit ourselves to our spiritual growth, to projects that make us soar, as well as to a deep relationship -first to ourselves in the marriage of the masculine and the feminine within- and then to another whom we have a strong soul bond with. We are seeking nothing less than true intimacy with a person with whom we are of matching power and can relate to in body, mind, soul and spirit. This position is also likely to reveal what is keeping us from true love, what false/limiting/limited beliefs we still hold on to that prevent us from experiencing the joys of shared love. It is a time to dwell profoundly into the thoughts we have surrounding relationships and sexuality. Unexpected fortuitous events involving friends, the pursuit of educational, humanitarian or spiritual interests support us in realizing dreams and visions we’ve held for a long time for a deep personal relationship.

It also requires of us to see our own beauty, own our personal power and stand in our passion.

We could be led to creating new adventurous streams of income that require that we take certain risks in expanding our skills.

Limitations could be felt in our domestic circumstances, somewhat stifling the scope of our actions. But if we remain mindful that the change we want to see in the world first needs to occur in our own perception, then those blocks will automatically disappear and we’ll truly become the masters of our destiny. Making our home a sanctuary to bring the sacred into our daily lives could become important.

On a professional level these were / are important foot notes. I thought it would be beneficial to you to share them. Do with them as you will.

Where ever this finds you, I hope you are having a lovely new year.

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

Hello again. Happy MOON-day! I bring you this weeks casting of the Tarot Cards.

Tarot Weekly

Death (R) + Magician (pointing at) Nine of Cups (R), Seven of Pentacles, and Page of Wands (R). Not that there the Arcana of the week is the little Death -so called because it’s in reverse. The Magician was just standing around on the side, and so part of the drawing. He’s pointing to the significance of what we can use in the three Minor Arcana cards that accompany the energy this week.

It’s not yet over… Any frustration that you may have been having over the last few weeks may remain. There is an end in site but it appears that you are not quite completing the cycle. In a work situation this could be the continuance of a project or job that you had thought was done. It’s not. In love and relating you may find that the same issue  has come up again and the results were the same.

They are the same because we have not changed and that is the message of Death in reverse.

Frustrating situations drag on and on. I’ve read that you may not be able to move forward on these issues until you finish old business, which appear to be “over and over again scenarios” in your relationships. Same fight. Same-o, same-o. In short it is unfinished business.

There is the glimmer of a new beginning but only just there, a different path to take down the road of how we use our power / energy in our interaction with this never-ending story.

As I said the Magician is here, one hand pointing at the Rattle (literally) and the other pointing down to the three Minor Arcana cards this week. He, our Magician, is asking us to apply our magickal/spiritual thinking and practice to our thoughts about the situation(s) at hand: Those that don’t seem to end.

How have we fallen into an unconscious interaction with this person, or people, that are part of the revolving karma? If we could generate the audacity to change, to act consciously rather than falling into the same fight, how would we have manifested and grounded a different outcome? You can’t be a sleeper in these situations of change otherwise the moment passes by while you’re counting sheep.

Nine of Cups (R) pops in to tell me that there is a rise of disappointment that things do not change. This is an indicator of our challenge to the self. Note that this message of change has come up for the last few weeks. As we moved into the Mercury Retrograde, in the sign of Virgo, how could we not find an opportunity to explore the finer points of change and growth? Virgo’s see the details.

There is an unfulfilled feeling surfacing in the scenario and knit picking the details wont hash it out any more if you are going round-and-round int he same scenario. You have come at it from every angle, please look at it from the standpoint that you could be wrong in your approach. Maybe it’s time to strike out on your own and create the you that you desire and see what sort of difference that makes?

Above all contemplate your ideas about your actions and desires for manifestation at this time. We’re in a retrograde, retrogrades tell me “inner journey” not outer.

The Seven of Pentacles pops in next and affirms the last statements. He or she is asking us to take a moment and asses our situation, what is needed, if anything? What direction are we going. Does our life reflect our inner compass? What space are we acting from? How does it feel?  We are at a crossroads and the Seven of Pentacles is begging the question, are you in line with your goal and or vision of where you should be.

Is there two big of a gap between the life imagined and the life lived? Sevens are not final numbers in fact they represent that moment of contemplation as what we know is deepened through reflection, again affirming that this isn’t a time of endings but reflecting.

