Yeah. This is a good story. For the record Leo is “arty farty” and a HUGE giver. 🙂



Suffering from Cerebral Palsy and terminal pulmonary vein stenosis, Leo Haines was so sickly when he was born that he spent the first year of his life in the hospital. Not only did the brave little boy survive but he discovered such a talent for painting that he’s just celebrated his first art exhibition.

Due to his severe illness, which includes intermittent deafness, Leo often struggled to communicate with his family. That was before he discovered painting. With a canvas on the floor and a selection of colorful paints, he began to create abstract works with sweeping blocks of color, not so dissimilar to that of the famous artist, Jackson Pollock, reports Britain’s Daily Mail. Painting became a therapeutic hobby and also allowed him to express himself.

Encouraged by his grandmother, Marianna Thomas, herself a local painter, Leo began to paint up to five times a week over the last two years. “It began by getting him to recognize different colors and mixtures and shapes. Now it is his favorite pastime,” said grandfather, Brian who added: “I suppose you’d call them impressionism — they’re definitely inspired by his choice of colors.”

Full story via Terminally Ill Boy Becomes an Art Sensation – Tonic.