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The Plane of Ecliptic is illustrated in this C...

The plane of ecliptic

Since timing was one of the notes in this weeks Weekly, I thought I would mention Magickal Timing as part of the Journey this week. I’m not very good at tracking the stars but as I delve into the science of magick I realize how important it has been in the past to know my correspondences.

Taliesin Mcknight illustrates a what I feel are the essentials. I still can’t wrap my head around timing the hour to the planet but that’s why I have an astro-calendar. 😉 Someone’s good at it, I’ll listen to them.

Also, if you read the post, there is a bit about timing on internal influences, which should always be considered.


Tips for Magickal Timing

Author: Taliesin McKnight

Magick is a very ancient science, and one thing that the sages of old have passed on to us is magickal timing. This truly reveals the scientific nature of the craft. Think of the sun, moon, and stars as a great cosmic clock. Everything has its time and place. The Master and founder of Christianity said that there is a time and a season for everything. This certainly is the case with occult science. There are certain cycles in the natural order and certain ebbs and flows exist in the Universe. Therefore, to move with the tides and cycles of nature is to add power to your spells and rituals. To go against these rhythms is to swim against the current, so to speak. Magick may still be effective, but not nearly as much so if done at the appropriate time. There are four main things to consider when doing magick: the cycles of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and the weather. In addition to these there are internal conditions that are important for magick.

There are seven ancient planets recognized by the ancient astrologers and magicians. The seven ancient planets are the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. You may notice that, not only are certain planets omitted, but also some are added that are not even considered planets by modern standards. Nonetheless, these are the astrological forces considered when working magick. The seven ancient planets have been called the “Governors of the World.”

This is because the great cosmic clock is said to affect the destiny of Man, and they hold in their hands the strange and surreal element known as fate. The seven planets rule over the seven days of the week and the planets also rule the hours in the day. The names that we have for the days of the week are derived from: Sunday (Sun day) , Monday (Moon day) , Tuesday (Mars day) , Wednesday (Mercury day) , Thursday (Jupiter day) , Friday (Venus day) , and Saturday (Saturn day) . Thus, when doing a love spell, for example, it would be best to do this on a Friday and during the hour of Venus (more on this in a moment) . Below I have listed the seven planets and their characteristics and correspondences.

via Witchvox Article.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

There is an air of “everything is fine,” but there are elements here that suggest facing some truths or facts of life that you may be trying to dodge or ignore. Pluto’s going to do a little dance with Mercury during the week and this is a message to pay close attention to the details and our surroundings.  White phoenix remains in play, highlighting transformations so the details can illuminate changes, passages, and finer notes on our Journey.

There is some judgement being applied in two facets as the Temperance card holds the center and ask us to bind together elements, maybe even opposites. Higher and body wisdom, inner tug and the news from a meeting. Our hearts call and our lovers words. With the amount of pentacles in the meeting here, and the oppositions and reinforcing cards, I’m going to go with things related to business, money, contracts, projects, construction / building.

Our choices take us through well-worn paths or, when we shift, suddenly open new doors and show opportunities we might not have seen if we had gone the way of before. I’m going to take a little leap here and say it’s an opportunity to combine forces in some way, (Temperance + Three of Pentacles) with an emphasis on projects or constructive gigs.

Be open and aware of a few things:

  • Shared or divergent goals
  • Details of contracts or negotiations
  • Any sort of stipulations on deadlines, criteria for work, etc that we may have overlooked.

Note the Four of Pentacles and watch for your inner “one-way… MY WAY” reactions. You poor thing, you may have to suffer a few alterations to the design, never worry the present asks for  new creativity in our collaborations / contracts and you may find those doors opening in places previously unseen.

Watch for smugness, impassivity, indecision, stubbornness; especially any sort of stalemates or stand offs. These are your red flags. Are you being hard-headed? Do you  need to decide your course? Can you see what is happening beyond your personal perspective?

Be a good goat and pull up the horns, the solution is not found in butting heads. 🙂

– –

Scott K Smith
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Happy Moon-day.

OK so this one is a bit punchy. I’ve had to start and stop a few times.

