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…but not having much success, at least not at staying focused. There is too much that has me concerned. I woke at 5:00 and spent about an hour doing Journey Work for the earthquake in Japan. Surgeries. Healing requests. It feels like there is a tension in the vernal energies as life around me throws and thrusts in various ways. The earth heave-ho’s, waves ripple, crush and rush. Tsunami warnings. I want to write but it’s a traffic jam in my head and everybody wants to get out at once.

Instead, here is a whole buncha photos from the last two weeks, including Om #6 exercise, Ben of Light (the new piece for “The happy Ones”) and random shots of work, things, life.

Enjoy my mindless moment.

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Be well,

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Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

During morning meditation today I revisited a place in the inner temple where I met a spirit by the name of Uli. More on that later as I am still in the middle of writing a new post in the Journey Journal. Anyway, the lesson was connection and perception. Uli, in short, made a show of how she connects to all the things she perceives: Sun, moon, stars, grass, wind.

This idea creates an opening, a feeling of unfolding, an aaaaaah that I experience below my navel, and that spreads across my entire being. This week has in a large part been about nurturing and tending relationships (Tarot Weekly) with ourself, our loved ones, and potentially new relationships.

In broader sweeps I see the release of emotional baggage, and karma associated with relationships. Clearing the channel leaves the healer, visionary, open to hold a greater space for love, insight, and energy to pass through.

Others, healers, and seers are the forerunners of tomorrow, keep your self healthy. Observe your interactions, your relationships, how you meet them, tend them, and cultivate them.

Our true message is within the center of these fires of the heart.

~Tarot Weekly

*Sips a rather pepper English Breakfast tea…*

Okay, so, perception. As I come through my aaaaaah and open my eyes and my tweetdeck, I see a post by Chati.

Chati Coronel

@ChatiChati Coronel
A New OM! Get that camera phone ready for this next one 🙂


Perfection! Perfect exercise in perception!

There is a “Cause” and “Advance” and an “Effect”. In fact after reading the post for the exercise, maybe you will reply with me to Chati later in the day or this evening after you have snapped some photographs?

A Request:

If you do this exercise, I would greatly appreciate it if you can send me some of your favorite photos you’ve taken while doing this OM. I’d like to post them on this blog so more people will be encouraged and empowered to do this Ordinary Meditation. Please email photos to: . Please include your name, age and a little note about yourself. Thank you!

I’ll update the Journey later with my days path in photographs and send my favorites to Chati.

I hope you will join us in this exercise. It’s a great exchange of image, idea, and energy.

You can also follow Chati at Ordinary Meditations on Blogspot.

Carry camera, take photos. 🙂

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass


Meditating on this song and opened eyed drinking in the images. Heart afloat, mind dazzling, eyes are doorways. Thank you Feather Lynn for bringing this one to my screen. 🙂

It is my gift to be here. It is your gift to be here. Together we have gifts.

When it becomes an obligation, or a duty, there is weight but meaning. There is work to be done.

When there is insistence that our relationship be anything other than a gift, the present… it is gone. That is true for me in work, friends, love, life.

I see that now, I was never able to articulate it or express it with ease or grace.

I will sit with that. May that be a paper lantern prayer, glowing in the twilight. Carry me further down this river.

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

I’ve been personally interested in this film for some time. Watching again the video this morning I am hit on many sides with the beauty and issues of Native Peoples, their spirituality, and the world in which we live. The world we have created.

This is a film that I would like to see on the big screen.

Cangleska Wakan is a feature documentary film addressing the ‘Sacred Hoop’ of the Lakota Nation through the eyes and voices of various contributors on Indian Reservations in South Dakota.

Cangleska Wakan is a Lakota term meaning Sacred Circle or Hoop. It is based on the Sioux concept that everything in the universe is interrelated, human beings and all things which exist in their environment are connected in one continuous process of growth and development. Cangleska being circle and Wakan meaning holy or sacred.Filmed on the Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River and Rosebud Indian Reservations in South Dakota during the Winter/ Spring of 2008 /09 the cinematography captures a stark and unrivaled beauty which transcends all barriers connecting it’s heart to that of it’s audience.

Cagleska Wakan Film Site // YouTube // Support this great film at INDIEGOGO.



