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With the new year I began a few new projects for Lifencompass, the Journey. Is started a fan page on Facebook. I crafted a new path on my magickal journey, beginning the Living Temple of Witchcraft Series, starting with Volume One: Decent of the Goddess, Christopher Penczak. I also penned a few drafts for some art/craft projects. 🙂

In this posting I wanted to talk about the breath and breathing, through the vein of a few meditations in the Temple of Witchcraft series. This month I have set up a Root Chakra Temple, and started with the Muladhara in my meditations and journey work.

Some of the Temple of Living Witchcraft reviews will appear on my Vimeo channel, for registered and approved viewers. Please contact me there if you would like to view the vlog.

The past three days I’ve woken and done breath work, breathing through my senses.

Opening The Senses

Exercise 3, Living Temple of Witchcraft, Christopher Penczak.

As part of the mysteries of the body, we explore the senses, the root, and the body. I love these exercises, they’ve had a very practical and positive impact on my life, down to my daily routine.

In this meditation we use breath to first draw in healing energy (Life Force Energy, Prana) through each of our senses, and then explore that sense. Meditating on what we perceive. We end by breathing and out through our entire being. If you would like Christopher’s meditation and tutorial, I suggest picking up his Temple of Witchcraft series. Life changing.

After entering a meditative state we breath through our eyes, then ears, nose, skin, and mouth. In each moment we are exploring the power of that breath of energy and opening our senses to the body and the world around us. Sounds pretty simple but you would be surprised at how you have dimmed some of your senses.

I use various methods of moving energy but on the second day of using this technique my mind wandered off the prescribed path and began to piece together other exercises to increase the depth of the experience.

First I recalled that Brandon’s Grand Mother wakes in the morning and does her form of Yoga. Breathing in through her nose, and out through her mouth while stretching and extending her body. Good stuff. At 78 she has done more than most Grand Mothers, including Tae Bo! And she still goes to the gym and looks fabulous!

So as I breathed in and out through my senses I recalled that the breath is healing, enlivening, vital.

I followed through the senses listening and feeling, and then completed the prescribed course at which point my mind jumped off again and I found a few other helpful pathways of breathing.

I recalled a dream from a few  nights ago in which I met a Peruvian medicine person (not sure if that is the proper title of the masculine feminine use of the word). She was breathing in energy of the world and sending it back into the world. It was a startling dream because she was glowing brighter with each breath, powerful with each exhale. She used a few examples, including a friend to demonstrate the power of her breathing technique. During the exercise today she appeared re-illustrating the breathing in and out of Life Force Energy, into the sky, the earth, the body, and the environment. Into each thought that came to my mind.

Then as I was breathing into the earth and sky I began to direct the energy to come through the lungs of the three worlds. Upper, middle, and lower. Each being, one being, myself, breathing in and out the sacred energy of life and breath and returning light and energy to the world. This brought me to the essential self, the awakening of the consciousness of the master within (Awaken Your Light Body, Formless Self, etc) and a new breathing that was an amalgamation of my senses, and levels of awareness.

Breath, is a powerful thing.


Muladhara chakra is shown as having four petal...

Muladhara: Image via Wikipedia

You may ask, how are these things beneficial or even practical, as I mentioned before?

Well, I’m finding that a lot of the work done at the Muladhara has brought clarity to financial issues, helped me to organize my house, kept me stable and grounded. This is magick on it’s most practical level. Loving the body and life. Expanding the senses. Becoming aware of our surroundings and making use of the vital energies.

Although I have long worked with my own energetic system the result of re-addressing them from a new perspective has refreshed my outlook, inviting changes and broadening my understanding of myself and my connection to all things.

I’m also reminded of two other points. One, I know that as we shift our awareness we shift awareness around us. Now I do see how that shift could be up or down, meaning positive or negative and how that change can effect those that we surround ourself with. But if you follow me here, and I believe you are, then as I breath I exhale into the world my intention for healing. As I expand my senses to include a deeper awareness of the world around me and my interactive place within it, am I not contributing to some 100th healer phenomena? What was the Peruvian Medicine Person (in my dream) meaning when she instructed to breath that energy back into the world? I have my answer. What would be yours?