I’ve spent the morning pulling cards, sipping java, shooing dogs and pouring over forecasts. I like to see the information I receive and find contrasts and comparisons in other channels. Tho I consider many sides I tend to follow the light of my own wisdom and pull in whatever seems to resonate with that message. My intention for each weekly has always been for spiritual growth, evolution even, of the reader with the context of issues and energies that arise. These are drawn from the Tarot.

It has been noted, and this was truly appreciated, that certain cards can combine to mean certain things and I agree with this but as mentioned before, I’m pulling for a wide range: Others, healers, and those who are intending to lift the vibration of those around them. I believe in the principle of spiritual evolution, even if I don’t believe in aspects of many general theories about ascension, etc. Part of the reading is through my lense then and I see that as being a spiritual being, connected, living in the world, of the world (earth), and not waiting to exit it into a better “here after.” I’m concerned with the here and now and our affect in it, learning to grow as an individual and excel in doing better by assisting others.

As you know I don’t always succeed, and so the Journey was born. In part The Journey is a  journal, an honest log my experience, not as some authority but as a demonstration. This for me is living out loud for you to watch and maybe find connection to what comes through. Comparative experience. Being a Leo / Virgo cusp the detail oriented show off get’s a little rise out of that. ha. ha. ha. If you are interested in past Weekly’s, you can find them here at

So, that said, let me begin…

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Jan 31-Feb 06, 2011

There is an initial energy of detail orientation this week, starting with a need to explain or massage out your message. Follow it without letting it overrun your day. Pink is a strong color for Monday (see Laurie Cabot’s daily color pull on Twitter. Love it).  The rest of it sort of stretches out for me in the following way.

New moon Aquarius followed by Mercury entering Aquarius causing the mind to flourish in expanding ideas communicating them down to a more… having trouble with the operative word here. I want to say something like mundane, practical, or human. Well you know those “whacky Aquarian’s,” with their crazy and controversial ideas can seem totally out of step. BUT really they ARE in their own step, and the power of Aquarius brought into a planet of communication for us can mean a few things including experiencing anything from a little bit of wildness, to detailing out big ideas and more innovation in communicating these into the world. Our cup will overflow…

Speaking of which the Ace of Cups appears in our spread, card two, and I have a sense of the Bowl of Light or the Three Cauldrons pouring over rather gaily with the energies they carry. This may seem like a period of effervescence (had to spell check that one) but the uplifting feeling may need some grounding. Don’t worry the cards around the cauldron tho obstacles and potential be earthing forces.

There may be a hack at the legs of your stability (recently) that has caused all your upward “hurrah” to come to a halt. That’s the grounding of the effervescence (above). Alternatively this could be a lost opportunity. You strove to make a goal and it doesn’t pan out.

There could be a few things including (King of Cups) a lack of decisiveness, wallowing in emotional excess, or generally feeling or being made to feel uncertain about your situation, standing, and feelings.

There is a double hitter here with another card (King of Pentacles) which feels for some like someone who was just restricting the hell out of you with an overbearing nature. Niggling issues of money, or bottom lines. They (the King of Pent type) might call it practicality, I call it bulling their opinion. Image of bull in the sitting room, woopse there goes the *China.* If this is an aspect of self it is focusing in on details of money, the method that progress or your movement is implemented. Remember that Saturn has gone Retrograde (no biggie in the bigger picture) so there are some restrictions that do apply to our growth and progress. Check to see if they are yours or reflections through others.

These are court cards so… could be people  but it could also be yourself. I want to put the two together and say stubborn emotional insistence. In the case of people be mindful that it may not be “negativity” it just may be that your paths are divergent. Mindfulness of what the message may be as paths cross could be illuminating. Note the meaning for yourself, take that minute to look at the broader picture, and go back to the beat of your own Aquarian drum.

There is an energy in February that feels light. Yes it’s Imbolc, or Candelmas, and so it is a start in Light for us. We’re also approaching the Chinse Lunar New Year.

For me, the summary would be…

Slow down and enjoy the uplift, it doesn’t last forever. Things happen that may set us back and we might have the tendency to vilify the people who are responsible for holding us back. In my opinion, that’s a waste of energy. Watch for emotional pits or wallowing (in any emotional state) that takes away from the here-and-now, stubbornness, insistence on your own way, or emotional weight gains that you may want to throw around, or that are being thrown at you.

