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Journey Journal: (1) My ramblings in a blog. (2) back-end thoughts, less editing, more processing. (3) self-indulgent chatter which I really hope you “get.”

I’m sitting in my office listening to the Herbal Highway and inhaling heavy doses of Hyssop (organic) essential oil. Believe it or not, it’s not Young Living! AAAH! I’m a traitor. Well no, just a smart shopper. It was less expensive, still organic, and part of the ingredients for my sweetening spell last week. Speaking of…

In the last week it seems like I’ve been slowly dropping off the grid. Each time I say that to myself I visualize an egg sliding off the side of a car. I’m reading posts and status updates, twitter conversations by friends and my mental grip on the virtual world is… has, relaxed. I’m at the point where I’m questioning the fist and fingers as well as the immaterial connection that the internet offers.

I think that is parable for my life at the moment.

Over the last 20 + years I have spent my life almost entirely to a journey towards the self. Who am I? Why am I? What am I? The path was fraught with dangers, swollen with love, coming together, moving apart, and travels to places I hadn’t thought I would ever see. There has always been an undercurrent of discontent. An itch, something I call my Gypsy Spirit, that has caused travel. And travel has “been had.”

I’ve been around the world and I, I , I… I have found something I called my self thanks to that urge to move about.

Thursday as I showered before work, I thought to myself “Found and Lost.” You see, now that I am (think I am?) finally in touch with what I identify as the true me, I’m realizing that I am lost about my direction. There is a giant sign that says You Are Here but there doesn’t seem to be a signpost of where to go next.

It’s nothing but a bit of confusion, I’m fairly certain of the feeling and texture of that “I’ that I know but the manifestation is about as elusive as a Quetzal. That tiny, gorgeously plumed little bird that I only had the smallest of glimpses of while I was in Guatemala.

A flash of color in the peripheral, through the green and mist of the jungle.

I feel it coming. I hear the whisper of wings. I know the color as a flavor, and a feeling but I cannot define it. Like the Quetzal it feels real and bright, if I could just wrap my vision around it… I guess that falls into this weeks reading.

The path is calling. The draw to move into a new direction, or begin a new project is felt, but just not yet. Test the waters, refine your thoughts, mull over a cup of tea and have a little faith.

Be innocent with yourself.

So… I guess that is where I will unroot myself, to move with trust. To be the Fool. Embrace my spirit.

Temple of Witchcraft Journey

The Living Temple of Witchcraft (ToLW) work is going well. It’s definitely part of the process unfolding. I’ve moved through the first two Chakra Initiations with little issue while integrating the experiences from the Inner Mystery School. To explain that, in the series we create / discover the Inner Temple. Thus the name of the first book in the series, Inner Temple of Witchcraft. In the LToW we focus the energies of our inner temple to become a place of learning or a “mystery school,” where the journey takes place.

For example, the first series of exercises were based around the Root (Muladhara) brought me into connection with life and energy associated with first peoples, or ancient civilizations. I didn’t see Atlantis, Mu, or even Lemuria. I believe I was somewhere in Northern Africa. Who and when that was irrelevant to you but the message was interestingly clear from a two spirit called Aya-ut.

Aya-ut was a weaver. He drew reeds from the marshes and with the use of mud, stone, and plant materials he traveled with his people up and down a river fishing, gathering, living. He was a male but lived and dressed as a female, he participated in the women’s duties. Aya-ut was a spiritual functionary… and that is to say it felt as if everyone had a sense of their place within the spiritual cosmology that was woven but Aya-ut provided the weave for his people through story, song, and the tales woven into his baskets.

Life, he said, is all woven together as one. We are weavers, each of us, part of a great design, a big basket of everything.

It was an interesting confirmation for me, “weaving” together many aspects of my own personal philosophy and many of my creative and intellectual interests. For some time my chant has included “I am weaver.” When I reached the end of this focus on the Root my thoughts turned back to the present and some of the basic issues of the Muladhara, namely survival.

The second journey in the ToLW is the  Swadhisthana. The Second Chakra. If you’ve read along, this particular exploration lined up interestingly with the Light Body Course, meeting my inner Master and expanding feeling and awareness. These were separate lessons by different teachers and coincidentally had the same message. Here in the Inner Mystery School on another journey, through the gate of ancestors and I met a Northern European (I guessed around what we now think of as Germany) by the name of Uli.

Uli, yes I googled the name after, was a female, dark-haired, in what appeared to be Neolithic Northern Europe (I’m basing this on feeling), who’s lessons I am still referring back to and will probably continue to visit since the ideas were so rich and opening for me.

