716 S. LOS ANGELES ST., L.A. CA 90014 
bids for 5 ft X 6 ft paintings start at $300! more info 213.627.1102

The Auction 
Each painting that will be up for auction will have a bidding sheet beside it. The bidding sheet will give you information about the painting: size, medium, etc. and will have the starting bid on it.  Remember, bids for 5ft. X  6ft.(that’s HUGE!) paintings start at $300! Bidding starts promptly at 7pm on October 15, 2009. 

To bid on your painting, write your name , phone number and your bid on the bidding -sheet. You may bid in increments of $20 or $50 depending on the size of the piece. 

Bidding ends at 9pm. The last name on each bidding sheet is the winning bidder. After payment is received, take your painting home! 

Cash, check and credit card payment welcome. 

Paintings can be picked up on the night of the auction after 9pm. You can also arrange to pick up your painting on the following Saturday (October 17, 2009). 

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone interested. Everyone is welcome. See you at the Primal Prayer Auction!

Be well,

Scott K Smith

Scott Lifencompass | Create Your Badge