Let’s call those psychic calisthenics. You know, heavy balls, etc. 😉 Exercising the mind in a series of hurdles, catchs, throws and leaps. Again, “Aquarian Drum.”

Enjoy a moment of light today or tomorrow. Fill your home with light. Light of friends and loved ones. Light of the Gods, stars, the Universe. And make a little celebration. Maybe even find a Chinese New Year party or Celebration on Thursday.

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

Mercury goes into retrograde on Saturday. I’ve been talking to B about this, and spreading out some advice about transactions and communication -part of which I should have kept in mind today myself- *grumbles* because he wants to invest in some new wheels.

Naturally he asked, should I buy the car when Mercury goes Retrograde? Personally, I probably wouldn’t but that doesn’t mean I absolutely would not. Who runs my life, me or Mercury?

Conversation ensued, I had to leave to hit a dinner date / consultation, and I returned to find this article in my facebook inbox.

I love when I get these things. I really do.

The article is cheeky, fun, and yes insightful. B’s probably buying a new car, one like we’ve rented before (and loved), and we’re going to do it on a “new rules retrograde”.

Excerpt: When Mercury Goes Retrograde

What can we do when Mercury goes retrograde? It’s a fair bet it will continue to go retrograde, a few times a year, every year, until the Sun explodes and none of us have to worry about it any longer. So it’s something we can count on — and it’s something we can predict and put on the calendar. In that respect it’s a lot easier to deal with than problems that occur without any warning! Other than hang up signs saying “Talk to me when Mercury’s feeling better,” there are several things you can do to cope with a planet in retrograde. But you can do more than just cope! This is something that will continue to happen over and over, so why not find ways to make it a more positive event?

When I was a kid, we would sometimes declare “Opposite Day.” Whatever we said, the opposite was true. We’d spend all day confounding our elders by doing the opposite of what we were told to do, and tormenting our younger siblings and cousins by reversing Opposite Day halfway through their uttering a particularly disagreeable sentence. (I know it wasn’t just me who did that!) Mercury going into retro doesn’t mean “There will be problems.” It means “What normally is, is not and what normally isn’t, is.” It means that Mercury has declared Opposite Day for the next three weeks.

While I don’t suggest you go around telling your family and friends that you dislike them, I do suggest you try doing things you don’t normally do. Have you been putting off writing someone a letter? Mercury retrograde can be a great time to sit down and communicate with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Have you been busy playing phone tag with someone at work? Stop calling! Maybe it would be better to visit in person. If you and your spouse always seem to fight and argue when Mercury is in retrograde, why not agree to spend time alone, take a weekend off and go on separate vacations or just agree to ignore one another for an evening? You could even declare a “no verbal communication” day and use written notes and hand signals.

Take this chance to be creative. Think about what problems Mercury in retrograde usually causes

via When Mercury Goes Retrograde.

– –

Be snarky, just don’t wear personality glasses while you do it.

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

It appears we’re entering the Mercury Storm… Say what? Yes this is the period of “going into retrograde” as the planet appears to slow. It would be a good time to edit and finish transactions, deals, contracts, escrow, etc. We don’t want these in the retrograde period.

Mercury will be Retrograde from December 10 – December 30th, first in Capricorn and then Sagittarius. You won’t believe this but there should be about four paragraphs here… In the middle of my post, WordPress just logged out and I lost everything. Auto-save didn’t take. 😦

So I’ll have to summarize my last 30 minutes and I think Sandra Helton, at Shirley MacLaine site can help me best.

“Mercury goes retrograde Friday in Capricorn until December 19 and continuing to be retrograde until December 30 in Sagittarius.

There is likely to be great shuffling of papers and forms and anything you have needed to take care of over the past few months but have let slide. You have what it takes to get it all in working order and that is what you should be doing.

Many will rethink family traditions and strive to connect to relatives and bring the holiday season full circle to what was or what is meaningful. The very stabilizing Sun sextile Saturn energy puts forth just the right energy for cementing bonds and laying lasting foundations that become a part of your life in the days ahead and well into 2011.”

Link to full Astrological forecast.

Edit and finish contracts, deals, and personally I think we should be mindful of Mercurial influences over the rest of the month as December, our biggest holiday month generally speaking, probably has the more travel, transactions, and communication packed into 30 days then some people have in two-thirds of their year. Keep in mind last weeks notes on taking care of the self, and carry forward with the highlight of any retrograde, this is an inner journey time so do your best to communicate from the core, and travel ahead with the spirit. Transactions should have a meaning for you. Give from the heart. Speak as you would like to be spoken to… I think you get my meaning.