Page of Wands (R) can have to do with self image which further leads me to believe this energy is all about our own personal change. There is a possibility that the Page of Wands (R) is someone who is bullying you with temper, I keep reading mean spirited, or using the lame leg to cry “victim” to tether you to a dependency situation where they can get what they want by playing the wounded one.

Get centered bring up the Page of Wands in your minds eye or place the card before you. Extend your senses out to the card, feel the resonating vibration of the Page. Cast your minds eye out and carry the resonance with you, seek the source. Is it someone in your life or is it your own self-image that is playing the power role to get what it wants?

That brings me back to the beginning. If we are the cause of the ever-repeating karma, then its’ up to use to realize that the master of the wagon (Chariot) is you. Take command of the journey by giving yourself a lesson in change: It’s starts with us.


Full Moon in Pisces

Michelle Karen writes about the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces between Tuesday 8/24 at 7:11 AM and Thursday 8/26 at 7:48 PM:

Great for meditating, sitting by the ocean, anything related to the sacred, dancing, painting, swimming, dreaming, music, photography, film, sleeping, channeling, connecting with the mystical, the magic and the oneness of all that is…

She also notes the continuing retrogrades, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury. You can view that list of retrogrades, times, dates and potential influences to be mindful of here.

Take that into meditation if it resonates with you. I pay attention to those planetary motions.

I hope this weekly finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Hello. Happy Moon-day.

The new moon was on Sunday, in Cancer, coupled with another Solar Eclipse. I received an eblast from her site, part of the message is below.

Solar Eclipse Message

Image Courtesy of

“Sunday, July 11 at 12:40 PM PDT, there is a major Solar Eclipse! Eclipses are always important turning points/stepping stones into a whole new level of reality, but this one brings unprecedented changes. It is truly about clear endings and exciting new beginnings.

We could have felt pretty spacey in the past few days, forgetting major appointments, having our head in a completely different place than what was required of us to keep our lives on track, we could have experienced body pains and headaches and alternatively increased and lowered energy levels… We were just already in tune with the huge shift of consciousness that is taking the planet by storm.

Our generosity towards others increases. We could be attracted to a whole new group of friends. We are more idealistic and committed to global humanitarian causes. Great fortune is likely to occur. Any endeavor related to corporate money, educational or religious institutions is beneficial. The sudden healing of an illness or an emotional situation that has been creating much grief, could unexpectedly occur as we let go of  deep seated fears and old behavioral patterns that no longer serve us. An unplanned trip could  help us realize long term dreams and completely transform our lives by opening us to a whole new understanding of what is truly important.

It may be interested to remember what happened in our lives around July 11, 1991 and January 9, 2001 when there were eclipses very close to this eclipse at 19º24’ Cancer. What we are now likely to experience is expanding on what happened then.

Love features prominently in this chart. We seek a relationship in which there is a strong soul connection. We could also find ourselves in emotional situations that bring to the surface very strong feelings enabling us to see our wounds and giving us the chance to heal them. We need passion and inspiration and as we learn to balance romance and personal power, we experience the inner marriage of the feminine and the masculine within us, a joining of the Sun and the Earth inside our own being which in turn makes us radiate more light and joy.

~Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Watch the Solar Eclipse here.


I want to add an addendum with the moon on that one too. Moon was new in Cancer and naturally is transiting the week through the zodiac but I’m feeling emotional (Cancer), dramatic (Leo), and picky/critical (Virgo).  We may have moved out of the moon and its Cancerian phase but I think that the energies of the new moon can have a resonating effect (strongly) for three days after the event. Considering it was a solar eclipse… I’m thinking maybe that we should consider this emotional and creative energy of Cancer and it’s effect on not only our Sun sign but its lunar path through Leo and Virgo.

In short, I would urge you to feel your emotional self out a little bit and through the emotional intelligence work with that directive you perceive on one of three things: Love, creativity, or domestic issues (home, cleaning, organizing, decorating). Don’t get picky with your friends, partners, associates, family members and remember the moon is transiting Leo before moving to Virgo. Do not be a drama queen.