Uli expanded on the tapestry that Aya-ut was crafting for me. Her practice was finding an open space out from the forest, in the wide plane where the moon, stars, and all things could be seen from a vantage. Her world view was all that I see and experience is what we would call “Spiritual.” Uli and Moon were one. Uli and land were one… she was one with all things, and all things were one with her. On the one had that seems very tribal or shamanistic, but that also felt like a very “new age” concept.

I also don’t know much about Neolithic Europe historically speaking and I can’t say that I’ve seen this as a world view. It’s my understanding that things were a bit more Polytheistic then with a spiritual cosmology based around Gods and their hierarchy, traditions, songs, rituals, etc. (Br. Christopher if you are reading this, pip in to clarify). 🙂

I’m not a scholarly buff, I just tend to know something or experience it from a mystical perspective. The moon at 3:00 pm in the sign of Taurus, on the day of Venus, for a love spell… ARGH! I leave that to the (clearly) more qualified. That said, it isn’t that I don’t use correspondences, I just don’t have the mind to track, plot, and enjoy the process of it. Feels like math.

Maybe one day I’ll get there but until then I’m able to do much of my work simply by visualizing, sometimes with Mudra’s or chanting / toning. Candle work, stones, oils, spirits, etc.

Right. So… where was I? Oh yeah, Uli and the second temple.

Christopher Penczak wrote that the “challenge” of this temple was fear, and that the “blessing” was trust. For myself, also true. The lesson plan as far as my journey work, and so mirrored in my life, is fear v. trust as I move into guide, and master work. I find that fear inhibits the very mystical experience of the Light Body Course and the initiatory information that transmits during the meditation. The more I trust in the experience that is being had the greater I receive, the more expanded my experience becomes. This also applies to the temple journey’s, to the magickal process, to my self.

Do I not stand in perfect love, and perfect trust?

Pulling down the thoughts at the top of the page, it leaves me with a feeling of fulfillment and a strong sense of purpose, I seem to be “in the process” but the bigger picture is still hidden. I have less of an itch to leave and more of a desire to fulfill. Being in my process, this is where I am until the way is made clear.

As I move into next week I travel into the third temple, solar plexus, or Manipura, power, I’m looking forward to what other lessons and insights can be learned.

The experience that the ToW books have brought me are fantastic. If you are looking to explore your inner world, learn the Craft, or tighten up your knowledge I highly suggest them. It takes time, years even, dedication, and a willingness to expand as a living, breathing, being into a magickal self.


The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Vl. 1,
By Christopher Penczak

Click for more information

Venture deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft and discover within yourself new levels of wisdom, love, power, and responsibility. In the fifth installment of the award-winningTemple of Witchcraft series, popular author Christopher Penczak explores the Descent of the Goddess. In the myth of Inanna, the Goddess journeys through seven gates to attain entrance to the Underworld and learn its secrets. In this unique book on witchcraft, you will parallel this descent by journeying through each of the seven chakras, symbolically evolving from survival to a state of divinity. Each lesson has meditations based on the teachings of this journey, as well as an advanced discussion of a key facet of magick or witchcraft often overlooked by intermediate books:

A pagan exploration of the Great Ages  •  The measure of initiation • The reason for being skyclad  •  Power and the Right and Left Hand Paths • The power of healing  •  Ethics and codes of conduct  •  Working with soul history • Working with your Master-Teacher •  Discovering your own spiritual laws
Receiving your secret names of the Goddess and God

The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Volume One: The Descent of the Goddess is for solitaries, eclectics, and non-traditional witches who are ready to integrate the mysteries and magick into their ministry and share their gifts with the world.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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The Plane of Ecliptic is illustrated in this C...

The plane of ecliptic

Since timing was one of the notes in this weeks Weekly, I thought I would mention Magickal Timing as part of the Journey this week. I’m not very good at tracking the stars but as I delve into the science of magick I realize how important it has been in the past to know my correspondences.

Taliesin Mcknight illustrates a what I feel are the essentials. I still can’t wrap my head around timing the hour to the planet but that’s why I have an astro-calendar. 😉 Someone’s good at it, I’ll listen to them.

Also, if you read the post, there is a bit about timing on internal influences, which should always be considered.


Tips for Magickal Timing

Author: Taliesin McKnight

Magick is a very ancient science, and one thing that the sages of old have passed on to us is magickal timing. This truly reveals the scientific nature of the craft. Think of the sun, moon, and stars as a great cosmic clock. Everything has its time and place. The Master and founder of Christianity said that there is a time and a season for everything. This certainly is the case with occult science. There are certain cycles in the natural order and certain ebbs and flows exist in the Universe. Therefore, to move with the tides and cycles of nature is to add power to your spells and rituals. To go against these rhythms is to swim against the current, so to speak. Magick may still be effective, but not nearly as much so if done at the appropriate time. There are four main things to consider when doing magick: the cycles of the planets, the Sun, the Moon, and the weather. In addition to these there are internal conditions that are important for magick.