My name is Aitken Pearson, founder of Medicine Bow Films and writer, director, producer of the completed  feature documentary ‘Cangleska Wakan’ which addresses the concept of the ‘Sacred Hoop’ of the Sioux Lakota. The film is considered a performative documentary in the respect that personal opinions are revealed along with a historical re-enactment. The film was shot in South Dakota on various Indian Reservations, please visit the website for additional information.

The award winning film has been accepted into over thirty film festivals worldwide receiveing numerous accolades including best documentary at Red Nation Film Festival in L.A. Native Spirit Award at Southern Winds Film Festival, Oklahoma and finalist in ‘A Film For Peace’ Italy.

In conjunction with the cinematography and post production skills of Tristan Barnard, powerful and respected contibutors helped make the film possible  such as Russell Means ( Co- founder of the American Indian Movement ) and Chief Arvol Looking Horse ( 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred Pipe ) Also, the original songwriting and performing skills of Michael Jeans.


You can support the production of this film with as little as $5.00 at INDIEGOGO. If it moves you, consider it.

Also Find This Campaign On
Icon_sm_facebook Facebook Icon_sm_imdb IMDb Icon_sm_youtube YouTube Icon_sm_website Website

Be well,

– –

Scott K Smith
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Scott Lifencompass

This was inspiring. I’ve been in bed the last week with one outing to have lunch with a friend, to rest and beat this cold. Meditation, books, Netflix instant, the net, and Trixie have been my friends. 🙂

Anyway, while poking around I found this on the Whole Life Times (online). I never realized how much more of a resource the WLT is online.


When Glendale artist Joy Feuer first visited the burned remains of the Cisco Homes warehouse in Pasadena, she looked beyond the charred furniture ruins and saw potential.

“Everyone kept saying, ‘There’s nothing left. It’s all destroyed.’ But I knew that something could come out of it,” she said.

Months later, Feuer’s vision became a reality when she founded ART from the Ashes, a nonprofit organization that creates art from the wreckage of local fires. In November of 2008 their first show featured monolithic statues, spiral wall installations and free-standing art pieces fashioned from fragments of corroded wood, twisted metal and shards of glass.

On the opening day, flutes of champagne were passed as visitors viewed the 90 works of reclaimed art incorporating materials from the previous fire site. More than 500 exhibit visitors raised $12,000 in donations for Cisco Homes and the charity group Making Education the Answer.

Since fires are never scarce in Southern California, ART from the Ashes has held two other shows. Artwork in their October 2009 show incorporated debris from the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens fire, and materials for their more recent June 2010 show came from the ruins of the station fire at the Deukmejian Wilderness Park in Glendale.

“With every site we visit, we always find new and inspiring pieces to make into art,” said Feuer. “That’s the beauty of it. You never know what you’ll find.”

via Whole Life Times Blog » Blog Archive » Up in Flames.

Through 12/18 at ART from the Ashes Pop Up Gallery, 216 South Brand Blvd., Glendale (additional images in the Whole Life Times print issue)

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

I’ll write less and just give you the details.

See you there…



Join us for the 1st Ever Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in Los Angeles on December 11 + 12 from 10am – 5pm at Los Angeles State Historic Park! With over 150 of today’s finest indie-craft talents setting up shop, holiday shoppers are sure to find something for everyone at this FREE TO ATTEND craft, art, design + DIY spectacular!

Grab a web-banner to help promote the Fair!

You can expect to find all sorts of incredible handmade goods at the Fair – everything from jewelry and clothing, ceramics and stationery, bath products and posters, housewares and comics, plush objects and more! Check out our artist line-up to see who’ll be bringing the goods!

We hope you’ll join us by bicycling or taking public transportation to the Fair! The Park is just a quick walk from the Gold Line Metro China Town stop. If driving, you’ll need to either find street-parking in the surrounding neighborhoods or park in the Park’s lot adjacent to the fairgrounds. Please see our FAQ for details, directions + lots more info!

Get to crafting by participating in one of our many special workshops! Visit Silver Lake’s ReForm School to make your own mistletoe and check out Santa Monica’s Urban Craft Center who’ll be leading holiday kitsch workshops inspired by Amy Sedaris’ new book Simple Times!

The fabulous folks from Hands-On 3rd will be out at the Fair leading an All Day Sewing Rebellion, in which you can make your own DIY Shopping Bag! Stop by the Renegade Workshop Station to make your very own holiday ornament!

