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An interesting article on research linking polyphenolics, found in fruits and vegetables, that could indicate an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory effect on aging (the brain).

Another point to tick on eating basics: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Earth’s bounty.

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Eating berries may activate the brain’s natural housekeeper for healthy aging

Shibu Poulose, Ph.D., who presented the report, said previous research suggested that one factor involved in aging is a steady decline in the body’s ability to protect itself against inflammation and oxidative damage. This leaves people vulnerable to degenerative brain diseases, heart disease, cancer, and other age-related disorders.

“The good news is that natural compounds called polyphenolics found in fruits, vegetables and nuts have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect that may protect against age-associated decline,” said Poulose, who is with the U. S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging in Boston. Poulose did the research with James Joseph, Ph.D., who died June 1. Joseph, who headed the laboratory, pioneered research on the role of antioxidants in fruits and nuts in preventing age-related cognitive decline.

Their past studies, for instance, showed that old laboratory rats fed for two months on diets containing 2 percent high-antioxidant strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry extract showed a reversal of age-related deficits in nerve function and behavior that involves learning and remembering.

In the new research, Poulose and Joseph focused on another reason why nerve function declines with aging. It involves a reduction in the brain’s natural house-cleaning process. Cells called microglia are the housekeepers. In a process called autophagy, they remove and recycle biochemical debris that otherwise would interfere with brain function.

“But in aging, microglia fail to do their work, and debris builds up,” Poulose explained. “In addition, the microglia become over-activated and actually begin to damage healthy cells in the brain. Our research suggests that the polyphenolics in berries have a rescuing effect. They seem to restore the normal housekeeping function. These findings are the first to show these effects of berries.”

The findings emerged from research in which Joseph and Poulose have tried to detail factors involved in the aging brain’s loss of normal housekeeping activity. Using cultures of mouse brain cells, they found that extracts of berries inhibited the action of a protein that shuts down the autophagy process.

Poulose said the study provides further evidence to eat foods rich in polyphenolics. Although berries and walnuts are rich sources, many other fruits and vegetables contain these chemicals ― especially those with deep red, orange, or blue colors. Those colors come from pigments termed anthocyanins that are good antioxidants. He emphasized the importance of consuming the whole fruit, which contains the full range of hundreds of healthful chemicals. Frozen berries, which are available year round, also are excellent sources of polyphenolics, he added.

Provided by American Chemical Society (news : web)

via Eating berries may activate the brain’s natural housekeeper for healthy aging.

Hey there, it’s me!

Just got back from shopping around downtown, hitting up one of our grocers Ralph’s Fresh & Fare. $75.00 for two bags of groceries and a short jaunt home on foot. Are you cringing with me? I even used the printed coupons, those cut from the paper and the new Ralph’s Rewards Card and I still paid a bundle. Ouch!

I noticed on a few coupons that it says, “DO NOT DOUBLE”, double “eek!” Add that up to 2 and 3 times a month and the price rises and rises… and we wonder where our money goes?

There are a few alternatives in downtown Los Angeles for the savvey shopper but you have to make the time to save the money. Planning out shopping trips and thinking about what to buy, where, can really save you a lot of bucks.

Here are a few tips.

Grand Central Market = Cheaper vegitables, fruits, nutts and grains.

gcmlogoThe Grand Central Market hosts a variety -fewer now than last year at this time- of Farmer’s Market style grocers. If you hit the square earlier in the week the produce tends to be fresher.

Fresh letuce, onion, corn, potatoes, apples, other fruits and vegetables.

Other venders sell bulk and packaged rice, beans, chickpeas, salsa, condiments, nutts and other grains. You can even buy fish -yes I’ve been buying it there for years and NO I haven’t gotten sick- that is picked up from the ports and brought to Downtown Los Angeles to sell.

What you can’t find at the Grand Central Market are your more exotic and/or “specialty” items like Rhubarb, Kale, pine nuts, and sought after high end or seasonal fruits and vegetables. At that point you may have to check Ralph’s or a nearby Trader ‘… When are we getting a Trader Joe’s?!?!

317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Open Seven Days a Week,
Monday – Sunday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Telephone: (213) 624-2378
Fax: (213) 624-9496

Marukai Mart in Little Tokyo

marukai-logoLittle Tokyo has a great little market as well. Marukai Market!

Some of you might consider it a “specialty store” since most of the foods are of the Japanese, Korean and “Asian persuasion”. I’m just asking that you don’t balk at the sometimes confusing marketing and unreadable packaging. Ask for help. In general the staff is pleasantly helpful and often times humorous. I’ve had a few laughs there myself.

Asian style noodles of all sorts, soups, fish and seafood, real Miso, a small produce section with some items that you could remind yourself that, yes you  have in fact eaten this!

Marukai also carries a pretty diverse section of Rice Wines and beer. A home section with items like teas sets, sushi supplies, rice cookers and more. Wait, there is even an entire aisle of tea from English to Japanese and Korean.

The Market itself is located in Weller Court, there are a handful of places to grab a bite to eat before or after your shopping trip, AND Marukai is close enough that you could hit both the Grand Central Market and their grocery store as well!


Marukai Market

123 S. ONIZUKA ST. #105, LOS ANGELES, CA 90012
Telephone: (213)893-7200

Business Hours
Mon-Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM Sat 10:30AM-9:00PM Sun 10:30AM-8:30PM

Buyer we aware, Marukai has all sorts of sales and you can only walk out with the sale price if you  buy a membership card which will run you $10.00 bucks. I highly recommend buying in you can save a lot.

We have other shopping options as well, across the bridges are food for less and a few miles from us, outside of Downtown are other shopping experiences. I mention these three stores for a reason. In addition to the various Farmers Markets in Downtown LA, these can be walked to. So grab your bags and take to foot! Reduce your carbon footprint and support the local market while we wait for more new stores and shops in downtown LA!

Hey. Grab a neighbor and a bite to eat while you are at it!

Shop wisely.


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