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Happy Monday. Welcome back to The Journey. It’s been blustery, raining, and crispy cool in Los Angeles, I love it. Feels like winter.

This weeks  message is about self care in times of stress, and challenges. It’s pretty simple although at times it can be hard to do.

Tarot Weekly

A friend of mine has a way of thinking about money, it boils down to, I do not lend money, I give it. If they give it back to me that’s great but I don’t let money come between me and my friends. Naturally the philosophy is born out of instances where she had to cull some unsupportive, leech-like relationships, but because of the difficulties she experience in her relationships she learned a valuable (personal) lesson.

I’m reminded of this with a feeling of “giving without receiving.” It’s an expression this weeks energy. As Bjork sings, we give out the energy, support, time, and caring but we shouldn’t expect it to be returned from the sources we have invested them in. In fact that’s a bit of the bitchy-Virgo in each of us that thinks should get back what we have invested from the ones we have cared for.

Well, you’ll be taken care of, you’ll be given love…

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at

Twist your head around
It’s all around you
All is full of love
All around you

~ All is Full of LoveBjörk

Tarot Weekly: November 22 - 28th

The cast of cards this week are an interesting bunch, standing on their heads for the most part. Page of Pentacles remains in the sweep with a continuation of the “yada yada yada” about problems, which could probably begin to harp a “me. me. me.” song as the time that was given is not returned and a little martyr is born out of it. Watch yourself.

Remember to give back to yourself, that’s the first and most viable source of rejuvenation, besides how much gratitude are you going to get if you are holding your hand out and asking for it? The point is then lost. Watch escapism, need for validation, demands for pay-back.

There are some notes in the air here that says there has been, or we could be entering a time of some challenges and we’ve given a lot into our situation on the level of giving / receiving / exchange. This could be work, this could be relationships, this could be helping out a friend, or cause… The underlying message is not to be so intense, or driven because you could  lose the balance point perspective of charity and fall into the role of debt collector.

This is not about “right” and “wrong”, winners or losers, those who have and those who have not.

We can honor our feelings. There may be something that is critically wrong with the situation we are in, either immediately or in the long run, and by Gods, that is valid. We can say I have given enough and now it’s time for me. Some self-appreciation is in order, or even some pats on the back from a friend who see’s your real worth. Talk to them. Step away and in one way or another refuel.  Find some balance in your life between work and play, giving and receiving, honor and obligation. It’s the “Holiday Season,” a time when these issues can seem to pop up around every corner, and so it is also the perfect time to be mindful of this balance between give and take.

Give when we are full. If we feel empty then it is time to step back and rejuvenate. Take care of our health and well being and then from there we are in the place where we can enter into the scenario or move onto other things.

When we expect gratitude, when we ask for thanks, or demand respect we have lost all three things, it’s probably wise at that point to look critically at our situation and what we are getting out of it; what we expect out of it; and what we are doing for ourself that may need to be asked.

“When you feel locked into a difficult set of circumstances – nothing can be accomplished – center yourself and wait. Difficult though your life may be – it will change. Go deep within yourself and seek spiritual guidance. Think carefully now and ask yourself if you have considered everything. Communicate any new ideas or decisions in such an objective way that they can be received and heard. Focus your mind and allow yourself to see the whole picture.

When your balance and peace are disturbed – your passage is no longer serene – your emotions are stirred up and your physical or spiritual journey becomes stormy. Trying to “attack” a long standing problem – especially one that has been accepted by others – only agitates the situation…”

~ Crystal Reflections


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Take care. Have a great holiday.

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Be well,

Scott K Smith

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