So onto the cards.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Dec 6 - 12th

So… I’m going to go with growth through integrative experience this week. Doesn’t mean positive, or negative, could be either or, but the set up doesn’t seem that serious to me with the exception of a possible loss of place, or recognition of a long term process of change that could be making itself visible.

Let me explain the later and then loop back to the beginning. As I pulled the cards this morning a scenario unfolded in my minds eye, indicating a loss of a job. My heart bumped up a beat but I calmed because I recognized that it wasn’t me, but was connected to my life and so I would see or hear about it.

Later this morning I heard the news. It was close in proximity, I was a bit surprised.

What does this have to do with the weekly? Well… I had a hard time with that. I got the personal message with this one and I’m trying to expand it into a broader spectrum so that we can see how it applies to all of us. Seems to me that the message of the young visionary, looking out into the world and making a decision to move forward, unfortunately the decision is framed in the context of loss (9 of swords) and the eventual end of a journey (three of wands, reversed) which is the need for a new direction.

Psyche forms the root of the reading, the underbelly of movement that feels crocodilian in that there is the element of surprise in the news or change. The surface of the water seems calm… “Snap!” goes the mouth of the crocodile who dives back to the depths, and the water appears calm once again.

The observer on the other hand has been given a message and despite the calm waters they have been shown another side to life, death (change) and this becomes the tool we must take to hand. You see Psyche, grows from her experience. She is our mythic transport into our own underbelly and is asking if we realize that we have come to a decision, or that our recent decisions (path at this time) has come to a conclusion or finale.

Up from the inner world comes the gift of insight, sometimes in a sudden flash we find that we can startle ourselves.

Take note of your changes this week, specifically what you may be unconsciously communicating to yourself as this could bleed into a retrograde journey of discovery.

Emergence is the surfacing power or idea, coming out from within.

Well, I believe I’m done for the week there… 🙂

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

From the Daily planetary Guide:

“There is a major change in planetary motion on Monday and Tuesday that could be the signal you’ve been waiting for. After five months in retrograde motion, Pluto will turn direct and remain in forward motion for the rest of the year…”

Mercury has gone direct (Sunday, Sept. 12th). Yay! But there remains some cautionary notes about winging forward with your ideas until later in the week when the planet is in full motion.

Tarot Weekly

This week we leave the Chariot (R) and the Strength Card (R) comes into play. Last week we had the reminder (calling?) to get in touch with our inner journey, at least in part, before setting our ideas / plans in motion.  Strength (R) is asking us to bring those central values up and stand in them. Which is interesting because as an animal influence we draw Hind (R), I’ll get to that.

If we’ve done our journey work, whatever it is you practice that brings to light this result, then this should be the message of power for this week. There is a question about our own resolve to stand in this, our nature, in this weeks general situations, in light of what we have learned, and ask are we being inflexible or are we truly following our own inner calling? We have to watch our reasons for doing.

Could be tough love, sticking up for your rights. You might feel you are being pushed to far… it’s time to stand up for yourself and do what’s right for you. Walk carefully if this is in direct relation to your intimate relationships. Backbone without wilfulness or tyranny.

This is a “know thyself” situation and now that we’ve emerged from a retrograde period, and we carry forward with our inner prize, we need to know whether this push to move is in alignment with the essential self and our beliefs, or is it stubborn insistence?

Three cards, as is the usual, align with this message.

Five of Swords is a positive note on the Strength (R) card, mostly. Keep the message in mind. It says look out for yourself. There may be others in damaging roles in your life, could even be those said relationships, but you should be taking care of your needs. I see this playing out in a few personal friendships, so I need to note the significance, as I’ve already watched this interplay. If your heart is in the right place, your core, your feelings may be telling you the truth.

Your view should be eying the bigger picture of your goals, wishes, and desires. Do not be fooled by the wants and needs of others. Connecting with who we are is key here.

You have the opportunity to champion yourself.