The second point that comes to mind is that the practice of meditation, breath work, and of bringing in these subtler energies of healing and light into my life, that they have really changed the vibe around me. I see it in how I interact with those closest to me and how I move through the world. It adds to a fuel of energy within, a little storehouse. It’s very helpful, enough that I would like to share. So here would be my instructions for the breath work. My tweaks to the process.

Breathing Prana, or Life Force Energy

  1. Get into a meditative state. State your intentions.
  2. Start with the Opening the Sense exercise listed in The LToW, Vl. One or another similar breathing exercise to expand your awareness.
  3. Breath in the energy through your five senses. Take note of any feelings, thoughts, sensations, and record them later.
  4. Now that this level of awareness is established, we’re going to go wider. Deeper.
  5. Breath in the Life Force Energy and out into the crown, the heart, and the root. Bring the awareness of your intake and exhale at these points as simultaneous inward and then outward streams of energy. Feel the multi-layered awareness. I imagine my upper, lower, and middle world selves as a linked, unified being. It is sometimes necessary to explore each of them individually to know them. Like understand the had to the arm, the arm to the torso, etc, but for the purposes of this exercise we should be at the stage of having established these points of awareness. If it is uncomfortable, stop, practice something different and come back to it when you feel ready.
  6. Now focus your awareness on the entire being. Breathing in and out into three worlds, through the five senses, the crown, the root, the heart. This is the greater being. Breath in. Breath out. This is who you are in a broader sense, a magickal mapping of mutli-dimensionality.
  7. The power of this being is you. Notice that as you breath in and out into your environment, that the energy is passing through a center in your body. It is moving through a vortex, that is both taking in and sending out the energy. Find that place, should be around the area of your naval. Breath in and out. Breath in the light and exhale the light. See it the vortex of energy glowing with this energy. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount. Send any excess into the world as light. This is healing energy. Life force. It infuses you, your self, your energy centers, breath and body.
  8. Stay in this place of breath, being, and energy until you are ready to return.
  9. Come back to your normal state of consciousness in your preferred way. This plane. This moment. This time. Stretch and move your body comfortably. Bring your breathing back to what feels like your everyday breath. Wiggle your fingers and toes.
  10. Christopher Penczak says, and I recommend, to “Take both hands and raise them up over your head, palms facing your crown. Slowly bring them down  over your forehead, face, throat, chest, abdomen, and then groin, and “push out” with your palms facing away from you. This gives you clearance and balance, releasing any harmful or unwanted energies you might pick up during your magickal experience. Tell yourself:

I give myself clearance and balance. I am in balance with myself. I am in balance with the universe. I release all that does not serve my well being.” (pg 47, LToW, Vol. 1, excerpt Exercise 1).

Now ground yourself as needed.

I’m getting into the habit of this mediation daily, in the morning when I first wake. You can find the time that works best for you. You don’t have to go as deep every time you do the breathing exercise, simply staying with the senses or moving directly to the whole-being as you feel called. I’ve got a pretty good understanding of my whole system so I can start by breathing into my senses and move rather purposefully into the more advanced and deeper work. Go with what feels comfortable, right.

I’m sure you’ll see and feel a difference. Daily meditation, bringing in light work, adding breathing, these things have helped me to clean up parts of my life where I felt a bit disorganized and to follow my calling at the same time.

That’s practical magick.

See you next time.

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith
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I’ve ticked around a concept for a few years involving the Mana. The power that is within, or imbued through thought, feeling, and worship within objects, places, people, and spaces. In a sense this is a part of my art and the things that I, we, create because there is often meditation involved and the use of ritual, essential oils, herbs, breath, and Ki.

The following is a movie that I have meant to watch for some time. It is part explanation and part visual experience of how the sacred is acknowledged around the world. It is the primary motivation for my next piece/pieces.

Mana: Beyond Belief.

From the website:

Mana: Beyond Belief is a 92 minute ’round the world motion picture encounter with power objects and how people believe in them, filmed in dazzling High Definition digital video.

MANA–a journey leading from a Navajo medicine man’s mud-covered hogan to the eternity of space, from the most ancient of technologies to the most complex, from the concrete world of objects to the projected world of values, and from the individual’s attempt to comprehend the secret powers surrounding him to the power our own minds give us to shape our experiences . . .