There are seven ancient planets recognized by the ancient astrologers and magicians. The seven ancient planets are the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. You may notice that, not only are certain planets omitted, but also some are added that are not even considered planets by modern standards. Nonetheless, these are the astrological forces considered when working magick. The seven ancient planets have been called the “Governors of the World.”

This is because the great cosmic clock is said to affect the destiny of Man, and they hold in their hands the strange and surreal element known as fate. The seven planets rule over the seven days of the week and the planets also rule the hours in the day. The names that we have for the days of the week are derived from: Sunday (Sun day) , Monday (Moon day) , Tuesday (Mars day) , Wednesday (Mercury day) , Thursday (Jupiter day) , Friday (Venus day) , and Saturday (Saturn day) . Thus, when doing a love spell, for example, it would be best to do this on a Friday and during the hour of Venus (more on this in a moment) . Below I have listed the seven planets and their characteristics and correspondences.

via Witchvox Article.

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Hello hello.

I’m very sorry for the late post, but I’ve had a very busy and full day… and this isn’t my full time job, however much I would like for it to be. No really, pay me and I will make it so. *wink*

Any-ho-ho here’s the bits from the reading and a few updates. They all interrelate, you know how I like to draw lines.

First the Conscious Life Expo (post conference) with Hank Wesselman.

As I read The Bowl of Light and get better acquainted with him and the story I am moved to comment and support his work and path. You can read the review here, at Lifencompass. I love this book.

Yesterday was no exception to my enjoyment, or my exploration. Hank is lovingly multifaceted, humorous, intelligent, detailed, wise, and learned. I sat in the presence of an elder and I came away better for it. First for knowing that his work rings truth and second that he is, really, a walker between worlds. There was a distinctive twinkle in his eyes that communicated the light of what he represents and teaches. We’re lucky to have him, and people like him, in the world today. He sees into you, he looks at you from the heart. A Shaman.

After the seminar, and some Journey Work to the drum: forgiveness. Healing. Compassion. My friend K and I took some time to catch up and talk about events in the world. Most specifically the recent changes and the quickened, or compact, nature of the latests shifts. (See end of last year through present).

I have to reference this week, last weeks reading:

The spirit addresses us in those who command the physical. Men or women who are rulers in their own right, leaders, kings, emperors, politicians, officials. The light shines through them, their message or the message around them. This is significant in that their decisions are affecting our environment, the physical and social realms that we operate within. The mother.

We are rulers in our own right. Do not let persuasive power move you. Keep your wit and your strength, by claiming your own choices (destiny) and going the direction that feels right for your own growth, practice, or period of life.

This flows with and through a pervasive sense of rising waters as the energy shifts in the subtle, that are chaning consciousness. It is as if the flavor of things have changed and we are all experiencing it. Some of us on a conscious level, others simply living through it.

This week the catalyst has been sent to us. The cracks in the world of last weeks reading have been set to motion, as the Tower places center in our weekly spread.

Tarot Weekly Feb 14-20, 2011

Tarot Weekly

I would like to have this song playing but the music The House that Jack Built playing as you read the weekly, but I couldn’t find a quality version online.

This is the house that Jack built, y’all
Remember this house!

This was the land that he worked by hand
The was the dream of an upright man
This was the room that was filled with love
This was a love that I was proud of
This was a life of a love I planned
Of a love and a life we loved
Of the house that Jack built.
Remember this house!

There was the fence that held our love,
There was the gate that he walked out of
This is the heart that is turned to stone
This was the house, but it ain’t no home
This is the love that I once had
In a dream that I thought was love,
This is the house that Jack built,
I’m gonn’ remember this house!

Oh-ohh wha-a-at’s the use of crying?
Because I brought it on myself
There’s no denying
But it see-e-ee-ems awful funny
That I didn’t understand
Was it a house of an upright man

~Aretha Franklkin

The call this week is for authenticity. To speak from the place of power that has been defined by ourself, within ourself, and in the world and relationships. Our dear Queen of Swords has appeared again in reverse. Though normally she is the direct speaker, often received as harsh, her words are now split or subtle. This tells me that our words can be misinterpreted or that observing the inner dialogue will reveal motivations or paths that can lead us to our goals without direct intervention or confrontation.

