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Hello hello.

I’m very sorry for the late post, but I’ve had a very busy and full day… and this isn’t my full time job, however much I would like for it to be. No really, pay me and I will make it so. *wink*

Any-ho-ho here’s the bits from the reading and a few updates. They all interrelate, you know how I like to draw lines.

First the Conscious Life Expo (post conference) with Hank Wesselman.

As I read The Bowl of Light and get better acquainted with him and the story I am moved to comment and support his work and path. You can read the review here, at Lifencompass. I love this book.

Yesterday was no exception to my enjoyment, or my exploration. Hank is lovingly multifaceted, humorous, intelligent, detailed, wise, and learned. I sat in the presence of an elder and I came away better for it. First for knowing that his work rings truth and second that he is, really, a walker between worlds. There was a distinctive twinkle in his eyes that communicated the light of what he represents and teaches. We’re lucky to have him, and people like him, in the world today. He sees into you, he looks at you from the heart. A Shaman.

After the seminar, and some Journey Work to the drum: forgiveness. Healing. Compassion. My friend K and I took some time to catch up and talk about events in the world. Most specifically the recent changes and the quickened, or compact, nature of the latests shifts. (See end of last year through present).

I have to reference this week, last weeks reading:

The spirit addresses us in those who command the physical. Men or women who are rulers in their own right, leaders, kings, emperors, politicians, officials. The light shines through them, their message or the message around them. This is significant in that their decisions are affecting our environment, the physical and social realms that we operate within. The mother.

We are rulers in our own right. Do not let persuasive power move you. Keep your wit and your strength, by claiming your own choices (destiny) and going the direction that feels right for your own growth, practice, or period of life.

This flows with and through a pervasive sense of rising waters as the energy shifts in the subtle, that are chaning consciousness. It is as if the flavor of things have changed and we are all experiencing it. Some of us on a conscious level, others simply living through it.

This week the catalyst has been sent to us. The cracks in the world of last weeks reading have been set to motion, as the Tower places center in our weekly spread.

Tarot Weekly Feb 14-20, 2011

Tarot Weekly

I would like to have this song playing but the music The House that Jack Built playing as you read the weekly, but I couldn’t find a quality version online.

This is the house that Jack built, y’all
Remember this house!

This was the land that he worked by hand
The was the dream of an upright man
This was the room that was filled with love
This was a love that I was proud of
This was a life of a love I planned
Of a love and a life we loved
Of the house that Jack built.
Remember this house!

There was the fence that held our love,
There was the gate that he walked out of
This is the heart that is turned to stone
This was the house, but it ain’t no home
This is the love that I once had
In a dream that I thought was love,
This is the house that Jack built,
I’m gonn’ remember this house!

Oh-ohh wha-a-at’s the use of crying?
Because I brought it on myself
There’s no denying
But it see-e-ee-ems awful funny
That I didn’t understand
Was it a house of an upright man

~Aretha Franklkin

The call this week is for authenticity. To speak from the place of power that has been defined by ourself, within ourself, and in the world and relationships. Our dear Queen of Swords has appeared again in reverse. Though normally she is the direct speaker, often received as harsh, her words are now split or subtle. This tells me that our words can be misinterpreted or that observing the inner dialogue will reveal motivations or paths that can lead us to our goals without direct intervention or confrontation.

These are mental games to watch for in yourself. In either realm, especially the energetic, keep your poise and balance by maintaining grace and authenticity. Be moved by your choices and not the choices of others…

The next two cards ask questions about our changes. What are you holding on? Why are you holding on to it?  What are your choices? What feels right in the heart and makes sense? The heart is not the leader but one of our voices, the conversation must include the head for discernment and practicality. Meaning that you can spend a lot of time over analyzing but, hello *poke* this is the tower, it’s burning. Time to move folks.

Change is upon you but the power to deflect what can feel like a strike at you is yours. Authenticity requires that we are absolutely truthful with ourself about ourself, our motives, wants, and needs. Act from a place of light and awareness. That very thing lessens any connection to human dramas that may evolve from this change. Be above it (spiritual) and within it (grounded and present), let your honesty shine.

Change is now. It is irrevocable as a cycle completes a final turn and begins to close. The time for planning and negotiating, deciding direction and picking opportunities is past. The Tower burns, meaning that the structure is indeed hashed, the end is now.

