It appears we’re entering the Mercury Storm… Say what? Yes this is the period of “going into retrograde” as the planet appears to slow. It would be a good time to edit and finish transactions, deals, contracts, escrow, etc. We don’t want these in the retrograde period.

Mercury will be Retrograde from December 10 – December 30th, first in Capricorn and then Sagittarius. You won’t believe this but there should be about four paragraphs here… In the middle of my post, WordPress just logged out and I lost everything. Auto-save didn’t take. 😦

So I’ll have to summarize my last 30 minutes and I think Sandra Helton, at Shirley MacLaine site can help me best.

“Mercury goes retrograde Friday in Capricorn until December 19 and continuing to be retrograde until December 30 in Sagittarius.

There is likely to be great shuffling of papers and forms and anything you have needed to take care of over the past few months but have let slide. You have what it takes to get it all in working order and that is what you should be doing.

Many will rethink family traditions and strive to connect to relatives and bring the holiday season full circle to what was or what is meaningful. The very stabilizing Sun sextile Saturn energy puts forth just the right energy for cementing bonds and laying lasting foundations that become a part of your life in the days ahead and well into 2011.”

Link to full Astrological forecast.

Edit and finish contracts, deals, and personally I think we should be mindful of Mercurial influences over the rest of the month as December, our biggest holiday month generally speaking, probably has the more travel, transactions, and communication packed into 30 days then some people have in two-thirds of their year. Keep in mind last weeks notes on taking care of the self, and carry forward with the highlight of any retrograde, this is an inner journey time so do your best to communicate from the core, and travel ahead with the spirit. Transactions should have a meaning for you. Give from the heart. Speak as you would like to be spoken to… I think you get my meaning.

So onto the cards.

Tarot Weekly

Tarot Weekly Dec 6 - 12th

So… I’m going to go with growth through integrative experience this week. Doesn’t mean positive, or negative, could be either or, but the set up doesn’t seem that serious to me with the exception of a possible loss of place, or recognition of a long term process of change that could be making itself visible.

Let me explain the later and then loop back to the beginning. As I pulled the cards this morning a scenario unfolded in my minds eye, indicating a loss of a job. My heart bumped up a beat but I calmed because I recognized that it wasn’t me, but was connected to my life and so I would see or hear about it.

Later this morning I heard the news. It was close in proximity, I was a bit surprised.

What does this have to do with the weekly? Well… I had a hard time with that. I got the personal message with this one and I’m trying to expand it into a broader spectrum so that we can see how it applies to all of us. Seems to me that the message of the young visionary, looking out into the world and making a decision to move forward, unfortunately the decision is framed in the context of loss (9 of swords) and the eventual end of a journey (three of wands, reversed) which is the need for a new direction.

Psyche forms the root of the reading, the underbelly of movement that feels crocodilian in that there is the element of surprise in the news or change. The surface of the water seems calm… “Snap!” goes the mouth of the crocodile who dives back to the depths, and the water appears calm once again.

The observer on the other hand has been given a message and despite the calm waters they have been shown another side to life, death (change) and this becomes the tool we must take to hand. You see Psyche, grows from her experience. She is our mythic transport into our own underbelly and is asking if we realize that we have come to a decision, or that our recent decisions (path at this time) has come to a conclusion or finale.

Up from the inner world comes the gift of insight, sometimes in a sudden flash we find that we can startle ourselves.

Take note of your changes this week, specifically what you may be unconsciously communicating to yourself as this could bleed into a retrograde journey of discovery.

Emergence is the surfacing power or idea, coming out from within.

Well, I believe I’m done for the week there… 🙂

– –

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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