These are mental games to watch for in yourself. In either realm, especially the energetic, keep your poise and balance by maintaining grace and authenticity. Be moved by your choices and not the choices of others…

The next two cards ask questions about our changes. What are you holding on? Why are you holding on to it?  What are your choices? What feels right in the heart and makes sense? The heart is not the leader but one of our voices, the conversation must include the head for discernment and practicality. Meaning that you can spend a lot of time over analyzing but, hello *poke* this is the tower, it’s burning. Time to move folks.

Change is upon you but the power to deflect what can feel like a strike at you is yours. Authenticity requires that we are absolutely truthful with ourself about ourself, our motives, wants, and needs. Act from a place of light and awareness. That very thing lessens any connection to human dramas that may evolve from this change. Be above it (spiritual) and within it (grounded and present), let your honesty shine.

Change is now. It is irrevocable as a cycle completes a final turn and begins to close. The time for planning and negotiating, deciding direction and picking opportunities is past. The Tower burns, meaning that the structure is indeed hashed, the end is now.

The Eight of Cups Reversed….

“The reversed Eight of Cups suggests that you may be feeling confused about where your best options lie. Part of you wants to explore new horizons and possibilities, but another part of you fears that in doing so, you’ll miss out on what your current circumstances have to offer.

The Eight of Cups reversed also represents knowing when to walk away from a situation that is ultimately not working for you.” ~Biddy Tarot

“In a reversed position, the Eight of Cups often indicates struggles concerning separation or moving on. There may be on over attachment to one’s past. In some cases, the Eight of Cups can indicate co-dependency or fear of being alone. There may be a reluctance to mature or grow up. Although you may feel dissatisfied, your fears are preventing you from moving on.” ~Tarot Readings online.

The fear there to be watched for is “giving up the dream,” because it could feel like you are walking away from your path. The reality is that only you can abandon that dream. Situations do not force you away from it, they only offer alternative directions is our intentions are set on the path and the goal.

The path can hardly be called a straight line from point A to point B. There are twists and turns.

I see that moment in the movie Labyrinth where a young Jennifer Connelly, as Sarah is entering the labyrinth. A little catarpillar tries to direct her through what appears to be a solid wall. No going forward, no way in, but it is an illusion. She passes through the the wall and see’s two new directions.

Unfortunately Sarah doesn’t heed the advice of her little ally and she takes a left or right path, when she could have walked right up to the tower of the Goblin King and skipped the whole dam labyrinth. Isn’t that the fools quest…

My intuition points at this: quiet your tongue about your goal and ambition, much like spell-craft it can be knocked off course by psychic interfearence. (Often unitentional). Keep that to yourself or only with those who have your goal in mind and support it, unequivocally. The end of a period related to structures in your life has come.  Do not fall into despair, walk hidden paths, seek the exit from the structure which is crumbling around you. This is a physical structure as in a job or home situation, things built on agreements with other people.

Say goodbye to that House that Jack Built, use the challenges you have at the moment to strengthen your inner fire; and protect that flame, veil it.

The support you may need can come from high and/or low. The presence of the White Phoenix lends aid from the upper realms as spiritual transformation, mirroring what happens at the soul level. As above so below.

And below… Yes there is a pink stone, a rhodochrosite on a matrix of pyrite. This is both protection (pyrite) and energizing and related to the heart (rhodochrosite) helping to circulate the energy of love, compassion, alchemy, and transformation.

Times can seem trying, tough, but if we keep faith in our abilities, self-determination, and instincts while lending trust to the forces that seek our betterment both physically and spiritually we can overcome anything and evolve into something greater.

Know. Will. Dare. Keep silent. And give offerings of thanks for those that assist you.

– –

Scott K Smith
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This Monday is Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day.

I’ll be cleansing the house and bringing light into all spaces.



She’s our female patron saint yet St Patrick gets all the parades, but with her name coming back into favour maybe it’s time for St Brigid to shine, writes FIONA McCANN

GATHER YE rushes where you may, as February 1st is nearly upon us, a date otherwise known as St Brigid’s Day. That’s right, Brigid, aka Bridget or Brid, one of the country’s patron saints, though the lack of parades and a national holiday might lead you to believe otherwise.

The low-key reception St Brigid gets these days is perhaps down to her gender, as some suggest, or maybe the complicated mythology surrounding her origins – her stories are often conflated with those of a pagan goddess of poetry and healing, whose feast day she also inherited and after whom she was allegedly named. She was once, by most accounts, one of the most powerful women in the country, a formidable founder of abbeys and convents, and a woman of an unusually high profile in the male-dominated hierarchy of the early Christian church.

