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While there is a healthy dose of skepticism in this article, and a comment of “absurd” from a doctor, their clinic study, and patient response gives Reiki a thumbs up.

My original Reiki teachers, and friends, established a free clinic of complimentary / alternative therapies in the 80’s through the 90’s and eventually had an out-patient clinic at hospital in SF, thanks to the welcome reception by Kaiser.  They offered Reiki, among other things, as a complimentary therapy for the recovering.

I can still remember Claudia retelling her meeting with the board of directors and administering Reiki to doctors. Anyway… on to the article.

Article Excerpt: Reiki Used for Cancer Patience –

Reiki, a therapy in which hands are placed lightly on the body or just above it, is increasingly being used to reduce cancer-related fatigue, anxiety, nausea and pain. Several studies suggest a benefit to patients, but scientists say more large, rigorous studies are needed.

Cancer patients—due to the disease and to side effects of chemotherapy—often suffer from severe mental and physical fatigue, doctors say. Anxiety, nausea and pain are also common. In recent years, many cancer centers have been offering Reiki, a form of healing which originated in Japan in the early 1900s, according to scientific literature. In a session of Reiki, hands are placed lightly on the body. Each spot is treated for three minutes or longer and sometimes therapists place their hands just above the body without touching, says Donah Drewett, a Fairlee, Vt.-based Reiki therapist who works at Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon, N.H.

via Reiki Used for Cancer Patients –

Don’t forget that Doctor Oz played a supporting role on his show, The Doctor Oz Show.” You can catch that segment on Youtube, or via my Reiki page, here. (Scroll to the bottom, press play).

In almost 20 years of Reiki work I’ve seen a lot. Dramatic recovery’s, long term treatments, and heard stories of assisting those in passage from this life. I’ve used Reiki to compliment healing, release, and lift emotional states of being, in art, cooking, and in conversation.

For me, it is a living part of my life. I’m always glad to see it in the news in such a positive light.

I appreciate your comments, keep them coming!

Big love.

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

Hello. Hello!

Yes I finally did it, I opened the doors to Lifencompass / my home and started a healing share. I began by calling it a Reiki Share but I feel that there are just too many great healing modalities that work well together to limit it to Reiki alone. Besides the work “reiki” is just to limiting lately. There is so much more to it than the “#hashtag” “#Reiki” has become. Today, with a few healers I have worked with over the years, we draw together a start, a circle of healing in Downtown LA. And in the case of anyone thinking, Um why didn’t you call me? I started with students and healers I have established a working relationship with, and those that arrived become what I hope is the seed.

I’m excited!

The energy of the house, that sits within a little healing grid, has changed already and a lot has come in and through in preparation. I am REALLY happy with this. My life, my changes, and my path feel… on point.

So, in the future I’m looking at expanding the circle and opening up the healing practice again, and, and, and, moving forward in this new direction. It’s time. I’m glad you have walked along with me. Anticipate new things, maybe like once a month. Expect invitations.

For updates you can add me as a friend on Facebook:

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Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

Greetings. Welcome back.

I was about to start a new post for the Chapter 9 review of Awakening to Shamanism, when I decided to post a bit more on sound. Chapter 8, Working with Sound and Light, inspired some connections this last week when I attended class on Wednesday evening. I’m now, happily, participating in a 10 week course entitled Runes 110, at the Points of Light bookstore in Long Beach. I mentioned this class a few weeks to a month or so back because one of our friends, Christopher Lung, is teaching it.

First week was refreshing, interesting and entertaining. I honestly didn’t realize the depth of history that the Runes carry, nor did I realize the span of years that they had existed. History can become boring to me but fortunately the topic is within the realm of “more than interesting” and Christopher is an entertaining, and informed, educator.

It takes me over an hour to get to Long Beach during traffic hour but it’s worth the commute.

This last Wednesday we did some Runic breathing and chanting, and this is why the class corresponded to the Chapter 8 topic.