Tarot Weekly

The Sun in Reverse is our card for the week. There is a subtleness to this light, like the late sun in the Northern Hemisphere, bluish in the evening, lacking some of the warmth that we may feel from it as it sets late in the evening. We’re not focusing on the setting sun, but the light of that sun in its late stage of the day. There is a similarity in the energy moving through for us at this time, a hint to take some of this emotional energy from the new moon and note with our senses (intuitive / emotional) the light that still remains, focused specifically on matters we were attempting to get a handle on last week (Uranus, ‘restlessness, dissatisfaction’, with the Chariot’s answers). There was a call to take charge of a potential run-away-cart and assert some balance between the inner and outer worlds while the universal energies attempted to stir up some change.

Yeah, fun.

There is resonance of that at work, still. Last weeks pull is shining through in whatever balance that you achieved for yourself. The message may be, as of yet, unrefined, or simple and we may want to dwell on details that we should experience, or be working out creatively “in process” and not mentally, or in abstract.

The Sun (R) is then empowered by two cards, Ace of Cups, and Nine of Pentacles (R).

The emotional / intuitive “attunement” to the message of the Sun (R), highlighted by the Ace of Cups. It’s not quite mature but the impulse is there to follow it and if heeded, the subtle light will become more refined. There is also a note about the word used, attunement. This is a chosen word for the lighter realm energy coming through on the wane, there is a special call for healers now and you may find, if you tune into this light, that there will be a few tweaks and adjustments to some of your work. Again, feel it emotionally, not mentally, allow your watery body to vibrate with this subtle transmission and the real inner answer will become clear.

Center at your heart.

This is no time for laziness or think to our self that we can “get to this later”. If you mastered the message from the Chariot, the electro-pop that Uranus gave us, then this should only be a matter of a little self-discipline. Get centered. Tune in. Listen. Vibrate. Carry on. Any sense of security that we may feel is missing, will be eclipsed by the inner work you do. On a very minor note, while you are in meditation, ask if there are any people in your life who appears attached to you that could be suckling at the teat of your inactivity. I’m not saying they are “bad folks” but it may behoove you to seek some answer that will allow you to shift the dynamic of your relationship into a more active, healthy, connection that will serve you both. I recommend stepping off the dramatic “black or white” attitude / edge and look at things from the refined light, how can I improve this relationship?


Whatever form of meditation that you use, get centered, get relaxed, and go within. When you have achieved your deepened state it may be helpful to integrate some of the following images into your attunement.

  • The Sun low on the horizon. A blue-white, almost snowy ground, sparse, windy. The air is cool, the sun is warm when it touches you. Though it is present, it is distant. The sky is clear, inviting.
  • Clearly there are images and shapes manifesting in the light around the sun, in the sky which is so clear. They are emanating from the sun’s light and become clear, when you feel them, on the blue of the sky. You cannot make them out but by feeling the shapes, the lines, the contours, the memory and emotion you evoke, they become clear.
  • Focus on the feeling, after the dance and play of images focus solely on the sun small in the sky of blue. Blue like water, sun like white fire, a beautiful tapestry of images that contain the message for you in the sky. Feel the water in your body tune to that center in the sky, feel the messages you are receiving become emotionally clear.

Contemplate this message first. You may feel an urge to suddenly work on someone else but do not. Generally speaking this is a pull inward and then outward. If after you have emotionally settled on the energy and found your cusp of comfort in this transmission and the information that it stirs within you, then you may find that administering that inner light to others around Wednesday – end of week, to those who are truly in need will fit into the grander design of feeling and attunement.

This is when our inner talents can then shine in the path of service.

I hope that this finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Hello. Hello!

I woke up this morning, unsurprisingly, with a lot on my mind. A dream, the Tarot Journey, Tarot Dailies, the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon, and many other things. Where to begin? Coffee, that gets my fingers working and my mind in order.


Well I haven’t written about these in a while but I do have them, honestly. It just didn’t seem to fit into the general flow of the Journey the last year, but last nights imaginings were exceptional for me, standing out with an intensity. I do not recall every detail but I still have the overall story that unfolded behind the eyes.

I was visiting some friends in East Los Angeles for a BBQ. I arrived a bit after the party had started and my friends were already in the sun, drinking, chatting, and having a good time. At some point one of the service providers for the Rowan pulled up to the house and called me to meet him at his car.