The daughter of an Irish chieftain and a slave from his court, legend and lore link St Brigid to St Patrick, though her personal achievements include founding the famed convent of Cill Dara, which went on to become a renowned centre for learning. In many ways, she was a woman ahead of her time, standing up to the patriarchy and refusing at least one arranged marriage while instead devoting her life to founding convents all over Ireland, as well as a school of art, and in the process ensuring an education for young women uninspired by the child-bearing alternative.

via Brace yourself for St Brigid – The Irish Times – Fri, Jan 29, 2010.



Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 27th. 1997
Times Viewed: 236,531

(February 1st or 2nd)
also known as: Candlemas, Imbolg, Imbolgc brigantia, Lupercus, Disting

IMBOLC: The earliest whisperings of Springtide are heard now as the Goddess nurtures Her Young Son. As a time of the year associated with beginning growth, Imbolc is an initiatory period for many. Here we plant the “seeds” of our hopes and dreams for the coming summer months.



Write it, cast it, send it, plant it! Versatile, powerful, and bursting with green beauty.

All sheets include a hearty and diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds.

Use it to cast a spell by writing your intent on a piece of a sheet (making each piece long lasting), and then place the sheet in the ground. Ask for the energy of the earth to aid you in manifesting your intention. As you tend to the ground, focus on your desire. Soon you will find that not only has your planted paper sprouted, but your intention will begin to manifest itself in your life!

via Plantable Blooms Spell + Writing Paper.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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We all need something to kick start our brains in the morning. I don’t know why I chose to tackle this article. I don’t believe in coincidence -in the sense of complete randomness without connection- but now my little hamsters are going a mile a minute.

Reaches for more coffee…

The Primordial Image: Archetypes

Author: Vikki Bramshaw
Posted: December 20th. 2009

A ’standard description’ of an archetype (as a concept) is: ‘Archetypes are deep enduring patterns of thought and behavior laid down in the human psyche, which remain powerful over long periods of time and transcend cultures and generations. Archetypes form the basis of instinctive patters of behavior that all of humankind shares in common.’

Most people know the common Archetypes (the ‘fundamental personalities’) : such as The Mother, The Hero, The Tyrant, The Lovers, The Child, and so on. But like many other terms which have been adopted by modern western spiritual paths (such as the concept of ‘Karma’) the Archetype is a much more expansive subject than it is usually given credit for.

On considering what the term Archetype can really offer when it is applied to Wicca and Initiatory Craft, we need to first look at what the pioneering psychologist Carl Jung really meant when he coined the term, ‘Archetype’. When Jung first came up with the concept, he named what we now call the ‘Archetype’ the Primordial Image, a phrase that he first used in his essay, ‘Instinct and the Unconscious’. 

When he started his ‘modern quest for the soul’, Jung turned to classical mythology to explain his insights – because he realized that the stories within the mythology explained his concept quite nicely as reflections of the human experience – together with other ‘gateways to the unconscious’ such as dreams, rituals, and the use of art and symbols. In this way, he identified the power of mythology as (what could be described as) both a ‘key’ and a ‘mirror’ for the journey of the soul.”

Witchvox Article.



**(FYI: This is pretty much a journal entry, so no jazz hands on this post. Most of these meditations and the experience to which I am basing the drum line for most of my meditations, e-work and other growth processes are rooted in two things: 1. My long, winding road of experience on a mystical path and, 2. A re-dedication to The Path (Magick / Witchcraft) in the last two years. SO, the meditations and other steps along the way are generally/currently referencing my exploration of the universe through the lessons and observations from The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, by Christopher Penczak).**

So for the past three weeks I’ve been attempting a journey into the Realm of Water with little to no success. Not that I am succeeding on my part but it seems as if there are those in the life around me who just don’t want me to tap into that power/element.

As I recall my fire attunement I encountered several severe eruptions of energy in the form of aggression, anger and even physical + energetic attacks. All of that was of course related to uses of power, will and passion, ambition. My Will. Divine Will. The Will of of others, the spark and spray of fire in the process…

With Water I began at my home altar. I don’t have a cup, bowl or basin. How do I not have some representation of the emotional, the dreamy, the loving?

I wasn’t very successful. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. I “think to much” because this isn’t about thought (Air), it’s about love, feeling, flow, tides pushing and pulling; or Water.

Twice I entered the inner temple, gazed inward and traveled to that sacred space and twice I was rebuked. The mind fumbles with love analyzing and critiquing. Epic fail at that attunement.

I muddled around with this some more. Attunement to the element of water is the Grail Quest. The Grail Quest is the quest for love, love of the Goddess, love within finding that wellspring. The fountain.

