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First, I hope that this finds you feeling groovy on another Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In my mind he is one of our sentinels for human progress. The spirit in which we can find our drive to do better. There is a lot going on in the world right now, well there always is, and I’m find the impetu for breaking down followed by the thematic spirit of hope, to rebuild, stronger and more enlightened.

A few things I want to point out this week.

On twitter the other day, Taz Thornton mentioned the significance of dreams. I mentioned this on The Journey || Lifencompass fan page for those tuning in because I’ve seen the trend of pointing to the importance of dreaming and the messages they carry. Personally mine have been enlightening to say the least, bringing up the debris of issues and energies that have been transiting out the last few months.

In recalling this theme of death / transition / transformation the momentum built to a shift point (Death, Wheel of Fortune, last week) with a moment of push-forward-and-get-it-done.

I used this as an opportunity to tackle some personal fears about success and to let go of some issues around that (self-confidence and prosperity, abundance) although somewhat late in the week, last night into this morning things finally clicked and passed for myself.

Look for some astrological influences of note, courtesy of Sandra Helton:

The Sun enters Aquarius and sextiles both Uranus and Jupiter this week making the atmosphere charged with abundant progressive energy. You become more aware and flashes of new ideas and enthusiasm positively renew your attitude about life.

A major shift this week is Jupiter entering Aries where it transits until June and carries you far beyond a regular routine and the predictable daily lifestyle. There is enthusiasm in the air even if you are not clear about anything in particular. Interest in embracing a more exciting lifestyle and incorporating more is to be an ongoing trend.

The jolt of Mercury conjunct Pluto calls for you to think deeply about what matters and where you are going in life. Out of the time you spend thinking on this and bringing in new ways of management you will have as an end result a more workable and enjoyable lifestyle that has depth and meaning with a spark of newness.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Jan17-23-2011

I’m looking at reminders of keeping steady with progress. Things like personal change are not won with the toss of the dice, although they can often be started or noted with the rattle and roll of lady luck. Rolling numbers we see two fives and a nine, both are card members of change. Completing the square is a two, a call of partnerships around ideas. Although with the two of swords we’re looking to be in harmony with our ideas not our fears, so the partnership is with your self.

Keep your eyes on the self and your goals. Watch for self-absorbed behavior and obsession with your own makings but the highlight should be on the goals or projects we have been working on.

Crying over what isn’t, or what is gone, is just a waste of your own energy as it leaks into waste. Avoid it. There is a bigger circle of energy at work, at this time, that can really help you. I’ve seen it in action and whether it is astrological, magickal, or the rush of new years energy, or all of the above and then other things, it doesn’t matter. The help is there, take it.

Keep an eye out for self-doubt, insecurities, and a defeatist attitude. If you catch them you can work with them. They may be coming through in dreams and waking you up at night (nine of sword reversed), you can work on them with affirmations, meditation, or even healing work by communicating with them as if they were sub-personalities that just need to be tended. Massage out the rough parts and work them into the right direction. Again, energy is there to help you in your endeavors. Universally speaking, we are not doing this alone.

Don’t be stubborn in resisting change or making a decision. Fear (above) or denial (two of swords) is blocking you from opening up to the proper direction. My advice is to remove the blindfold and trust what you see before you, directing the swords as emblems of truth, and symbols of action, activating them to cut through the illusions of the mind, doubt and fear, is in your best interest.

Keep plugging away and set your heart and mind on a hight note. Diligence creates abundance. 🙂

Because of the “Dream-Theme” this week, I HAD to put this video in the weekly. 🙂

– –

Scott K Smith
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What a day!

Just when I thought I  wouldn’t be able to get my info for the reading I found a surprising source of insight from a friend who really helped me to flesh out this weeks draw. Though the conversation was very personal the highlighted information from the Tarot was relevant to the trend of energy.

It is a time to end transitions, endings, change, and finish up old Karmic lessons to make way for new things. Moreover we’re looking at impulses on innovation, movements towards things that bring a little excitement to the routine and questioning how we can take advantage of supporting hidden influences that are pointed at capitalizing on our success in our goals and resolutions for a different and better life.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly jan 10 - 16, 2011

I’m calling this one the procession of days. Dont’ get used to it. I’m never sure how the cards will be pulled until the little nudges and pushes start.

You will note the following cards.

Key: Three of Wands (R)
Monday – Friday pull, the procession of days: Five of Cups (R), Temperance (R), Wheel of Fortune (R), Death (R), Five of Pentacles, Nine of Wands, The Hierophant.

Feel free to lay those out and give them a read. Remember that I’m drawing the trend, applicable / situational “fine-tuning” is in your court. It’s a little hard to read for everyone, when each of us have differing details in our lives.

What we’re looking at here is a message to being receptive to new ideas or direction. Where can you talents, or energies in life best be used? Are you happy with your focus and situation? What is missing? How can things change in the way that would best work for you and your happiness?

At the start of the week watch for emotional low notes that can carry over and lead you to lose your inner balance. If not yourself, because you are a cosmic surfer and can ride these waves, you may see it in those around you as the week progresses.

There is a detail indicator on Tuesday which for me, with the Temperance there can be an “either /or” situation. To much focus, or not enough. I say “either / or” because (naturally) we have to look at each personal situation individually. Not all are in the same space. So the question is, are you riding the wave or crashing beneath it. In balance the details of important transactions (monetary or emotional) can add value or give credit where credit is due for you; if you are in the midst of the crashing wave and “out of balance” this can be a signal that you should probably check the focus or the range you may be swinging back and forth between the balance point because you’re out of whack; and because you’re whack is out, you are not seeing things from the proper perspective of your own betterment and well being. Operative word for what we are looking for, balance point: Where is it, are you in it?

Two signs of change are upon s in this reading, Death and The Wheel of fortune but they are both inverted. What are the details of the last few months that have been transition themed and are you seated in a place where endings and new beginnings, or renewal, are the focus. With the Wheel I’m seeing a return of the same karmic cycle. Same relationship problems. Same gripes. Same. Same. Same, BUT with now being the time to shift the internal low gear vibrations to a lighter or less dense level of stuck to change. A change of luck?

This is also interesting because Mercury is entering Capricorn on Thursday until February 4th, which is emphasizing details, structure and our place within it. Newness can be captured in innovation that can further our own happiness and success.

What is it you are trying to change / transition, and why has it gone through the lengthy process it has? Have you reached the point where the truth of what you are experiencing, what you want, and where you can change have been distilled to the point of new purpose?

Wednesday morning there is an early and notable charge of energy from Uranus, that can affect your attitude and your zap to charge your attitude to put you in the right direction.

The energy then shifts after the mid-week and I think if we have taken these initiatives there are opportunities for monetary gain, or benefit physically from productivity that we put into our goals and the will power continues to thrive towards transitioning out of the old way and into the new. End week is an assertion of will under the guise of The Hierophant, bringing down those “spiritual” energies and grounding them in the physical.

What better day, eh? Mars enters Aquarius in the afternoon bringing the fire into the consciousness, stirring our original impulse, allowing for break through and sudden illumination.

I love how the cards align…

Anyway, thank you for reading, hope to see you next week.

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith
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