The Eight of Cups Reversed….

“The reversed Eight of Cups suggests that you may be feeling confused about where your best options lie. Part of you wants to explore new horizons and possibilities, but another part of you fears that in doing so, you’ll miss out on what your current circumstances have to offer.

The Eight of Cups reversed also represents knowing when to walk away from a situation that is ultimately not working for you.” ~Biddy Tarot

“In a reversed position, the Eight of Cups often indicates struggles concerning separation or moving on. There may be on over attachment to one’s past. In some cases, the Eight of Cups can indicate co-dependency or fear of being alone. There may be a reluctance to mature or grow up. Although you may feel dissatisfied, your fears are preventing you from moving on.” ~Tarot Readings online.

The fear there to be watched for is “giving up the dream,” because it could feel like you are walking away from your path. The reality is that only you can abandon that dream. Situations do not force you away from it, they only offer alternative directions is our intentions are set on the path and the goal.

The path can hardly be called a straight line from point A to point B. There are twists and turns.

I see that moment in the movie Labyrinth where a young Jennifer Connelly, as Sarah is entering the labyrinth. A little catarpillar tries to direct her through what appears to be a solid wall. No going forward, no way in, but it is an illusion. She passes through the the wall and see’s two new directions.

Unfortunately Sarah doesn’t heed the advice of her little ally and she takes a left or right path, when she could have walked right up to the tower of the Goblin King and skipped the whole dam labyrinth. Isn’t that the fools quest…

My intuition points at this: quiet your tongue about your goal and ambition, much like spell-craft it can be knocked off course by psychic interfearence. (Often unitentional). Keep that to yourself or only with those who have your goal in mind and support it, unequivocally. The end of a period related to structures in your life has come.  Do not fall into despair, walk hidden paths, seek the exit from the structure which is crumbling around you. This is a physical structure as in a job or home situation, things built on agreements with other people.

Say goodbye to that House that Jack Built, use the challenges you have at the moment to strengthen your inner fire; and protect that flame, veil it.

The support you may need can come from high and/or low. The presence of the White Phoenix lends aid from the upper realms as spiritual transformation, mirroring what happens at the soul level. As above so below.

And below… Yes there is a pink stone, a rhodochrosite on a matrix of pyrite. This is both protection (pyrite) and energizing and related to the heart (rhodochrosite) helping to circulate the energy of love, compassion, alchemy, and transformation.

Times can seem trying, tough, but if we keep faith in our abilities, self-determination, and instincts while lending trust to the forces that seek our betterment both physically and spiritually we can overcome anything and evolve into something greater.

Know. Will. Dare. Keep silent. And give offerings of thanks for those that assist you.

– –

Scott K Smith
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Mercury goes into retrograde on Saturday. I’ve been talking to B about this, and spreading out some advice about transactions and communication -part of which I should have kept in mind today myself- *grumbles* because he wants to invest in some new wheels.

Naturally he asked, should I buy the car when Mercury goes Retrograde? Personally, I probably wouldn’t but that doesn’t mean I absolutely would not. Who runs my life, me or Mercury?

Conversation ensued, I had to leave to hit a dinner date / consultation, and I returned to find this article in my facebook inbox.

I love when I get these things. I really do.

The article is cheeky, fun, and yes insightful. B’s probably buying a new car, one like we’ve rented before (and loved), and we’re going to do it on a “new rules retrograde”.

Excerpt: When Mercury Goes Retrograde

What can we do when Mercury goes retrograde? It’s a fair bet it will continue to go retrograde, a few times a year, every year, until the Sun explodes and none of us have to worry about it any longer. So it’s something we can count on — and it’s something we can predict and put on the calendar. In that respect it’s a lot easier to deal with than problems that occur without any warning! Other than hang up signs saying “Talk to me when Mercury’s feeling better,” there are several things you can do to cope with a planet in retrograde. But you can do more than just cope! This is something that will continue to happen over and over, so why not find ways to make it a more positive event?

When I was a kid, we would sometimes declare “Opposite Day.” Whatever we said, the opposite was true. We’d spend all day confounding our elders by doing the opposite of what we were told to do, and tormenting our younger siblings and cousins by reversing Opposite Day halfway through their uttering a particularly disagreeable sentence. (I know it wasn’t just me who did that!) Mercury going into retro doesn’t mean “There will be problems.” It means “What normally is, is not and what normally isn’t, is.” It means that Mercury has declared Opposite Day for the next three weeks.