Again I enter mediation. Wednesday. This time I journey directly to my center, there I find the doors to realms. There I knock and ask for entry into the Realm of Water and I am this time met by a familiar face, one that I loved dearly. The fancy little Goldfish I named Titus who passed some six months ago. I smile. I sense his love now, as I did then. Fish have much bigger spirits than their bodies -as my friend Kaynek would say, most things do- and I ride his back along the currents.

Water pulls and pushes, draws and drags, tusles everything in it’s all encompassing cold and dark blanket of moisture where I for moments struggle with a fear of drowning… then breathe as in dreams and become accustomed to the environment.

Shadows of Mer-creatures darting. The cool swish of water as they dart away then, there ahead of me a woman I know. A Goddess. I hear Lakshmi.

Then I am yanked back to the present almost instantly as two people unlock and then enter my office. Workers. Ok but I am instantly back in this place so fast I’m a bit out of sorts.

Hi. Hello. Ok. Yes. No. Mmm Hmm.

I didn’t get back into meditation.

Today I begin to journal again. Note taking. Following the stream of consciousness and there she is again. Then images, people -yes a woman showing at the Rowan tonight happens to know a lot about Lakshmi- and I ask about her experience.

Faces flashing. Reflections in water. Eyes smiling upon eyes, gazing into my eyes I am taken back to… there! That place and, “BOOM!”  a silent opening as my heart shrugs off this up-to-now unseen plate of something and the feeling of love fills me.

In a wash, a wave of sensation sweeps through me -you know this right? Like you’re falling in love- and I open.

Tears are still in my eyes. Not sadness. No, more like joy and relief core with a seed of tingling light. Reminds me of a first blush.

That to me is Lakshmi, my Goddess at the Western Gate.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

Scott LifencompassCreate Your Badge

“With new essential oils, which are the essence of the plant or herb, I like to get into the mind of the herb and “get to know a new friend”. I meditate and connect with the spirit of the plant. I ask if I can talk with it. When I receive a welcome signal I enter into a dialogue. Intimacy. I travel with the plant back to the first plant of its kind. From that elder of plant, I ask to be shown the purpose of its work, the path of its life and how we two have been brought together.”


|| essential oils || healing ||.

trees“Through magick, unlike other forms of manifestation and prayer, we partner with the divine in nature, through the elements, animal spirits, herbs, stones, colors, Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. We learn everything is alive. Everything has a consciousness. They might be different from us, but everything contains a spirit and is part of the pattern of creation. We must learn to partner with creation, to truly live in the world and be with it, rather than destroying it.

We learn to be caretakers and helpers in the world. We learn a path of service. Ultimately witches are servants to the divine, and to the community. They are healers, counselors, and mediators. They are religious leaders and guides. Because of this deep awareness of our connections, you cannot help but develop a compassion for others, for it is compassion for yourself. You cannot help but to help others, because you are helping yourself and the greater world. When you help someone else heal, you are contributing to your own healing. Both processes must go hand in hand.

Ultimately through magick, we learn by our experience that we are not only all connected, but we are all one. One spirit with many different expressions, as nature is one. We are part of nature. We are part of the divine. both are simultaneous and not exclusive. But without the experience, it is only philosophy. We do magick to know we are all one. This is the spiritual truth of magick.”

~Outer Temple of Witchcraft. Circles, Spells, and Rituals.

(Chapter 2, page 32.).

Christopher Penczak.


“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”

~Unknown source

Dalai Lama


I woke quite early this morning, around 4:30 am or so. I’m guessing that thejet lag / time difference has really set in and I am still adjusting. I don’t fight these moments, if I am awake then I am awake. If I was tired I would be resting. Make sense to me.

Logging into a favorite game I played for awhile. Poked around on Facebook and surfed the web. I kept quiet so as not to disturb B in our little 700 square foot loft. Quiet clicks on the keyboard. A soft clearing of the throat. Outside a truck rolled by, I gave a squinty look through the blinds to see what the fuss was about and checked over my shoulder to see if his head was still buried in the blankets and pillows.

Yes, still sleeping.

Morning comes. Dawn. We wake. We routinely go about our getting readyand face the day, our jobs, people, events, and the unknown. By about 9:00 am I was feeling the need to sleep. B had left for work and I had an hour to myself again before I walked over to my day job at the Rowan.

I’m always thinking metaphysical. This is a constant. Back in the day, when I was young-er, I had gotten a reading by this incredible psychic who did guide work. She had the pleasure of meeting the rather stern monk (“stern” is me being kind because I think that this guide was a hard ass teacher) who was a beneficial spirit in my life for many years. He was bald and always appeared in a robe which one could feel with the psychic senses. The robe felt like a potato sack woven in a rough, scratchy wool. Had he worn that in life I don’t know how he could have stood it but then again the sensation of the robe may just have been an indicator of his personality.

