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Things to think about this week: Full Moon Aries, and the Autumn Equinox.

With La Luna Buena, very full in Aries there is an umph! for spontaneous combustion. I found a particularly great little write-up at

When the Moon is full in Aries, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Libra.

Aries is a cardinal sign, making it about instigating, activating and launching the new. Aries is a fire sign, with an emphasis on being animated, high-spirited, enthusiastic and eager to act.

Full Moon in Aries: trusting your instincts; the passion of compassion; vigorous warrior energies; the animation that comes from meeting a challenge head-on; fresh starts; courageous actions; risking confrontation to be authentic; forceful self-expression; the purifying fire of unsentimental truth; taking a stand; being at the edge of new experience; personal charisma.

This Full Moon illuminates: the vital power of the individual — think David and Goliath; your courage to act on the strength of your convictions; your willingness to go it alone, if necessary, to take a stand; the catharsis of being true to yourself; the rewards of going beyond your comfort zone; the thrill of acting on impulse; the exciting heat of friction between strong personalities; your impetuous side.


It’s a Good Time to: celebrate individual freedom and your right to live free; nurture hope in new beginnings; be inspired by the urgency of the times; take action, even if you’re full of fear; act on strong intuitive hunches; face a threat directly; allow buried passions to emerge and find expression; honor the messages that guide your unique destiny; act on true desires, not what you think you “should” do; take a bold step toward what you really, really want; do what makes you feel alive!

Sounds very much like it fits in with the message of The Fool there, right?

The Autumn Equinox has arrived as well. Equal day. Equal night. In the Northern Hemisphere we honor the change of the season amidst a Libran point of balance, noting that we will begin to grow dark and cool. Days will shorten, nights grow longer. Leaving Summer, finding Fall. Turning to colder months… well I’m in LA that would be a blessing. I’d like some rain and storm!

These two events take place this week, in the midst of our weekly. Thursday is the Equinox, Friday is the Full Moon. These are incredibly magickal times to be had, yet I don’t trust the power of the Fool at face value, he’s blocked. The message could  conflict with the Aries push through the lunar cycle and the balancing power of the Autumn Equinox, if the message in whole is not heard.

A Fool, couple of swords, three cups (R), for coins, 9 wands (R), and a wolf.

I know a few folks that have written me about the Tarot Weekly… I can’t say I know everyone that reads these posts but I appreciate your feedback, support, and encouragement. It isn’t always such a lovely reading but it is a reading none-the-less from a source that asks, what is the trending energy?

Let’s take a look…

Tarot Weekly

The Fool, foppish, flops into our spread this week. “It’s time!” He says, “Let’s begin our adventure. Would you rather be there?” pointing at some distant vantage point where everything looks much better than where we are. Where are we? Blocked, grounded, held in place.

Are you allowing yourself to open? It feels like the opportunity for new things, a change of pace, a new scene or relationship to explore but something may be blocking you. What is your feeling telling you? Your intuition? Your gut? How do you feel about the person you are with and those that are around you? Can you trust them? Are you not trusting them for a reason? Are you the reason that you are shutting someone out?

The Fool and the Two of Swords are asking a question, are you blocking yourself from an experience connecting with another? There are swords across your heart. Your eyes have been blinded, are you staring in at a memory, reliving that pain or are you embracing the moment.

She could also say, why are you of two minds about this, is there a reason you hesitate? What is the reason fear or necessity?

Three of Cups (R) -the Threesome Card- is next and this strongly suggest that someone is directly affecting your intimate / love relationship (status?). This could be a couple of things but most likely through gossip or just really shallow behavior.

Suss out your emotional state. FEEL your feelings. Where are they telling you to concentrate? How did you come to have them? Where should you be focused?

This could also be the temptation to indulge in damaging behaviors, excess drinking, drugs, bad habits, or letting in the wrong folks at this time. These are masking habits that people sometimes use to cover their feelings or the truth of about themselves.

Watch the gossip but be mindful that you are making the choices here (The Fool). Now is the time to be conscious of your choices in intimate situations, who you trust with what / or your lack of ability to trust at this time. The crossing of the heart and blindfold can pair with this card and ask us questions about our consciousness in the moment with those we love, and those we trust.

Four of Pentacles says “selfishness” and “egotism”. “I want”, “It’s for ME”, “don’t touch. MINE”. Generally childlike behavior and personally, kind of gross.