While I don’t suggest you go around telling your family and friends that you dislike them, I do suggest you try doing things you don’t normally do. Have you been putting off writing someone a letter? Mercury retrograde can be a great time to sit down and communicate with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Have you been busy playing phone tag with someone at work? Stop calling! Maybe it would be better to visit in person. If you and your spouse always seem to fight and argue when Mercury is in retrograde, why not agree to spend time alone, take a weekend off and go on separate vacations or just agree to ignore one another for an evening? You could even declare a “no verbal communication” day and use written notes and hand signals.

Take this chance to be creative. Think about what problems Mercury in retrograde usually causes

via When Mercury Goes Retrograde.

– –

Be snarky, just don’t wear personality glasses while you do it.

Scott K Smith

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Reiki Master Phylameana lila Désy has been a long time, online friend of mine. I was originally introduced to her through the website. It wasn’t quite aeon’s ago but it seems like she has been an online presence of guidance, writing, and support, for forever.

Lila hosts the Carnival of Healing, which many of us have  been a part of, she writes, tweets, blogs, and always provides a fun and balanced viewpoint.

I am always reading. Well not ALWAYS, but much of my quiet time finds me with a book in hand or a blog open on the laptop. I had emailed Lila back and forth a bit about her book, The Everything Reiki Book, and she graciously offered me a copy.

Time went by. I got a wonderful new puppy we call Trixie, and “life-stuff” got in the way of some of my more relaxing pleasures like reading but Lila’s book was always on my things I’d like to do list.

I finally sat down to read The Everything Reiki Book and I’m glad I did, it’s  a wealth of easy to read information that can benefit many practitioners. A resource that I will keep on hand for new students. A step by step, easy to follow introduction to branching out and treating others, and much more.

I’ve found a lot of good books on Reiki but for as good as they can be there are parts that (in my opinion) should be included. Other interesting facts flow through the chapters including, the myths about Hawaya Takata’s story telling about Usui, and thoughts about why. Who the original 22 Reiki Masters are that Takata trained, and even the wide spectrum of Reiki modalities that have sprouted up over the years.

If you’re looking for a good book about Reiki, what is it, how it’s done, where it came from, and much more I would suggest that you start with the Everything Reiki Book, the launching pad for further studies and energetic growth.

Thank you Lila for sending me an autographed copy!

Everything Reiki Book:

For centuries, reiki has been valued by Eastern cultures as a means for relieving pain and balancing the body’s natural energies. This hands-on healing method is now gaining subscribers in the Western world who seek a mind-body approach to overall wellness.

The Everything® Reiki Book introduces readers to basic reike techniques and teaches them how they can channel positive energy to reduce stress, enhance vitality, and strengthen the immune system. Packed with easy-to-follow instruction and helpful illustrations, The Everything® Reiki Book is the perfect resource for readers interested in using this effective touch therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

Reike Master Phylameana lila Désy shows readers how to:
·Identify and tap into “life energy”
·Make use of reiki principles for treating themselves and others
·Channel positive energy through proper hand placement
·Use reiki to alleviate specific ailments, such as indigestion and foot pain
·Integrate reiki into all aspects of daily life

Written with the beginner in mind, The Everything® Reiki Book is a practical approach to all-around wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

You can order The Everything Reiki Book through your local bookseller, or on the web at

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Thank you Dr. Oz for promoting a VIABLE complimentary medicine.

Nuff said.


Carnival of Healing is up!

Thank you again Phylameana!



January 2010 – Carnival of Healing #221

Since we are embarking on the new calendar year several of the carnival submissions that came my way were focused on inner reflections, diet improvements, new goals and fresh starts. Among these were thoughtful blogs about slimming therapies, brain foods, clearing away and making way for the new year, supporting your spouse’s interests, and figuring out your life purpose.

Also worth mentioning are an assortment of seasonal posts focusing on winter-related health issues: depression, healing old wounds, heart health concerns, and boosting your immune functions.

Below are the “stand out” carnival attractions that I have personally chosen for your reading pleasure for this carnival edition. I hope you enjoy them.