Through our three-way conversation she, the Reader, illustrated how me and the guide were teachers to one another. I taught him to lighten up. He taught me to get orderly and follow some ritual. Ha. Ha. He said during that reading,

“You will have it [connectedness / balance / “the” magick] when you can be thinking high metaphysical thoughts while eating pizza and screaming at a football game.”

Are your eyebrows raising too? First, I don’t like football. Well I don’t dislike it but I don’t enjoy it. Second I can only imagine the pizza bits flying out of my mouth while I am screaming and thinking Buddha thoughts, tetragramming, or rolling through a serious of conversions in numerology to astrology while chanting and incanting.

Seriously? HA!

I didn’t get it. I thought I did, but I did not. It wouldn’t be until a few years later when I was in Guatemala heading to a secluded coastal town only reachable by a boat that it would strike me. I am the magick. I am the beauty that I see. I am the power I perceive. I am this experience and this is the beginning…

((Photo from Wikipedia.

This morning was another one of those moments. A deepening of awareness. A time of infinity where thoughts and ideas connect with feeling, and power, to the present. The Now. A time when life outside and life inside meet up perfectly. No pizza or football was  necessary just me and my shower, getting metaphysical with my soap and the spray.

So, yeah. I hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama in my mind. Well I don’t hear him exactly but I have this “download of information” where suddenly I am this incredible connectedness to the earth and all things. Not this generic, basic feeling of Oneness but a real, almost magnetic, feeling that even if I were to pass away that instant that I am part of this magnificent consciousness called earth. I begin to feel my responsibility.

Being a part of that consciousness I thought, released all worry because no matter the outcome I returned to the mother, I continued. I remained part of all things. This budded many other flowers of thought. The pettiness of dramas, and the true tragedy of wars. CNN was non-stop on the Iran situation this morning. I was sending all sorts of loving energy that direction.

I did my morning energy work. My ritual of preparedness with all of these things in mind. <<Viper armed!>> I enter this little pocket city, Downtown LA. I am reflective. I am mindful that I have just been re-dedicated as a Priest/Priestess and that this may be part of my calling or a step in that direction. I feel the order of things, in the chaos of life as this here and that over here tangle roots and bring me into what I intended when I started my re-dedication: The righting of my path and the continuance of my magickal / living calling.

Then, this is the part I love, when we let go and follow the magick, things line up. Sessions are coming my direction. Readings. Healing. Purpose.
The calling.

I wanted to share this with you because I thought it could be significant to your own path. Yes, I’ve been away from this energy over here in LA. Yes I was cleared. Yes I had time to have distance and so some perspective and it has all really accelerated my growth but I think when we create space, we help to give room for change.

In change is the greener pastures we seek. That change is waiting within.

I am reminded of that story about the songbird in the cage. The keeper feels sadness suddenly for the singing birds imprisonment and so she (or he) opens the door but the bird becomes terrified. It does not fly out. It clings to the cage. In a way, our mind can become like this. We get so wrapped up in our day-to-day experience we loose the moment, the Now, and we become trapped in what was and what could be. Neither here nor there, we suffer.

Creating space, inside or out, we give ourselves a little freedom to grow.

Find it. Make it. Share it.

We are born. We live. We love. We laugh. Breath. Shit. Eat. Argue. Want. Love. Lust. Hunger. Tickle. Make love. We contribute to a billion things. We wonder why. We thirst for answers in the world around us…

All the while the door to clarity is within. When we come into connectedness, when we embrace our place, what we eat, how we act, what we think and do, these things become conscious acts. Give yourself room. Seek that center. Find that connection.

Be the beautiful human you are.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott K Smith

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“We all have a special responsibility to help create a better world, because material progress alone is clearly insufficient for a happier human society. No one loses, and everyone gains by a shared universal sense of responsibility to this planet and all living things on it.”

-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.


I’m diving into this one, head first.

There is a strong energy coming through this month that is related to communication, illusions, masks and revelation. We are all -yes I realize- to varying degrees vibing on different wavelengths, densities and tones of energy. We have an uncountably diverse planet but there are rhythms, base beats if you will, that move through the underpinnings of the seen creating the “boom boom boom” of the earth’s spiritual heartbeat. That thump-thump we are all so intimately bound to.

Last week as I did some healing work on the self, experimenting with what I am learning is called Reiki-Gong (Walter Lübeck). It was a fun experiment with interesting results, at the throat. Interesting, OK, and I recognize my center for healing expression and what was once a major healing issue for me earlier in the year and later last year. The throat. The center of communication.