Singing, chanting, and toning have been used throughout history in ritual and ceremony. It’s a powerful tool socially, brining us together in a common voice and cause, and in my opinion an important part of magickal work. No I don’t sing like Whitney (used to), or chant like a Tibetan Monk. I’ve had my moments of singing in tongues and of course there is always the use of vibration with magickal symbols, like the sacred Reiki Symbols, when healing… I must be silly, I wasn’t connecting the dots.

Chanting the names of the Runes, while visualizing them, in a group was “neat”. More than neat, the resonating with the Runes in carried voices was intense. OK. I’m solitaire for the most part. I have worked with others over the years on many occasions. I’ve been part of countless classes, lectures, and workshops, but raising our voices in vibrating unison was AMAZE-BALLS!

We worked on 4 Runes:

f Feoh / u Uruz / th,þ Thurisaz / a Os

The primal powers of the Runic alphabet, up and to the point of the point of consciousness (Odin / Os). We chanted each rune nine times. At points I felt like the power of my voice was raising up a little too loud but I let myself enjoy the experience. I may not sing very well but I do have some powerful lungs. *smile*

This got the hamsters spinning the wheel in my head. The power of the Rune was intensified by breath and sound, the same way that I empower the Reiki symbols (Cho Ku Rei, etc).

With Reiki symbols I use the following technique.

Reiki Gong: Technique’s in Reiki Practice

(Previously mentioned in the entry, Reiki-Gong).

Practice with Cho Ku Rei

As with the Violet Breath exercise, tongue to top of mouth, breath in circularly. Allow the energy to flow through nose and down the energetic paths of the chakra. Instead of cycling the energy down through the root chakra and up the back of the spine, breath it into your second chakra, just below or about your navel. Fill that area up with the energy, a golden light.

Next we will draw the symbol.

Draw the golden light up from this Chakra, our center, and out the arms to the palms of the hands and with your dominant hand, draw the Reiki Symbol, in this case the Choku Rei. Imagine it as a golden symbol. The seven and the spiral.

Place this symbol into that which you are sending Reiki. Hold the symbol as if you were holding a dish, about the size of a dinner place and gently feel it descend into the client or object. Gently move it about until you feel some resistance. Gently push into that resistance until you feel it “click” into place.

Vibrate the CKR name three times. Say it aloud, draw it out, vibrate the name. Three times. Place your hands on the recipient / object and pass Reiki.

When you feel the Reiki complete, when the energy ebbs, gently withdraw the symbol and bring it back to your center, just around or below the naval and put the golden energy back into this place. Take your hands, palms flat to leave the hand chakras open, and push the symbol in. Breath into this center a few times.

Check out your results. Was it different? How?

I’ve practiced with this new technique on the three traditional Reiki Symbols. I have drawn the symbol large enough to fit a room and gently clicked it into place and vibrated the name and sat with the energy. I have used it on myself, on the crystal grid that surrounds my home and even in distance healing. For myself I’ve been pleasantly surprised each time at home much more effective the energy seems to flow.

Why the center, the 2nd Chakra?

Because this is our Ki, our energy that we are using to draw a path, a channel for the Reiki energy to enter. Think of it like a straw or a catch for the Reiki energy.

Why do we lock it into place?

We do this because it sets a focal point for the symbol to recieve the energy. Drawing the Life Force Energy into place and purpose. Where it is needed and the effect of the symbol.

Why do we withdraw the symbol?

Because the gold light is our ki. It has been infused with Reiki and it will continue to empower your Reiki center over time. Consider this spot below the navel, the 2nd chakra, like a well of personal energy. it is replenished by the Reiki with each use. The more you practice this form of Reiki the stronger that center becomes.

Let me know your results. Try the SHK and the HSZSN as well.

If you are interested in that particular form of Reiki practice or would like to read more, visit the entry on Reiki Gong for more info and a link to the book / author who I learned the technique from.