What are you trying to preserve? What status are you trying to sustain? Of course the card can say that there could be some material gain coming your way… but with the shape of the cards as they are, I’m feeling that this is about love, intimacy, and trust. Again.

The last of the Tarot this week is the Nine of Wands (R). Now we are asked directly, why are you holding yourself back? The fool says forward yet you guard your heart, you hold onto the present and want things to change, you lose the energy, the thrust of new, by building up your defense.

This is not inspiring. I ask, is this even a strength at this time?

The long and short of it seems to be:

You want to move forward because you feel the need for change, want change, or otherwise are in a growth period but your blocking yourself, defending your emotional nature, and the question to ask is: Why? What does it serve? What does it protect? How are you fulfilling your intuition to be happy / satisfied? Are you focused on the right things, people, and method of operating?

In my own life I see this playing out in three scenarios, personally. Suddenly people I know to be gossips were highlighted. The change I’ve felt in my relationship (positive) was illuminated with a big cosmic highlighter and I want to make a note of that as well. We change as human beings and in a relationship whatever the dynamic, if it is a relationship based on trust, love, and companionship, we grow and change together. Not always at the same time but if we have established that trust then we have support, a sounding board, and a partner in our time of growth. We explore together. I did not have resistance to this, as marked by the cards.

However in the last week two things happened to show where this resistance is playing out within my own life, on another level and it came with two gifts. One was a pair of stones from my friend Nancy Stenn, one piece of Pyrite and Rhodocrosite that grew together quite nicely in the earth and the other was a gorgeously dark piece of Heulandite. These relate to the heart, and I’ll get to that.

Pyrite is a power stone, related to Leo (that’s my sign) and has also been thought to be a healers stone. I’m a healer. 🙂 It can be used to harmonize dualities, left and right, and we approach a time of balance, the Autumn Equinox. The heart is a center for Alchemy, brining together forces and finding harmony between them.

Rhodocrosite is another stone of love and balance. It helps to align the various bodies. Another harmonic stone, pink, related to the heart or peace center. It also has a Leonian connection.

Heulandite in its green form also connects to the heart chakra, and the earth energies. Among other things it helps in times of change.

When I opened the box that contained these stones I instantly felt a cloud lift from my heart.

Later last week I also had some time to get a massage from a wonderful friend by the name of Bryan. He did some work on my back and ribs, I had some blocks and locks that needed to be addressed. At the end of the massge my Hara line lit up like line of fire, igniting each chakra from crown to root, clearing up some of those blocks. Bryan is an amazing body therapist, lots of love, and that second gift again hit on the issues at hand.

But the issues for me were not with my physical relationships but with my spirit relationships. I ask myself, how and why am I defending against greater connection to my spirit allies? Why was I so ungrounded with this newness and how do I begin to ease into greater communication and relating.

This can be the relationship that is in question as well.

Anyway… Thank you for tuning in again. I hope this finds you well.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Welcome back!

It’s supposed to be 94 in Los Angeles today. Well when I started writing this it was to be, now it is. I just thought I’d let you New Englander’s and other cold weather people know that it’s a hot beginning to fall over here. Also know that I’ll be jealous of your color-changing leaves and imagining the smell of rain and earth cooling as we turn to winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Seriously, there are season’s here in Los Angeles but let’s face it, we’ve irrigated a pretty inhospitable place and made a city. Wasn’t it the Native People who called it the valley of smoke?

Angelino’s, yes we can still have Yule (or Christmas) at the beach, or at a roof top pool in Downtown LA like B and me did a few years back. It’s just warm and sunny while our friends in Main are under 3 feet of snow. Kind of like that image that Corona gave us last year, Christmas on the beach.

I am a fire sign, I love the sun and I do enjoy the warmth. Well that’s not completely true, I’m on a cusp I’m also virgo and as soon as the equinox comes I turn coat on the summer months and crave the rain, falling leaves and the smell of loamy earth. I don’t mind the lovely weather 90% of the year, I just get to a point around this time when I think, “Enough is enough already. Give me some rain!”

An all the people go boo! You have your reasons. It’s ok to be jealous but…

Tree in Fall

I want Raven’s, and pumpkins, rain and storms, darkened sky’s and layers of favorite clothing, scarves, hats and boots… I don’t care what anyone says if you are in a sweater -read “shear little thing you buy at H&M that couldn’t keep a hairless cat warm”- and flip-flops, my first reaction is to smack you. Well not really but you get my point. No matter how we dress it up, I hardly think its really Fall or Winter, compared to places where the change is so stark.