You can watch the full film here at or you can tune in via Google Video. More information about the film is at the Mana Movie Site.


– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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An attunement is an initiation. I can see no bell or whistle in the process of the two that is any different except the method. We get centered. We call in the healers, and set the intention. We hold the crown open and watch while symbols spark with color and light. With a sense of gratitude, centered in the heart, we welcome the healer that has come to us with the intent to become, and seal the symbols into the auric field.

It’s really quite amazing to me that I simply hold the space and the “Universe” does the rest. Sounds pretty simple but it took me years to get to the place where I can experience this type  of interaction and amazing passage of energy.

I’m going to segue over to a bit about Ki / Life Force Energy for minute, bear with me I have a point.

Reiki, or the Life Force Energy, (Ki, Qi, etc) are  names for that energy which can be felt in all interactions in life but intensely in rituals, rites of passage and initiations. Reiki happens to be a  name for a lighter, more intelligent vibration. By “Intelligent” I mean to say flexible with a consistency to effect change or direct energy. Much like a magnet over iron, the Reiki (magnet) pulls on the denser energies.

There are many variations or frequencies of energy when it comes to Ki. Like water which is a fluid, a gas (evaporated), frozen or as a building block in Oxygen. It is all water just in various densities or states.

More than this the  understanding of Life Force Energy comes not only from the vibration of energy but also its function or action. Energy that is defined by sudden transformation or shifts, that is Denki.

Reiki is spiritual power.

Dr. George Oshawa, founder of the Macrobiotic Diet, defined the variations of Ki (which is where I began this study) in this way.

There are seven types of Ki:

•Kekki: Ki of the blood.

•Shioke: Ki of the salt or minerals.

•Mizuke: Ki of liquids or water.

•Kuki: Ki of the gases or air.

•Denki: Ki of thunder.

•Jiki: Magnetic power.

•Reiki: Spiritual power.

•Shinki: Divine Ki.

Where Kekki has the strongest power to heal, because it is the densest form of Ki and most related to the body it has no ability to organize to produce the healing unless a greater, (intelligent), force applies the right vibration. That is where Reiki comes in. Reiki would be considered a “Spiritual Energy” or lighter vibration with less power to heal and  more power to organize and direct denser energies for a specific purpose. In short the Universal Mind is the intelligence behind the body of energy that we call healing, creative, magick.

During an attunement we are tapping into that Universal Mind (Intelligence) to affect the denser levels of energy in the body to carry, or “tune into” the spiritual organizing energies of the Universe. This is why the attunement or initiation works in the way it does. We’re brining in a previously untapped energy to the recipient and getting their Life Force Energy tuned in on that source. Like the magnet drawing on the iron.

One could meditate and focus on the sacred symbols and over time begin to tune into the energy as well. Much like the monks that are said to be part of Dr. Usui’s study (Tendai Buddhism). Breath-work, meditation, visualization, chanting, and diet to completely focus on harmonizing with these energies is possible. It takes time and commitment. An attunement is a short step to the end result.

Think about that one for a moment. You, the Reiki initiate, are getting an infusion of that primal energy in a few hours of a day instead of cultivating it over years. It is a pretty profound moment and one that needs careful consideration. If you are already on a spiritual path you may be getting a little boost or acceleration in your growth but if you are just beginning to explore healing, energy, and the Metaphysical Universe you might be in for one of those talked about “Reiki Cleanses” which tend to go through the system like a flue or illness. As the Reiki begins to work through the body affecting our energy, dispersing toxins, we can become ill as a form of elimination.


Then what is next? What happens when you perceive energy, guides, chakras or even someone’s personal deities?

There are other transformations that can happen. We can have sudden changes in our life, the way we think and interact with others because tuning into this higher frequency of energy can have dramatic affects. We think of toxins and pollutants as chemicals and bad diet, drugs and such, but when a relationship fails because we failed to see that it was “toxic” emotionally or spiritually, we can really be wrecked.

When we are not prepared or instructed to deal with a metaphysical reality, even tho we have the energy in us that is instigating the interaction, we can really be doing more harm than good.

Some people will say that Reiki cannot cause harm. Well water is not harmful per se but if you are suddenly out sea and dropped on a boat and told to get home, well it can become dangerous. How do we predict the weather? How do we navigate? Basic training is needed and it is up to the teacher and student to come to the understanding of what type and how much of that schooling will come into play along with the attunement.