Four of Wands rolls in and says that completion is at hand but I have to ask if you think that all circles when drawn round and connected are always needing you to draw eyes, and a smiley face in the middle. Sometimes the completion of a karmic cycle is celebrating the ending of things… and we end things, irregardless of the pain (or joy) involved with them when we find peace with the closure.

Endings allow for new passages, yes, but the also cannot allow for the best of new growth in our life if we do not close the door on one chapter and begin another. This is the time adding the old to the fire, to be burnt and recycled, may be the best for you at this time.

Is the idea that we have a noble path for our life?

Finally the Nine of Pentacles returns to us yet again, she’s be popping in and out for awhile, often in reverse, and the card ask if the impetus is refining, diplomatic, and done with grace. Our actions create ripples with all our relations. Does your drive create or destroy and where is your mind focused, on the creation or destruction? To what purpose? Does it serve the above causes.

Lastly she, and I say she because the figure in the Rider Wait is a woman in the garden, is symbolizing the power of your own estate (literally or metaphorically) and your ability to handle your own situations. Doesn’t mean you can’t seek guidance, or bounce ideas off friends and companions but recognize your power (Chariot) to wrest control of our life and make something good happen.

I’m going to stick with the Animal Influences, from the Druid Animal Oracle, as I’m feeling a nice influence and some insights from drawing the earth related animal help in our weekly’s.

This week our helper is the Hind, or deer (R).

Interestingly (ha. ha. ha.) the card is saying to focus on our day to day life, and less on the inner world. We’ve had our time, and if we’ve taken it, it is time to emerge and make these changes happen.

Seems like the alignment is right. Come out of the cave of self and start deciding direction. If you have taken the proper direction (feeling the truth, inward) and you understand the right path for yourself, then the time to act has come. Be mindful of your feminine nature, your inner goddess, your sacred women and their power to care for these things and step in the direction of your choosing.

This pairs nicely with the Strength (R) and our reading because it’s asking us not to wallow, dream, think and feel so much about what needs to be done and go and do it. Hind is gentleness but not weakness.

Again, back to the tough love.

Hoping that this finds you feeling lovely.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Hello! First I’d like to thank everyone who sent in feedback or posted comments to The Journey || I do my best to reply to every comment, if I missed you please feel free to give me an electronic poke on facebook, or the journey.

Tarot Weekly

This week was another strange and tense draw: Key 15, The Devil (R); King of Cups (R); Four of Pentacles (R) again; Ace of Swords (R).


The web that has spun tight about us now loosens slack. We seem to be able to fall through the ever-widening gaps of what appeared to be a situation where there was no possible escape. If we’ve been doing our work and walking our path in the last few months and pay attention to the vibe we are sending and the harmonics we are receiving then we should be in pretty good shape at this point, if not a little worse for wear at least shifting with the changing times.

I want you to consider one thing about the situations that we feel mentally or emotionally tied to, liberation happens when we lighten our heart and mind to allow our life to pass through the confines of our imagined prisons.  The webs have not grown slack, our personal vibration has become refined, and so what earlier held us cannot seem to bind us in the same thing.

I keep seeing this great web of light slowly expanding, becoming so faint that we pass through it, and tho we stay in the same place, the situation has changed because we have changed.

Practically speaking that means we have come to a zenith or center of possibilities, one being that we are now directly confronting our problems. The time is now. The card is in your favore. The moon is in Leo and it’s new a time for new beginnings before it moves into analytical Virgo and we begin to look at, turn, and dissect. Better it be an emphasis of what is possible and an analysis what is wrong, or what doesn’t feel right because the some stellar bodies are moving for you in that direction.

If it’s the shadow you are working with you may find yourself with an opportunity to heal that relationship with your inner self, which deepens your intimate, worldly, and living connections through integration.

Be careful of the Temptation to indulge.

The Devil is accented by three cards, as is the way I pull for weekly readings.

The King of Cups (R) is highlighting an overly indulgent nature, almost piscean (??) that says I control or drown my problems. This could be someone who is emotionally cold or who turns down the volume on his (or her but the card is a King) emotional nature with substance. The potential message there is someone who is telling you that you are over reacting or “too emotional.” Alternatively this can be our own nature that is lording over our feelings about something and we are asked to check in (again) and see if this is a personal dragon or a subconscious message that something ain’t right at mama’s house.