OK. OK! Enough!

For me it’s not really about the long winded gripe for cooler weather, fingers crossed in hopes that we get another winter like we had in 2004 or 5, no it is the sudden and season shift that leads us into a descent. The sun dips further and further and the time comes for us to count gifts, pull harvest or at least mentally re-cap before we move into a definitvely busier time of year.

I’m not a farmer, I don’t live where the change is as tangible but internally I feel the need for ancient deeds. Plant and gather. For me it is images and ideas.

So the holiday’s come. We are reminded of everything from food and family to gifts and costume. In a short three months we blow through our savings, cook for 40, and still manage to work, care and hope for some rest. Seems like these so called holiday’s are more of a chore than anything else.

They can SEEM that way and I don’t even have that large of a family or even children of my own. Can you tell who wears the apron at  my house? O.o

To change To enter into this time of giving, properly, is to come from a place of thanks giving. We head towards a feast of the dead, Samhain / Day of the Dead / All Saint’s Day. We quickly fall into harvest with Thanks Giving, and then the next thing we know it is the Holiday of giving. Top that with New Years events and I don’t even have to begin to guess at where “Holiday Stress” comes from.

When we come from a giving place there is no loss. There is nothing that is being taken from us because we are abundant because when we give we receive. Selflessness… isn’t that the point of a sacrificial deity? Giving selflessly through the mythological ideal?

Autumn, the Equinox is time to fill your cornucopia with the mental, emotional and spiritual gifts of our lives for the coming months.  With three significant passages we can pull together the fabric of our lives and lay it out in such a way that we are gathering like a blanket at Pow-Wow. Mmm I can hear the Mother Drum already. 🙂

First things first. Today or in the next week take stock of what you have, what you are grateful for AND what you want to accomplish in the next season -holidays or no, they still effect you because they affect the people and society around you. What brought you joy at this time of year? What did you do in the past to celebrate it? What would you like to do this year? How will you accomplish that?

Set both monetary and mental budgets. Planning something out reserves some of our own mental and emotional charge for necessary things such as down time, caring for loved ones and ourselves.

Look at the big events coming, specifically three, possibly five high tides.

  1. Halloween / Samhain / Feast of the Dead
    • This is when we remember those who have gone before us, share stories of their lives, cook their food, find their scents and build the flame of that love and joy in memory, in our heart, so that our spirits continue with us. The veil is thin, show your love.
  2. Thanks Giving
    • In celebration of Harvest, of a sorts, this is sort of a national Harvest Festival isn’t it? Similar to old Autumn Fire Festivals but over in November. Regardless, this is about the bounty of the earth and our families. Yep. A celebration of coming together around food with friends, family and neighbors. Another time to give, as we give so we receive. Again we “give thanks”.
  3. Yule / Christmas / Hanukkah / Festival and Celebrations of Light.
    • Not so hard to understand this is the sun returning to the earth. At winter solstice it is lowest in the Northern Hemisphere. As ancients we would have celebrated the triumph of light over darkness, the resurrection of the Sun God, finding the light within. This is a celebration of togetherness, hope, love, family, friends, and giving again.

New Years….

  • Please just party safe. Make your new goals. Enjoy the turning of the wheel.  🙂

Keep in mind your stores of energy that you have built up, your batteries, your sources of charge. How do you re-couperate mentally? How do you take a “mental vacation” is there a way to keep you alert and focused on the present? Does meditation work for you or do you jog to keep grounded and centered.

How about your emotional springs, who are your hidden gems that you turn to in your circles of friends and families, how can you collaborate? How have you thanked them?

We can gather our “spiritual” energy through all of the various traditions and celebrations at this time but I also think, with all the activity that happens at this time that we can become a bit depleted. This energy is a culmination of all of our other energies. Four elements make the fifth so when our Body, Mind, Emotions and Passions are in harmony, peaking, we generate true spiritual rejuvenation.

Keeping life in balance, caring for the body we create that harmony and feeling of connection to all things. Eat well, exercise and take care so you are not then running to the gym from January through to summer!

My reminder this Equinox is to find gratitude and seek balance. Libra comes into the spotlight, now is the time to be the ambassador to all aspects of yourself and forge an alliance. Keep a level head, celebrate living and giving, prepare for our festivals and enjoy the comforts of intimacy with your loved ones and yourself.

Move into the next three months level, prepared and from the giving place.

Be well friends,
Scott K Smith

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