I’m thinking that the next 8 weeks of class will be a whole lot of fun. I’m also feeling that my magickal practice just expanded in a new way and all it took was a big breath and a strong vibe.

Until next week.

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

I wanted to update you on a healing request I sent out some time ago for my sister. She had some thing going on internally and I posted for some good healing sent her direction to some friends and a healing group that I know online. It was a shaky period for my sis and she went through some up’s and down’s, doctor’s examinations, and x-rays, to pinpoint the problem.

This last week the things inside her… ejected. One was about the size of a grapefruit and the other a bit smaller but the bleeding has stopped and the follow-up examinations show, nothing! Everyone was a bit surprised. I had many conversations with my mother and in spite of the fears it did not fee like cancer to my intuitive scans. Surprise, it’s not! 🙂

The older I get and the more I practice my healing work the stronger my faith in the process and the effectiveness of the healing work to stimulate the body becomes.

Thank you to all who spent time in prayer, sending  healing, crafting, or working with their healing spirits on behalf of my sister. It is appreciated.
It was my intention this month to set up a healing share here at the loft but I’m finding that I have something already planned for almost every weekend this month and so I don’t know that I will get around to hosting anything in May, but maybe something around the Summer Solstice could be nice? I’ll look at the June calendar and see what is possible.

I don’t want to limit the healing to Reiki alone and I’m thinking that those who practice other forms of healing could blend nicely in a group setting. The format maybe rough in the beginning but I think that we, the participants, could come together and make something lovely.

I’ll keep you posted on that one.

See you tomorrow when I post the second chapter book review of review of Awakening to the Spirit World, the Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation: The Shamanic Journey.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

Reiki Master Phylameana lila Désy has been a long time, online friend of mine. I was originally introduced to her through the website. It wasn’t quite aeon’s ago but it seems like she has been an online presence of guidance, writing, and support, for forever.

Lila hosts the Carnival of Healing, which many of us have  been a part of, she writes, tweets, blogs, and always provides a fun and balanced viewpoint.

I am always reading. Well not ALWAYS, but much of my quiet time finds me with a book in hand or a blog open on the laptop. I had emailed Lila back and forth a bit about her book, The Everything Reiki Book, and she graciously offered me a copy.

Time went by. I got a wonderful new puppy we call Trixie, and “life-stuff” got in the way of some of my more relaxing pleasures like reading but Lila’s book was always on my things I’d like to do list.

I finally sat down to read The Everything Reiki Book and I’m glad I did, it’s  a wealth of easy to read information that can benefit many practitioners. A resource that I will keep on hand for new students. A step by step, easy to follow introduction to branching out and treating others, and much more.

I’ve found a lot of good books on Reiki but for as good as they can be there are parts that (in my opinion) should be included. Other interesting facts flow through the chapters including, the myths about Hawaya Takata’s story telling about Usui, and thoughts about why. Who the original 22 Reiki Masters are that Takata trained, and even the wide spectrum of Reiki modalities that have sprouted up over the years.

If you’re looking for a good book about Reiki, what is it, how it’s done, where it came from, and much more I would suggest that you start with the Everything Reiki Book, the launching pad for further studies and energetic growth.

Thank you Lila for sending me an autographed copy!

Everything Reiki Book:

For centuries, reiki has been valued by Eastern cultures as a means for relieving pain and balancing the body’s natural energies. This hands-on healing method is now gaining subscribers in the Western world who seek a mind-body approach to overall wellness.