I truly enjoyed Bryant Moore’s blog post Spirit of Expectation, which was inspired by a sermon she heard on the air waves. I like the analogy that a baby’s cry is a prayer to God/Mom(parent). The post is about having faith and learning patience.

Dan Stelter blogs an in-depth article entitled Essentials for Human Happiness that helps people to understand what things make people happy. From The Anxiety Support Network.

Rheanni Lightwater blogs about current astrological influences that will effect pitta dosha personalities in her post Exploring Pitta Energy. She offers five steps to balance your pitta energy. Pitta is one of the three doshas in ayurveda medicine.

via Carnival of Healing #221: Less is More.

Happy Solstice.

I look at the Los Angeles sky outside of my windows and I’m still in a little bit of awe at the lateness of the days in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun was setting at around 11:00 pm and the sky was lightening at about 4:30. I know because we went to an art house party in Berlin, thanks to the boys who put us up at there place, and danced until the short night became the long day.

There is a bit of jet lag in this post so I’ll try to mind my writing but forgive me if I stutter and blur my language.

Waking this morning, after a very long day lengthened by flying with the sun from Paris to Los Angeles, I composed a small celebration before motoring off to Upland, CA, for father’s day with B’s Opa. I’m also in a bit of a quake at the turn of events in Iran. Contemplative with the new book Jesus in Egypt, and still puzzling over a possible Father’s Day + Summer Solstice connection. Is there one? Maybe only in my dimension…

Europe is a strange and beautiful place, and I only really got to see three countries. Germany. Holland. Paris, for a day. (See me, closing eyes and pulling up the cache of feelings and sensations).

*Deep breath.*

We were on the “whirlwind tour”, meaning that B and I didn’t really stay long in any one place. I think the idea was to see as much of the sites as possible while still satisfying my curiosity and his family obligations (Amsterdam), having a good time with our fellow travelers and still catching up with some old friends. Would I take back some of the time and invest it somewhere else? Probably but the trip “is, what it is” and so here I am back at home with well over 600 photographs, strange sleep patterns and a smile on my face.

Vacation takes us away from our lives, gives us a chance to catch a breath and look back over the miles with that view from a far. I said to myself that a few things were going to change. While I was a way it seemed so fantastically easy but settling back into the energy of here, the process wheels beginning to turn in my head *adding some lube to those gears* and some pressing financial matters, the view of my life from a local vantage point isn’t so easily manipulated.

Silly life, why can’t you just agree with my idea?

Any-who-who, I was asked a few questions before I left about the trip, events and when I am available for sessions and such. These and I believe one of my friends included a note to bring back some information on healers and energy workers so I’d like to address those questions and thoughts.

First, I met only one “energy worker” but she is a friend and that was a great night of talking and sharing. That girl can really Witch things up when she wants to so we chatted through dinner about resonating energies, personal power affecting our immediate environment and shifting things in healthy way, in the moment. I can’t and wouldn’t take back the conversation, it was one of the deepest I had while I was away.

Though I did find a little Witch shop in Hamburg, we were at the end of our trip and feeling overwhelmed with the goodbye’s and gift getting I never made it back over to that area. Shame really, it was a neat looking place.

Right. Well. All things for a reason and I guess I had mine. 🙂

Rather than trying to cram everything into one post I decided to take my time, “pick-a-little, talk-a-little” and string some stories out of you. My yarns will unravel over the next week or so and I’ll have time to catch up on some sleep and schedule adjustments. If I keep writing now you may gloss over my precious words (ha. ha.) and I’ll be sitting here at my kitchen table until 6:00 am.

I can’t do that again.

Entries on energy, sites, photos, stories of me fumbling with German words, and yes even some requests are coming though the pipeline. I just need a moment to put them all in order.

Glad to be back.

– – –

Be whatever you want.

Scott K Smith

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“We all have a special responsibility to help create a better world, because material progress alone is clearly insufficient for a happier human society. No one loses, and everyone gains by a shared universal sense of responsibility to this planet and all living things on it.”

-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.


“Working Yin & Yang || Male & Female “



Happy Hump Day and welcome back to the Journey. I’m having Anahata fun today and thought I would write about a meditation that I find interesting and balancing.

I’m not feeling so crafty today, this blog entry has been interrupted about 99 times. I’m not bothered but I’m sure it is a little stuttered. Please forgive the blog if it skips a bit. Couldn’t be helped.