Manny (the service provider) was in a tan and white 1980’s soft top Cadillac, idling at the curb with the door open and a few envelopes in his hand. He didn’t speak, he simply gave me the three envelopes, each penned with  a name: Birgit. Kimberly. Scott. Without another word, he drove away.

I went back into the house, which now looks different. A blue and white house. A large tree that has partly preserved the grass, which is patchy, and a white screen door. The house is dark.

Snap. Backyard BBQ again and Birgit and Kim are opening their envelopes. Inside there are some bills and itemized lists of what the payments are for. I open my envelope and there is a WAD of money on the inside, along with a large list. I count out well over a thousand dollars. I show Brandon, we smile, but I keep quiet because it seems that the girls received much less. *Gods I’m selfish. LOL*

(large blank spot between what happens next and I am now somewhere else).

Now I am at a store, feels like Bodega Bay because I’m up on a hill and I can see the ocean. I keep thinking of Hitchcock’s The Birds. Another sky blue building with white trim, this time it is a store. I am shopping with the money that I received from Manny and talking with the owner of the general store, a woman. She is in her late twenties, fond of pulling her blond hair back in a tight twist, and retro-50’s dresses and sweaters.

Two men enter the store. I don’t think they are from around here, like me they are visiting. There is a holiday party or fair in town, people from everywhere come. They are both tall. One is unshaven, very Northern European looking, blond hair and light eyes. Well built. The second has dark hair and he’s about a 1/2 foot shorter, with a decidedly Italian look about him although I think that they are both from the States. They seem threatening.

In moments I am suddenly the woman, and sometimes I am myself, watching. The two men, the blond in particular, try to sexually assault the woman. We, the woman who I am and sometimes myself, fight them off. The blond goes for some sort of weapon or object in his jacket and suddenly I am myself again. I am standing in the store with my Athame, I point it at the two men and I tell them to leave. They laugh at me and then I whistle. The wind begins to howl. They men run out of the store and down the hill towards the center of town and the water. Possibly a car. I continue to whistle and as I do there are voices in the air, they are chanting the names of the men (I have tried but I cannot remember them) and every one is looking at the two as they run away from me. The whistling and the Athame calling the wind, suddenly seems very Scottish. “Whistling up the wind” and all that.

I woke. I was certain that I had actually been whistling this piercing shrill of a sound but Trixie and Brandon were fast asleep.

Interestingly enough, Brandon later asked me about the full moon and I had said, “We could make something happen…” and he replied, “How about a big fat envelope of money. *smile*

Tarot Weekly

Awake with a bit of a headache I freshened up and sat in the creative center for a bit to pull the Daily Tarot. I’m not sure who really follows it. I do get a few comments on the Twitter feed from friends. Well I’m going to move it to a Tarot Weekly. Sunday night / Monday morning drawing of three cards for the week.

I have a huge morning schedule and as I sat with the Tarot this morning the message seemed to shift. The “dailies” were for the people who feel the calling to follow along. The daily isn’t adamant in the message, it is a frame within the context of the tarot and has room for personalization. How does the message of the card resonate with me, you, us? The daily shifting over to the weekly feels like a broader stroke and I want to follow that feeling.

The structure of the weekly will follow the pull of the Major Arcana, grounded in two supporting cards (Minor Arcana), dashed with some Astrological bits and insights. I’m no Astrologer but I follow along with some of the bigger planetary energies.

That said I’m holding back on posting dailies and moving to weeklies!

Today’s entry had to do about finding balance and seeing truth and what is right with someone who is acting out of balance (fire) and can be a charming and self-justifying bully. This can be an aspect of ourself or someone in our life who insists their actions are “right” even though the actions can be well into the realm of the egotistical. IF it is an aspect of self, then it is up to us to step back out of the impassioned state and ask, am I being fair or a fool? If it is the case of another in your life, it might be a choice between speaking up for yourself (with fairness for yourself) or simply understanding that the guy is not going to listen and you should just step away and get back to your worldly calling.

Tarot Journey, Turn the Card… Seven of Cups!

The Lovers played out in this last week. It was a long process with the card but worth the contemplation. I placed the card at the bottom of the deck and turned the next. Progression.

