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Reiki is a practice of passing Ki, our Life Force Energy. A practitioner passes this Ki through their body stimulating your, the recipients, own natural energy for healing.

It is a simple technique to facilitate greater health and well being in whatever process you are involved in. Reiki works in important steps, first relaxing your mind and emotions. This is essential for healing as stress and anxiety, worry and fear wear down the bodies ability to heal. Creating a calm feeling puts one into the right place for faster recovery.

Reiki than accelerates the healing process by stimulating our personal Energy with a flood of new energy, promoting healing, quicker recovery, immun0-response, and more.

Reiki brings us, first and foremost, to a place within ourselves where we can begin to heal. In the relaxed, centered place, stressing down, finding peace, we begin the healing process.

Make an appointment

I pass Reiki at my home in Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas, by appointment.


The Standard
$75.00 hr.

The standard 17 hand position Reiki treatment for total mind / body / spirit health. Packages of 5 and 10, purchased in advance (with appointment coordination) will receive a 12% discount.

Spot Treatments
$40.00 / 20-30 minute

Great to refresh the human energy field, get centered, and / or treat problem areas. This does not include essential oils.

Healing Attunements

Coming soon..

Learning Reiki

I teach Reiki one-on-one. I combine sessions, the passage of the Reiki attunement, and personal learning guidance best this way, over a period of time. This period of time is created on a case by case basis and is tailored to your life. I offer books and learning from my personal library and experience, I find this works best in the most traditional sense.

Learning Reiki includes:

Level 1: one week, 1 day training. $150.00

  • Attunements to the Reiki energy
  • Basic education about the Human Energy System and the Life Force Energy.
  • Breath and meditation techniques.
  • Hand placements and mudras.
  • Brief history and exercises.

Level 2: 1/2 day. $250 / $200 for returning students.

  • Attunements to the Reiki energy, broadening your channel.
  • Activation of the Reiki system of symbolic healing, deepening your healing work.
  • Instruction on distance healing and advanced uses for the Reiki practitioner.

Level 3: minimum 1 year active practice as a level 2 practitioner. A dedication to represent the Life Force Energy as a teacher and ethical practitioner, and a 1/2 day for attunement. $500 / $400 for returning students.

  • Reiki Master Attunement
  • My method for passing an attunement.
  • 6 month coaching for starting your own practice, teaching others, developing your technique, and work with your personal goals, fears, etc.

If you are interested in receiving Reiki to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health, or you are interested in Reiki training, please contact me.

Thank you Dr. Oz for promoting a VIABLE complimentary medicine.

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