Meditating this morning I had a fun experience channeling Earth and Sky; Yin & and Yang; the Light and the energy of Form. They are dualities. One rises from the Earth, the other descends from the heavens. Shakti & Shiva. Goddess and God. The dualities, the polarities. These two energies can meet in many places, today I chose the heart because the union of these two energies is a feeling of love, and love is some good magick. 🙂


I started with the Reiki  Mudra meditation technique*, you can use whatever meditation technique you prefer. Get into your centered place and start at the Crown.

Imagine the center of the universe, the center of all things. Feel that place inside your mind. Imagine what it would look like and how the energies would feel. This energy is the Life Force, it is the power that infuses all things.

Feel this energy enter the Crown and move down the path of energy centers in the body, clearing and balancing your wheels of light. 7th. 6th. 5th. 4th. 3rd. 2nd. 1st.

Surrender to the energy, allow it to travel through you, each center and then down through the hands, then feet into the earth… This is the Yang. This is the male force. This is the God Force.

Stay there. Let your mind, you thoughts, your feelings open up to the sensation of this force moving through you and into the earth. Earth’s core. Earth’s soul. Goddess. Feminine force. Yin. That which holds the energy, shapes the form.

Feel that Force of Yin accept the energy. Feel the energy of that union as it moves up your body, through the feet and hands, up through hara, into the wheels of light. Let that energy travel through you, out the crown into the sky to the center of that power emanating from above.

The God force that projects, the Goddess force that is the vessel for all things. The power and the place. The blade and cup. This is the love and movement of all things.

Bring your awareness to your heart then and allow the energy to meet there. Become aware of the two energies mingling and the product of that alchemy.

The heart center is more than just a place of love, it is a center of Alchemy. Opposites are married and made into new things. The heart transforms. It is a powerful place and illuminated when the light of love is shining on it or through it.

I remain in this place and seek my guidance or simply allow for that energy to flow into whatever comes to mind. If I have something specific to focus on -from this new perspective- I will send this new energy to it then.

When you are ready, count out of your meditation, ground and enter your day.

*Please note, if you are using the Reiki Mudras, Sha, Rin, Kai, then I would keep to the following guidelines. Sha when drawing from the universal energy / God source. Rin when drawing from the earth source up. Kai when allowing myself to feel the energy mingle and experience the love. This then would be your jumping off point where you would either continue your meditation for your own purposes or exit meditation. The Kai mudra is a position of intuition, brining both sides of the mind together to open intuition. It is clearing and focusing.


The interesting thing, for me, during this time is that I usually also connect to whatever healing guides and deity forces / archetypes that I am working with. Today as I was pulling from the God force the archetype felt male but as I respectfully channeled the energy of the feminine it became female for a moment before “flickering” between Male/Female to settle on an almost hermaphroditic form. A spiritual deity of dual sexes or the embodiment of both of these universal energies. Ascending/Descending. Yin/Yang. Male/Female.

Meditating on that I had to search suss out some information on the web on Hermaphrodite or dual sexed deities. Wow, there are a lot throughout history of our people.

My favorite happened to embody the feeling and image the best which was Kwan Yin (Guan Yin, etc). However I found Ardhanarishvara to be an interesting and very similar deity to the sensation I experienced.

ArdhanarishvaraArdhanarishvara (half male-half female God).The sculpture’s left is female and the right is male, depicting Shiva and his consort Shakti/Parvati.


So… If you happen to be curious (bi-curious HA. HA. Get it?), know a similar practice or are willing to try I would love to hear your feedback on the practice of channeling both energies and being the conduit. ESPECIALLY if you already integrate this into your magickal or energetic practices OR you are trying it for the first time.

Today alone I’ve felt that love that is generated jump right out of my heart like a beam of light and work with a few clients. It was powerful, beautiful and uplifting.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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“We all have a special responsibility to help create a better world, because material progress alone is clearly insufficient for a happier human society. No one loses, and everyone gains by a shared universal sense of responsibility to this planet and all living things on it.”

-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Feel like you are drifting?

“Do you know where your going to? Do you l like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know?”

I had to sing it. I love me some Diana Ross. Ha. Ha. Ha.

We just made it through a pretty intense energetic period in the natural world AND coincidentally (tee-hee) in our social world. Friends, family, trips and holidays.