The Seven of Cups has sat on the altar for a few days as I’ve stared at it and allowed the message to bloom in the mind while heading out into my day. This morning, and I think maybe it had something to do with the whistling in the dream, while I was smudging I felt as if there was a fog of thought around me that the energy of the card was lifting and breaking down. A bit like being underwater in a river and suddenly seeing the river landscape beneath the surface. People, conversations, and ideas become like stones and plants, underwater life, and the path of the rivers flow became clear.

Where it leads I do not yet know but the “Insight” (as named in the Tarot of the Spirit) is pulling like the river around me so I will follow.

The thing that really stands out in this is the above mentioned population of thoughts that came to mind when I felt the energy of the card this morning. The question stands, are these transitory? Are these people and thoughts revealed as parts to navigate around, and as I flow by, and say goodbye to? Like water passing around and along on a path to deeper waters?

Are they emotional points of connection? Am I disassociated from emotional connections that I have intellectualized? Insight asks what we are empowering our emotional self with substance or soul. Nectar or wine? Sage or smoke?

One of the people who came into my mind while I resonated with the card has gone through a tremendously emotional period and yesterday, a friend pointed out that they really care for me. Even if I haven’t seen them or connected to them recently.

Things to suss out emotionally. I will keep you posted, it is the Tarot Journey.

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse

Image from CBS News

This full moon has been strong in my mind for several weeks. It feels like an event but I haven’t as of yet meditated on the reason for myself. I have the day to ponder and the night to work with the Goddess and the Lunar energies.

Fortunately I received an email from one of my favorite Astrologers, Michelle Karen:

Dearest Friends

Tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM PDT, at 4º46’ Capricorn is an intense lunar eclipse. Eclipses always mark times of irrevocable change, shifting our lives to a whole new dimension.

This one is particularly unique as it could, through some discomfort, reveal difficult aspects of our lives that need transformation.

Blocks to intimacy and old conditioned emotional reactions could surface, giving us a chance to shift the past and recreate our love relationships in a much more harmonious way.

We could be drawn to either moving or completely remodeling our home. Daily  habits could be understood more clearly and changed as needed.

We become very concerned about what feels right to us. We need to create for ourselves a level of security and inner peace to nurture ourselves and those we cherish. As we become aware of  deeper thoughts and reactions, we give ourselves the chance to free ourselves from the past.

We could make decisions that change our lives a 180º. External events could suddenly and unexpectedly project us on a whole new path. New doors that we never suspected the existence of, could open. New opportunities present themselves to us. We are resolutely leaving what no longer serves us and embracing a much more expanded understanding of our own reality.

Our goals become much more clearly defined. We are able to focus with greater efficiency on what truly matters to us. New ideas could inspire us enabling us to create something new out of seemingly nothing.

We are very concerned about walking our talk. We need to integrate in our ordinary lives the spiritual principles we believe in. As we truly embody the divinity within, great healing for ourselves and the planet can occur.

It is a great idea, to by June 27 at 4:30 AM, create a fire ceremony, even with only a candle if you cannot to a big fire. Write on a piece of paper what you want to release from your life. Once burnt, burn another piece of paper with what we want to bring into your reality and except a miracle as this eclipse will definitely amplify and accelerate whatever needs to shift to a whole new level in your life.

In Loving Light.
Michelle Karén
Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

As I read over this again I think it is right up my alley. TOSW, Water Attunement, Seven of Cups, etc. Anyway. I’ve sat at the desk for a few hours now and I’m off to tend to my relationships, and the day.

Be Luminous!

– – –
Scott K Smith

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Hmm I failed to note the Mercury Retrograde period that we just entered on the 17th.

Remember that the highlighted issues in retrograde, are inner movements: Self review, observation, illumination, understanding, action.



Mercury will turn retrograde between April 17 and May 11, from 12º37’ till 2º41’ Taurus.

We could become quite concerned with financial matters and be more aware than ever of the importance of simplifying our lives. We are likely to go back to the land and reconnect with Nature. A great period to take care of our physical needs, nurture ourselves and focus on the sensuality of being blessed with a body. We are also closer to our emotions and more in tune with our true inner and outer resources.

Saturn continues to be retrograde this whole month between 0º30’ Libra and 28º36’ Virgo.