The Everything® Reiki Book introduces readers to basic reike techniques and teaches them how they can channel positive energy to reduce stress, enhance vitality, and strengthen the immune system. Packed with easy-to-follow instruction and helpful illustrations, The Everything® Reiki Book is the perfect resource for readers interested in using this effective touch therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

Reike Master Phylameana lila Désy shows readers how to:
·Identify and tap into “life energy”
·Make use of reiki principles for treating themselves and others
·Channel positive energy through proper hand placement
·Use reiki to alleviate specific ailments, such as indigestion and foot pain
·Integrate reiki into all aspects of daily life

Written with the beginner in mind, The Everything® Reiki Book is a practical approach to all-around wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

You can order The Everything Reiki Book through your local bookseller, or on the web at

– – –
Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Thank you Dr. Oz for promoting a VIABLE complimentary medicine.

Nuff said.


Good morning… or afternoon, or maybe even evening. I know you are just on your toes waiting for me to post something. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I spent the rest of last night giving myself Reiki, to get a little clarity and find center and peace. Self treatments are just, essential. I have heard of a few practitioners over the years who forget the basics for the self. Self practice. Taking 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, I choose bed time, doing a self-treatment really does wonders.

Anyway. I woke up thinking about my blog last night, which is really the theme of the last  year and the purpose of the Tarot Journey. Making a life change, transiting into a more passion driven livelihood. “Coincidentally” the first thing to pop up on the television this morning was Jane Pauley, Your Life Calling, NBC’s “Today” show.


Today on Prime Time Radio, host Mike Cuthbert interviews veteran journalist Jane Pauley about “Your Life Calling,” her new, AARP-produced series that will appear on NBC’s “Today” show and at

“Your Life Calling” features people who are redefining the way they live and work, by learning new things, taking risks, exploring dreams and yearning for more passion and meaning in their lives.

Jane Pauley has spent many years covering the topic of life transitions, going back to her time on “Dateline NBC” and “The Jane Pauley Show.” With this AARP series Pauley will highlight the unique stories of people throughout America who have reinvented themselves to find personal and career fulfillment on their own terms. Pauley’s reports are about people who’ve heard their “life calling” and responded by taking a bold first step into the unknown.

Like Pauley herself, most of the people she meets belong to the Baby Boomer generation. “Our country has an untapped resource, and that’s us,” said Pauley. “The good news is that through the process of reinvention we get purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction. Those benefits are different than the paycheck, or job promotion, or all the other things that used to add up to success.”

via Jane Pauley, Your Life Calling, NBC’s “Today” show – AARP.

Invocation, Nancy B Stenn:

A blessing, to all who enter this space,
for the realization of our connection to all things.
A prayer of recognition:
that we see beyond the illusion of separation.
heart-mind stream
divine source Love
one space. one heart. one mind. one Love.
Welcome to

Be welcome:

Love is surrender. When we love we surrender to a greater power, something magickal generated between two souls. It is not controlled, it is not held. Love is embracing.

Not love of want, or desire, which are warm and powerful experiences when shared with others. No we speak of Love period. The unseen Love, the Light that is only realized, experienced, lived. It cannot be given, it cannot be taken, it can only be when we stop and become motionless, then, everything is illuminated.

Healing is surrender, allowing a greater force to enter our limited perspective, causing us to shift out of the mindset of illness, disease, fatigue, and pain, bringing us back into the connected place within ourselves. When we are well, we are connected. When we are ill, we are connected. It is what we are connected to that we need to investigate and in many cases correct what we are surrendering too.

When we accept healing we surrender, we are embraced, by the Life Force Energy; by the Great Sun Buddha; by the great power of Love; and we are moved. Whatever our faith in Science, or Gods, when we seek healing we find it in the surrender to greater ideals, greater forces realized by the mind, embraced by the body, felt in the core.

See our collaboration at

…on things to come…

Talking with Nancy Stenn about an upcoming project. Meditation on Dainichi Nyorai, the concept of No-Time-No-Space. Details to come, stay tuned.