Again with the Moon moving from Leo to Virgo (with some aspects of Mercury thrown into the Virgin mix) it may be a perfect time to clean up house. Just keep in min that planetary cross that could spell some problems with relationships. It seems I already see this playing out with a few people in my direct circle, and I’ve felt a yank or two that has caused me to retract my Leo claws. Last week I said, “Don’t shoot the messenger”. This week be certain before you pull the trigger. The messenger may be a reflection of our own emotional turbulence that you’ve kept in check too long, rather than the cause of the disturbance.

The Devil (R) is also accentuated by one of the influencing energies we saw last week, the Four of Pentacles (R) which has to do with holding onto currency or energy. And I have to ask again, why is it you are holding onto these emotions, bottling them up, or disallowing them to be expressed in a healthy way? I’m not asking you to explode your head off and pull a Pompeii on your life. I’m asking you to look at the deeper current, the situation that so disturbs you, and what is in it that you are holding onto so strongly. Feels tome that the emotional vice grip and the later mental anxiety about the situation are deserving some alternative attention. The are screaming for you to listen.

The last card that pops into the Devil’s play, empowering his influence this week, is the Ace of Swords (R). My first intuition is that the sword has been dunked into the waters, beneath the surface (consciousness) and down into the depths (subconscious). Withdrawn it now holds the treasure on the blade, a crown with the remnants of the ocean still dripping from it’s bejeweled peaks… but is it really? Are we making more of something than it actually is? Are we exaggerating?

Are you an over-actor because of deeper issues? Could you be being willful and pushy only because things haven’t turned out the way you expected?

These are the deeper questions to be asked.

On a last note I do want to say that not all readings are “good” (i.e. what we want) and that sometimes they are what we call “bad” (not what we want). There’s a reason for that. Sometimes what we wanted isn’t that good for us at all, or maybe we’ve imagined things so much that when we finally come out of our illusory haze the “real” relationships and situations we are actually in can seem rude, offensive, and just wrong.

It’s not a matter of right and wrong. When we come to moments like these it is important to stay grounded, face what we are shown with open eyes and see it (whatever ‘it’ is) for what it is worth. When we have seen that we can then embrace it. If we can’t accept the reality, we cannot change it. It may be contrary to our ideas and beliefs.

I  like to say, “It is what it is. Just accept it. When you accept it you can change. When you change, shift, you are practicing magick, and that’s living.”

I hope this finds you well.

– – –
Integrate don’t segregate,

Scott K Smith

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Welcome back.

This weeks Tarot pull had a little surprise in the spread, two major arcana when we were only expecting one. Yes somehow the hanged man snuck into our reading, in reverse.

Monday July 5th, 2010

I think the meaning of this weeks pull and flow made sense almost immediately this morning. Lying in bed with the light of the morning peeking in through slivers in the curtains somewhere between waking and sleeping I did some journey work and traveled in to the inner world. The outer world felt like it was fighting against my drive to unfold. Horns on the street. Someone with a boom box playing the craziest rap song I’ve ever heard at top-level down on the street. A truck. B begins to toss and turn.

I rise after B grabs some coffee for us and I turn to my creative space to pull cards. I feel the hands of spirit there with me as I shuffle the cards and ask for the weekly reading. Good. Feels good with strong lunar influences, sourcing the light in the reading. Candles lit, curtains fluttering slightly, incense wafting up to fill the space. BAM television blares on and of all things, Hassellbeck from The View… annoyed.

Cards pulled I draw myself over to the computer to write the post and put on my favorite station on Pandora, Yullunga. B tells me that he’s lost his phone. The day is calling. I am out the door to visit friends and do a little tour of Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

There is a force in the air for action! A drawing to pull together opposing forces. Tension. The Chariot!

Two other cards fall together into the reading, the Hanged Man (R), and the King of Wands (R). The world is the distraction, or the distraction is in turning away from the world… and passion of passions that moves to frustration or a flame that burns to fierce, a one shot man. Be careful with any frustrations and/or drives in either direction. The pendulum of opposites can swing wide, almost magnetic under these new auspices brought about by the Uranus retrograde.

And that seems the energy. I tide of pulling that draws us out of last weeks watery introspection, feeling, lifting, and even transfiguration. A summer thrust bound to the Chariot, Sun and Moon, asking us to balance the drive for inner work and the call of living that can suddenly seem at odds. And when we are at odds, out of alignment with left and right, black and white, the King of Wands (R) comes into play. Our passion could turn to aggression when we do not honor the call we feel.