Music fans can enjoy tunes spun all day long by DJs from LA’s best independent music source – KXLU!! Be sure to commemorate your trip to the Fair by getting your photo-snapped in the free-to-use photobooth provided by Magnolia Photobooth Co.!

Food and beverages will be available for purchase, as well as delicious Wintertime libations!

Don’t forget to visit our Welcome Station, where we’ll feature a free-to-enter raffle (prizes furnished by Chronicle Books, Paper Source + Uppercase) and an extra-special Renegade Holiday photo-op!!

See you there!!

via Holiday Fair Los Angeles « Renegade Craft Fair.

Some shots (iphone) from the little gardent that wraps around the Rowan.

I felt inspired by “pretty little natural things.”

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

Seriously, how could I not spotlight this story on a creative Wednesday like today. Although the story inspires me because I see hope, expression, and community through creativity, it also hits my heart rather hard.

Aidan, you’re a little trooper. Don’t you stop drawing, fighting, laughing, and playing! It’s a terrible disease but I know you can do it.

“Thank You” message from Aidan and Family’s blog

The response and support our family has received is simply amazing. Through the donations and sale of Aidan’s art, the family has been able to avoid financial ruin. The family had considered the sale of their home, and Aidan’s father began to look for a 2nd job to offset the impact of the additional medical expense.

However, due to the tremendous outpouring of support we have received; the family has been able to offset current medical and loss wage expense. Given the demand for Aidan’s art and the uncertainty that awaits us on the road to curing Aidan from leukemia, we have elected to continue to offer his art for sale. All of the proceeds generated from the sale will still go to Aidan and his family to prepare for future medical expense. Our family felt it morally important to share that your support has been more than we could have ever anticipated, and we wanted to thank you for everything.

While the donations and financial support have been an amazing blessing, we would like to especially thank everyone for all of the letters and support. Your words have been uplifting and inspiring to the entire family. Your words and support for Aidan have helped us in ways unimaginable. Aidan has been drawing more than ever, and we do our best to share all of your words with him. Your support has been keeping Aidan’s and our family’s spirits up. Again, we sincerely thank you for this.

Thank you,
Aidan and family



After being diagnosed with leukemia, 5-year-old Aidan Reed began selling his monster-themed artwork to help cover his mounting medical bills.

His family set up a blog to document the boy’s accomplishments and an account on the website Etsy to bring the boy’s drawings to a wider audience.

Yahoo’s Shine reports,

Response to his efforts has been exceptional. “Not only is Aidan feeling better, we cannot believe the outpouring of support we are receiving from people,” writes his aunt who manages Aidan’s blog and Etsy store. “The shop had a spectacular turn out and sold over 400 prints in less than 24 hours.”


According to a recent update on Aidan’s blog, “Through the donations and sale of Aidan’s art, the family has been able to avoid financial ruin.”

Supporters can purchase a piece of Aidan’s artwork for $12 on Etsy or make a donation to help him through PayPal.

5-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia Sells Art To Pay For Chemotherapy.


I had to pick up Vampire! Their prints, so as much as I want it to be all mine, you can buy one too!

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott Lifencompass

This really got my wheels spinning. Been thinking about the Mana concept for the last few weeks. Yesterday, inspired by friend Chati Coronel, I took a blank piece of canvas, nailed it to the wall, and wrote a… statement about life. I wanted to say poem, but it really wasn’t poetic. As part of the journey, a mystical path, allowing oneself to be in a place of discovery, I am happy to run into something like this.

Today I am inspired by roots, dancing plants, and the power of Vegetative Intelligence.

yay big words!

Scott~ Roots. Roots. Roots!

..<<Off to meditate>>..

I’ve been looking for the complete movie of “The Line, The Cross, & The Curve” by Kate Bush.

No DVD to be found but I did find some used VHS tapes on Amazon. Fortunately we still have a VCR.

This video in particular, which I think is number 3 or number 5 of seven clips that make up the 30 minute movie, reminds me of the Three Rays (Christopher Penczak, The Three Rays of Witchcraft). I think in part that comes from my recent experience (4 or so months) thinking about trinities, three’s, etc.

Anyway. Enjoy.


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