DAINICHI – Various English Translations

  • Cosmic Buddha, Buddha of Cosmic Life
  • Great Illuminating One, Great Universally Illuminating One
  • All-Encompassing Buddha, All-Encompassing Lord of the Cosmos
  • Life Force That Illuminates the Universe
  • Spreader of Light in All Directions
  • Great Solar Buddha of Light and Truth
  • Great Sun Buddha, Resplendent One
  • Radiant Preacher, Luminous One
  • Identified with Birushana Buddha (Skt. Vairocana). Indeed, Dainichi is the translation of Vairocana, while Birushana 昆盧遮那 is the transliteration of Vairocana. The direct translation of DAINICHI BUDDHA is “Great Sun Buddha.” The Sanskrit term Vairocana means “luminous one” or “embodiment of light” or “belonging to or coming from the sun.” Vairocana represents the essential spiritual body of Buddha-truth (akin to light pervading everywhere).
  • Especially important to Japan’s Shingon Sect of Esoteric Buddhism
  • Central deity among the Five Tathagata (Jp. = Godai Nyorai); these five appear frequently in Japanese mandalas, with Dainichi positioned in the center, surrounded by the other four, with each representing one of the cardinal directions.
  • Dainichi’s messengers are the Myo-o; also see Fudo page
  • Guardian of People Born in the Zodiac Year of the Sheep and the Monkey.
  • Who is Your Patron Deity? Click Here to Find Out.

via Dainichi Nyorai, The Cosmic Buddha, Japanese Buddhism Photo Gallery.

I know it says AntiCancer rules but as I read through the 20 points I couldn’t help but think, “we should all be eating this way!”, unless of course a condition prevents it.

I’m no perfect Pescetarian, I’m still learning. It’s been years since I shifted from abstinence based food mentality, thinking of what I can and cannot eat and into something that more resembles healthy and balanced. Even when I was a “Vegetarian” I had problems reading labels, identifying gross chemicals… even now, learning about companies,  the corn and meat industry (Food, Inc. / One Healthy Girl) and in the last few years, the true evil of Fast Food.

Yes. Ahem. Well lately it’s more of a shift from “What should I eat?”, to an integrated “this is what I eat because it’s good for me”.

I am still learning but what sticks out to me is that our thoughts about our food are really comparable to our thoughts about anything, and they can really create or destroy parts of our lives.

This is true with Reiki and healing. Even more, it is true about Magick, co-creation, manifesting. What we think, how we feel about what we think, and then what we do (consciously or unconsciously) because of these thoughts and feelings directs our creation-actions.

Anyway.  The article, I like. Numbered points are helpful. 🙂


Michael Pollan’s recent little gem of a book “Food Rules” inspired me to compile my own “rules” about what I’d like every person to know about how they can help avoid cancer – or slow it down if they have it.


1. Go retro: Your main course should be 80 percent vegetables, 20 percent animal protein, like it was pre-World War II. Opt for the opposite of the quarter pounder topped with a token leaf of iceberg lettuce and an anemic tomato slice. Meat should be used sparingly for taste, as in the old days when it was scarce, and should not be the focus of the meal.

2. Mix and match your vegetables: Vary the vegetables you eat from one meal to the next, or mix them together — broccoli is an effective anticancer food, and is even more effective when combined with tomato sauce, onions or garlic. Get in the habit of adding onions, garlic or leeks to all your dishes as you cook.

3. Go organic: Choose organic foods whenever possible, but remember it’s always better to eat broccoli that’s been exposed to pesticide than to not eat broccoli at all (the same applies to any other anticancer vegetable).

4. Spice it up: Add turmeric (with black pepper) when cooking (delicious in salad dressings!). This yellow spice is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent. Remember to add Mediterranean herbs to your food: thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram, mint, etc. They don’t just add flavor, they can also help reduce the growth of cancer cells.

5. Skip the potato: Potatoes raise blood sugar, which can feed inflammation and cancer growth. They also contain high levels of pesticide residue (to the point that most potato farmers I know don’t eat their own grown potatoes).

via David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.: 20 New Anticancer Rules.

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