This week watch out for two forces that will be tugging at you. The outer life: Social gatherings, work, friends, family, events and things to do. The inner life: Meditation, contemplation, alone time, and even some of the projects and issues that have tugged at your inner fundamentals.

Uranus has changed direction and Mercury has skiddled out of Cancer, who’s concern is more nurturing, home oriented and fond of creature comforts. Today, July 5th, Uranus went retrograde as well which can stir some restlessness and dissatisfaction. The planet demands change, innovation, and it’s often radical, highlighting the Charioteer and his message of self-assertion around a union of opposites and finding the balance point between these two forces that show themselves as an inner and outer pull at this time.

It would be a good week to practice moving meditation, or finding your zone in sports. A call to find your center of peace at a game, in the bar, out on town while the world is wild around you.

Maria DeSimone, at Tarot Blogs, writes:

I’m going to start calling Uranus “the big tease” – at least for the rest of 2010. On May 27th we got a taste of Uranus in Aries. His energy has been invigorating (to put it mildly).But Uranus just wanted to give us a little glimpse into what life would be like in Aries. On July 5th he’ll turn retrograde and by August 13th he’ll descend back into Pisces, finishing up his lessons there. Prepare yourself for a loud roll of thunder first.When Uranus turns retrograde it tends to act as an explosive burst in the collective of any repressed rebellious tendencies. If you’ve been doing your best to temper that urge for erratic, overpowered “me, me, me” expression, then the very act of Uranus changing direction might cause you to lose control. Perhaps you’ve been trying to filter all this Uranus in Aries energy up until now. Perhaps you haven’t gone off the deep end, risking it all in the name of empowered individuality. Well, if you haven’t, you might just wake up now. If there’s a significant block or feeling of captivity in your life that impedes your personal development, it’s likely that the days surrounding the retrograde will cause you to revolt. This doesn’t have to automatically mean anything negative — in fact, it could feel quite liberating.Remember, that’s the point of Uranus — to liberate and awaken. If you haven’t realized that Uranus in Aries will require you to claim your most independent expression of self then perhaps his retrograde motion will do you a favor. The alarm clock won’t stop ringing in your ears now. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, Uranus will be relentless in your psyche during the retrograde cycle. I challenge you to consider how you want to harness this energy when it returns full force in March 2011. Who do you think you are?

Our little reading for the week is the prequel to a larger story about self-expression. I think we would all be wise to mind it.

I hope that this finds you well.

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Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Michelle Karen Book - Michelle Karen, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

If things had been slow until June, July definitely shook all this lethargy up! August continues in the same vein. This is a very intense month that should powerfully shift us into a whole new dimension that makes us feel like we literally reincarnated within this life-time without changing bodies.

One last eclipse in August!

Eclipses always mark exciting turning points beyond which life will never be the same. What is expressed on those dates is irrevocable. We should carefully weigh the consequences of our words and actions around both this last Lunar eclipse.

The Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) at 13º43’ Aquarius (5:55 PM).

The Sabian Symbols describe this degree as “a train entering a tunnel”. The nice thing about a tunnel is that it eventually ends into open space. As we sink into the dark night of the soul, we are also reassured that after the letting go of all the pain and outmoded behaviors, there is the promise of a complete renewal, light and joy. We shall feel so much clearer, ready to welcome incredible new dimensions into our lives, dimensions we may not even be able to suspect right now. Exciting new people, fabulous opportunities, ideas that rock our world and new career options that reawaken our passion are reweaving with magic the fabric of our lives.

Jupiter continues to be retrograde this whole month between 23º49’ and 20º00’ Aquarius.

These 5 degrees are symbolized by “a man having overcome his passions, teaches deep wisdom in terms of his experience”, “a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws”, “a rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth”, “a disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life”, “a large white dove bearing a message”. This month is about brain-storming within ourselves and with each other. New ways of dealing with old problems emerge. The more creative we are with the resources we have, the more amazing options will reveal themselves to us.

Continue reading at Michelle Karen’s Website

August 2009 : Michelle Karen Books, Astrology – A Special Tool for Personal Empowerment.

Scott K Smith

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