Remember Usui didn’t just pass Reiki, hand out a certificate, and let you go. No ma’am. You started with meditation, you worked in the clinic, heck I think you even had to live with him! Tho the initiation process works, back in the Doctor’s day you had to learn through osmosis, exposure and dedication. You worked for it.

Sometimes you will come across a student who for all intents and purposes says that they want to learn Reiki… but everything feels wrong about it. Jumping full circle here and thinking about how I am involved in the ritual, if we are really tuning in, we can feel when the energy just isn’t going to move. In this case the Guides say, “no.”

I found myself in this situation now. Tho I respect the insights and guidance I am receiving from my healing forces and the Universe that the student is not ready, I’m confronted with his desire for me to pass the energy. We are in a waiting period. The two of us have set up multiple appointments that just haven’t been kept. Sudden sickness, job commitments and life in general seem to suddenly conspire for him in a different way. We wait. We feel. We find when the time is right and explore why that is not right now.

This is serious business. Reiki isn’t an item, it is a tradition, yes, but it s tap into the healing forces of the universe which can have a tremendously beneficial influence in our life but should never be rushed or taken without some thought and exploration. Is it right for me? What is behind my desire to learn healing? Am I ready for this commitment at this time?

I mean I guess one could go through the motions but there isn’t much integrity in that.

My friends fortune cookie at lunch today said, “Commitment is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism”. My first Reiki master, the lovely Claudia, always affirmed the need to conduct myself as a healer with respect, to hold myself to a higher standard and commit to it.

This isn’t McReiki although you will probably be “luvin it”. You aren’t going to get a drive through attunement and an extra large coke. In fact I could tell you exactly why I don’t want you to ever drink a coke again, but that’s another topic. Suffice to say I took Claudia’s words and work to heart. She is an shining example. I am sure I have said it before, she is my Reiki hero.

We as healers, would be healers, even “just us” as humans are part of a larger more beautiful organism. When I perform an initiation into the Life Force Energy there, present in my circle are glimpses of that beauty. When the healing is passed it is there. I listen and follow. This is the Greater Intelligence that my teachers spoke of and others write about. How the energy flows where it is needed.  This is the Reiki that George Oshawa has described as an organizing force of spiritual power.

This is the feeling that directs my work.

I am excited to be back, healing, teaching and even painting.

We are in an interesting time right now. Eclipses, shifts, rises and falls in the natural tides bring about an elevation in our awareness of certain issues. I see a lot of drama in those around me with regards to relationships from Facebook, to the phone, to a lunchtime conversation or client. Deep issues under the surface being suddenly brought out. Some of that which is coming up is pretty peaceful but many are confrontational. More than this I see a new resolution that comes out of these situations, a commitment to a more soulful purpose. Maybe a continuance, maybe a break and begin again, but usually with a sentiment that they should be more focused on a souls calling then the relationship that has held them back up until this point.

In two weeks I’ve seen it played out through a death, a break up, the realization of an impending break up, a friendship threatened because true colors have been shown, and in the work place between employee’s. It doesn’t stop there, that is but a few but it tells me what I feel, that a greater tide is at work, pushing and pulling, waxing and waning.  That our idea of control is so small compared to the cycles of nature, our nature. That we still have much to remember and always more to experience.

That attunement I performed last week was truly amazing. We spoke for an hour and talked about the nature of their (my client) life situation. We discussed the purpose of the attunement and then the energy became “right” and it was time.

He sat, I stood behind him. I began the evocation of energy. I opened the crown and then I watched in wonder as the healing guides went to work. I was guided, I assisted but it was much bigger than me. Colors flashed, symbols lit up, feelings descended into energy and then the crown was closed.

When it was over we both said, “wow”.

In retrospect I wonder how many people are feeling this, sensing this, and how many miss out on the real beauty because of lack of experience? I’m hungry for shared stories, through my initiation my world has expanded and so my commitment and practice as well. I’m wondering if it is this vivid and intense now, what will it be in 10 years, or even 20?

As always, your thoughts, insights and comments are welcome.

Be twirly,

– – –

Scott K Smith

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“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

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