The economy, the end of a presidential era that seemed to take up to much of our time and not only extend but exacerbate stress, anxiety and fear with a spirit of terror. Aren’t we glad that’s all over with? When I think about George W. Bush I am reminded of the saying, “The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.”

Just because we firmly believe we are right, doesn’t mean we are.

So we’re beyond all that now… or getting there and coming into a new era, energy and social-economic climate that will hopefully begin to turn around. Maybe the lessons about gluttonous living beyond needs, conservation of natural resources that evolves into something more personal, in our own homes and our own lives, will shine through. I have hope. We can try 3-Minute showers and only running water when needed. Unplugging unused devices. Eating more green conscious… Lot’s can change when we strive for change.

We are in an in-between period now, where we are stepping from one place into another; and in these crevices, these places neither here nor there we find the place where magick happens. Through the crack in the door, the thin line drawn between dusk and dawn / dawn and dusk. The whole in a stone.  The no-sound between heartbeats… Where the electric connection is generated between souls, between bodies in love.

Here we are, transitioning. We are Nines. We are ferried from place to place, we are liminal.

In the last two weeks I have received more messages, calls and texts then I have in the last few months. People, friends, clients, both old and new who feel this sense of drifting. This is part of the cycle, the rhythm, the warp and woof of the wheel.

I hear, “I don’t know what I am looking for… but it is something.” I listen to the friend saying, “It feels like the bottom just fell out from under me.” I see divorces begin and business falter, and their owners stop and question their directions.

This is good.

As I said, it is in the in-between that magick happens. Transits are powerful times of change where a karmic wheel, great or small, comes full circle and we are given a moment to be creative, innovative and even brave and affirm a change we choose. Or, we do not, we drift and then land back upon the same groove, the well worn path and we begin the cycle again. We have the chance to be aware, to strike out from the new understanding and forge ahead as catalysts of our own well being. Being in our own prosperity.

How does one begin?

I think for each person it is a question of their own journey. In transits we can forget our basic spiritual and psychological skills to our detriment. When we are faced with challenges like these it is for us to get into our sacred spaces and become open to the unlimited, our Gods and spirits and in that freedom found there play with the idea about what could be.

Creativity is one of our minds greatest tools, so let’s “play pretend”. In that imagining, aware of what is and what could be -another liminal place- we find first our center, then our joy and then begin to create the foundation of our new life and the changes we seek.

Things are thin right now, are you drifting and in that slow flow are you creating or are you floating there letting the current take you wherever it may go?

Another challenge in transitions is fear, especially in hostile or difficult times. We drift and we do not create with love or prosperity in mind, we instead debase our selves and fall into fear, wondering all of the worst possibilities and tremble in a fetal coil about all the horrible things that “could be.”

Either way we are still imagining, creating. In each moment of that drift we are manifesting. What is it that you are manifesting?

For now go back to your tools. Meditation, prayer, journaling, logic, creativity, whatever serves you best and grounds you. I always recommend a journal. Having the ability to look back on what you thought is invaluable and can be one of the best mirrors you can provide for yourself.

Connect with friends, family and those you trust. Find common ground. Discuss your ideas. Ask for help and return the favor where you can. Be generous. Don’t tighten up into a ball… relax.

Don’t float numbly down the proverbial stream. Ask yourself what tools you have to paddle to the destination of your choosing.

I hope this blog finds you well.

Grow with the flow!

Scott K Smith


I’m diving into this one, head first.

There is a strong energy coming through this month that is related to communication, illusions, masks and revelation. We are all -yes I realize- to varying degrees vibing on different wavelengths, densities and tones of energy. We have an uncountably diverse planet but there are rhythms, base beats if you will, that move through the underpinnings of the seen creating the “boom boom boom” of the earth’s spiritual heartbeat. That thump-thump we are all so intimately bound to.

Last week as I did some healing work on the self, experimenting with what I am learning is called Reiki-Gong (Walter Lübeck). It was a fun experiment with interesting results, at the throat. Interesting, OK, and I recognize my center for healing expression and what was once a major healing issue for me earlier in the year and later last year. The throat. The center of communication.