The weekend comes and I attended the Old Bank District Block Party, mostly on 4th and Main. (Thanks Tom for getting our group into Warung so quickly, it was a rather large troupe). Saturday becomes Sunday and I nurse a bit of a hang over. Guilty as charged and spend the day resting, painting and catching up with some online friends. Sunday night… BOOM! The messages start rolling in. No, they explode in my face until about 11:30 p.m. at night and I’m left to journaling most of Monday, thinking, “What the hell?!?”

Monday I get a hit from a friend as we begin to talk about Masks, reality, truth and illusions. I took note in my journal and kept on.

Tuesday the Full Moon Newsletter from Gaia LA, rolls into my inbox.

This years last Full Moon will be in the social butterfly sign of Gemini.

This sign makes us feel light and social.

But this year we have a grand square that will make everyone more cautious about what they say.. or should (Um Communication!!! Scott)

I say, we should be more cautious about what we share, since

the planets that are aligning may bring foot to mouth more easily than most nights :).

The square in the sky is having us look at what we value as truth and what no longer

applies in our lives as doctrines.

We are open to share our new found hopes and are excited about the light that has finally

opened our eyes to what we choose not to see before.

Though sometimes we are not happy about the truth being revealed to us, there is

a relief to finally look at that truth in our lives so we may move forward.

This night is great to share our hopes and dreams and ideas with friends and family.

Very social energy, but tempered with solid values.

Do something productive to help with that polarity.

Create a night that brings you, friends and family together to make gifts from the heart. Share memories as gifts to those you love. Most of all,

open your heart to those you value and let them know that you appreciate them in your life. For sharing a kind word is priceless.

Are you following me here? 😀

The last of many “hits” on this topic came through in the December  update from Astrology Zone. The “heads up” by Susan Miller, iced my holiday cookies. Something is coming through many channels to say, “read my lips… Watch your mouth, listen to where the energy is focused. Gemini. Communication. Revelation. Truth. What you say. How it is heard.”


The message came to me, to you, to tell us that there is a special tone to the energy that is about us at this time and it is centered on communication, truth, reality versus illusions and the removal of masks.

Revelation. Forgiveness.

As I know it to be, as I mentioned before, I do believe we are all on different waves, levels of vibration and so this base line energy can affect us all differently. For some it may be love relationships, where the communicative energy is released, for others it could have to do with their own personal growth, their home and family or other aspects of their life. Where the mind is focused is generally where these things manifest when they “spike” around the planet. And we are heading into, if we are not already in the midsts, of a natural world thrust.

The December 12th date has a big highlight around it, according to a few sources, as a day to lay low. Which, I personally will do, keeping a few things in mind and being in the present.

This is a time when you can release Karmic cycles, energetic ties and the fetters and tethers that have clipped your wings for some time and held you out of the sky. There is a lot of focused power, squared -structures, physical, manifestation, earth- in these moments and the key to freedom isto be in the present, witness what his happening with an open and clear mind, and let go. Yes. Release.

Release the points of tension, the arguments, the ties that bind. “Let go. Let God.” as they say, “If it is true love, set it free and it returns to you”. Your karmic lessons are bound to bigger wheels of  movement, larger lessons and you remain bound to those lessons, unlearning because you, we, get caught within the proverbial spokes of the “problems” wants, issues and details; to the point that when the Karmic Wheel revolves around and begins again we find ourselves saying, “why does this always  happen to me?” and we are committing to the same learning path again, doing the same thing over, unchanged, unenlightened.

Sometimes it is better to listen, to let go and look at what is happening outside of the box of your own ideas, perceptions, desires and fears. Looking at reality without the lens of personal gain and loss.

To help you I would suggest strengthening some tools.

  1. • Speak less and listen more.
  2. • Make time to meditate, to get centered and feel your natural rhythm. It is through identifying and listening to your own cycle, your nature, that you tune into the natural world and the ebb and flow of these messages. You can navigate them with greater clarity.
  3. • Look to where you feel you are being challenged, these are your Karmic ties that are being loosened. Are you going to fight to preserve them or will you help them unfasten.
  4. • Look at your fears, we are heading into the Winter Solstice as well, when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are living in longer nights and shorter days. This is a time of greater darkness to a point, and a birth of light. Find the light, the love, the joy in your life and cultivate it. No matter how great or small it may seem, even the seemingly irrelevant can make a difference if it makes you feel good at the heart, at the body, in the mind.

I hope that this finds you all well.

Scott K Smith

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