These three degrees are respectively symbolized in the Sabian Symbols by: “A butterfly preserved and made perfect with a dart through it.”, “Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions.” “A man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he’s reading.” We are reaching profound mastery of ourselves by taping into parallel lifetimes and focusing our energies on enlightenment. If we are to embody perfection, in the little time left till 12.21.2012, it is essential that our priorities are focused on achieving our highest, divine reality.

Pluto turns retrograde on Tuesday April 6 at 5º25’ Capricorn and will remain so until Sep 13.

The image associated with this degree is “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.”. On the path to enlightenment as society and the Earth shift to the next dimension, we could encounter some very dark forces that test our resolve and psychic strength. There is a saying stating that “night is always the darkest before dawn”. We need to exercise compassion, love and forgiveness as we keep our souls’ eyes focused on the divine in ourselves and all beings.

via April 2010 : Michelle Karen Books, Astrology – A Special Tool for Personal Empowerment.

Alright… well Pluto, the recently demoted planet to but a “Dwarf Planet” I have heard is about to counter the 2006 demotion, and stand up for politically correct terminology and equal rights for little planets everywhere. *shrug* in the meantime, it’s going retrograde on our butts and here are what some of the astrologers are saying about the upcoming retrograde period.

Pluto Retrograde 2010 Via Lynn Koiner at Astrological Research:

In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others. The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.

Pluto turns retrograde on Saturday April 4 until September 11, between 3º17’ and 3º08’ Capricorn via Michelle Karen:

This degree is symbolized by “a group of people outfitting a large canoe at the start of a journey by water”. It is important that we impose natural limits upon ourselves and do our best not to “chew more than we can swallow”. This is a time when we need to create healthy boundaries that will help us structure all the new ventures we want to embark upon. Focus, realism and discipline help us see all our projects to the finish line. We should think BIG, yet implement the solid foundation that will support our journey to its victorious conclusion.

~(Also note that there is a big bit on retrogrades and the monthly horoscope at her site now.

And of course I’ve always loved Susan Miller at, you would just need to choose your individual sign and read from there. I guess they have “an app for that” as well… I must investigate. I tend to read Leo and Virgo, since I was born on the cusp. Scary isn’t it. 🙂

I don’t want to set a tone of “Oh terrible Pluto!” because I do believe that all things come to an end, it’s just the idea brought about by some descriptive writes such as anihilation, destruction, break down. The strong sex-death connotation is there as well, Pluto did take Persephone down into the underworld to be his bride and she was the daughter of Zeus, so it get’s a little kinky with the Greek pantheon since that would make Pluto her uncle.

I’m wandering here.

What does a retrograde mean for you? What about a Pluto Retrograde?

Happy Monday eve!


Michelle Karen Book - Michelle Karen, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

If things had been slow until June, July definitely shook all this lethargy up! August continues in the same vein. This is a very intense month that should powerfully shift us into a whole new dimension that makes us feel like we literally reincarnated within this life-time without changing bodies.

One last eclipse in August!

Eclipses always mark exciting turning points beyond which life will never be the same. What is expressed on those dates is irrevocable. We should carefully weigh the consequences of our words and actions around both this last Lunar eclipse.

The Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) at 13º43’ Aquarius (5:55 PM).

The Sabian Symbols describe this degree as “a train entering a tunnel”. The nice thing about a tunnel is that it eventually ends into open space. As we sink into the dark night of the soul, we are also reassured that after the letting go of all the pain and outmoded behaviors, there is the promise of a complete renewal, light and joy. We shall feel so much clearer, ready to welcome incredible new dimensions into our lives, dimensions we may not even be able to suspect right now. Exciting new people, fabulous opportunities, ideas that rock our world and new career options that reawaken our passion are reweaving with magic the fabric of our lives.

Jupiter continues to be retrograde this whole month between 23º49’ and 20º00’ Aquarius.

These 5 degrees are symbolized by “a man having overcome his passions, teaches deep wisdom in terms of his experience”, “a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws”, “a rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth”, “a disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life”, “a large white dove bearing a message”. This month is about brain-storming within ourselves and with each other. New ways of dealing with old problems emerge. The more creative we are with the resources we have, the more amazing options will reveal themselves to us.

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August 2009 : Michelle Karen Books, Astrology – A Special Tool for Personal Empowerment.

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