The weekend comes and I attended the Old Bank District Block Party, mostly on 4th and Main. (Thanks Tom for getting our group into Warung so quickly, it was a rather large troupe). Saturday becomes Sunday and I nurse a bit of a hang over. Guilty as charged and spend the day resting, painting and catching up with some online friends. Sunday night… BOOM! The messages start rolling in. No, they explode in my face until about 11:30 p.m. at night and I’m left to journaling most of Monday, thinking, “What the hell?!?”

Monday I get a hit from a friend as we begin to talk about Masks, reality, truth and illusions. I took note in my journal and kept on.

Tuesday the Full Moon Newsletter from Gaia LA, rolls into my inbox.

This years last Full Moon will be in the social butterfly sign of Gemini.

This sign makes us feel light and social.

But this year we have a grand square that will make everyone more cautious about what they say.. or should (Um Communication!!! Scott)

I say, we should be more cautious about what we share, since

the planets that are aligning may bring foot to mouth more easily than most nights :).

The square in the sky is having us look at what we value as truth and what no longer

applies in our lives as doctrines.

We are open to share our new found hopes and are excited about the light that has finally

opened our eyes to what we choose not to see before.

Though sometimes we are not happy about the truth being revealed to us, there is

a relief to finally look at that truth in our lives so we may move forward.

This night is great to share our hopes and dreams and ideas with friends and family.

Very social energy, but tempered with solid values.

Do something productive to help with that polarity.

Create a night that brings you, friends and family together to make gifts from the heart. Share memories as gifts to those you love. Most of all,

open your heart to those you value and let them know that you appreciate them in your life. For sharing a kind word is priceless.

Are you following me here? 😀

The last of many “hits” on this topic came through in the December  update from Astrology Zone. The “heads up” by Susan Miller, iced my holiday cookies. Something is coming through many channels to say, “read my lips… Watch your mouth, listen to where the energy is focused. Gemini. Communication. Revelation. Truth. What you say. How it is heard.”


The message came to me, to you, to tell us that there is a special tone to the energy that is about us at this time and it is centered on communication, truth, reality versus illusions and the removal of masks.

Revelation. Forgiveness.

As I know it to be, as I mentioned before, I do believe we are all on different waves, levels of vibration and so this base line energy can affect us all differently. For some it may be love relationships, where the communicative energy is released, for others it could have to do with their own personal growth, their home and family or other aspects of their life. Where the mind is focused is generally where these things manifest when they “spike” around the planet. And we are heading into, if we are not already in the midsts, of a natural world thrust.

The December 12th date has a big highlight around it, according to a few sources, as a day to lay low. Which, I personally will do, keeping a few things in mind and being in the present.

This is a time when you can release Karmic cycles, energetic ties and the fetters and tethers that have clipped your wings for some time and held you out of the sky. There is a lot of focused power, squared -structures, physical, manifestation, earth- in these moments and the key to freedom isto be in the present, witness what his happening with an open and clear mind, and let go. Yes. Release.

Release the points of tension, the arguments, the ties that bind. “Let go. Let God.” as they say, “If it is true love, set it free and it returns to you”. Your karmic lessons are bound to bigger wheels of  movement, larger lessons and you remain bound to those lessons, unlearning because you, we, get caught within the proverbial spokes of the “problems” wants, issues and details; to the point that when the Karmic Wheel revolves around and begins again we find ourselves saying, “why does this always  happen to me?” and we are committing to the same learning path again, doing the same thing over, unchanged, unenlightened.

Sometimes it is better to listen, to let go and look at what is happening outside of the box of your own ideas, perceptions, desires and fears. Looking at reality without the lens of personal gain and loss.

To help you I would suggest strengthening some tools.

  1. • Speak less and listen more.
  2. • Make time to meditate, to get centered and feel your natural rhythm. It is through identifying and listening to your own cycle, your nature, that you tune into the natural world and the ebb and flow of these messages. You can navigate them with greater clarity.
  3. • Look to where you feel you are being challenged, these are your Karmic ties that are being loosened. Are you going to fight to preserve them or will you help them unfasten.
  4. • Look at your fears, we are heading into the Winter Solstice as well, when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are living in longer nights and shorter days. This is a time of greater darkness to a point, and a birth of light. Find the light, the love, the joy in your life and cultivate it. No matter how great or small it may seem, even the seemingly irrelevant can make a difference if it makes you feel good at the heart, at the body, in the mind.

I hope that this finds you all well.

Scott K Smith

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