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Talking with Nancy Stenn about an upcoming project. Meditation on Dainichi Nyorai, the concept of No-Time-No-Space. Details to come, stay tuned.


DAINICHI – Various English Translations

  • Cosmic Buddha, Buddha of Cosmic Life
  • Great Illuminating One, Great Universally Illuminating One
  • All-Encompassing Buddha, All-Encompassing Lord of the Cosmos
  • Life Force That Illuminates the Universe
  • Spreader of Light in All Directions
  • Great Solar Buddha of Light and Truth
  • Great Sun Buddha, Resplendent One
  • Radiant Preacher, Luminous One
  • Identified with Birushana Buddha (Skt. Vairocana). Indeed, Dainichi is the translation of Vairocana, while Birushana 昆盧遮那 is the transliteration of Vairocana. The direct translation of DAINICHI BUDDHA is “Great Sun Buddha.” The Sanskrit term Vairocana means “luminous one” or “embodiment of light” or “belonging to or coming from the sun.” Vairocana represents the essential spiritual body of Buddha-truth (akin to light pervading everywhere).
  • Especially important to Japan’s Shingon Sect of Esoteric Buddhism
  • Central deity among the Five Tathagata (Jp. = Godai Nyorai); these five appear frequently in Japanese mandalas, with Dainichi positioned in the center, surrounded by the other four, with each representing one of the cardinal directions.
  • Dainichi’s messengers are the Myo-o; also see Fudo page
  • Guardian of People Born in the Zodiac Year of the Sheep and the Monkey.
  • Who is Your Patron Deity? Click Here to Find Out.

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