It’s funny to realize how working on, and trying to  produce my little show at the Rowan really robbed me of my time. I’m at a bit of a loss without canvass at this point but ready to paint! Hitting a few stores this afternoon around downtown to see if I can fins something to paint over.

I’m kind of fuzzy this morning so please excuse any typo’s or brain farts.


Frosti was one of the last pieces I spilled out for “A Hidden Place” but ended up being one of the most popular. From comments like “The texture is really intense” on most pieces to “That one” (Frosti) “is easy to approach and so soft.” gave me a few ideas about how to spin these little messages out.

I keep getting asked how “the Show” went and I find it hard to communicate in a few words. First tho I was displaying my work, I was also among many artists at the Gallery Space so there were venues within the venues and a few surprising additions. I met some incredible people. I…

I listened quietly without introducing myself to hear what people said about the work, mine and others.

I met another artist who was from my home town -it is a small world after all. Warm hands, loving smiles, deep ideas. I can’t wait to do some collaboration with him.

I got my ass grabbed a few times by friends. : )


I loved watching everyone take photo’s of “Fertile”. It was as if no one had seen a penis before but aside from that I also got a little education about the symbol from Ancient pompeii. Corrina forgive me for misspelling your name if you have stopped by to read the blog but I never got your card. Anyway this great lady Corrina and I talked for a spell about her work and Young Living and she told me that in Pompeii they would hang little penis plaques outside of the doors for fertility.

I’m glad “Fertile” was by the door. I sold three pieces.

I felt surrounded and supported by friends.

The Rowan, no the streets of Downtown LA were a mess! I couldn’t believe how  many people were out to art walk but it almost seemed more of a circus than an Art Event. Me thinks I gotta tune in for the January show and make it a bit more private or exclusive. I don’t want friends to have to fight through crowds of party-goers and I’d love to create a different sort of dimension. Hey. I’m not complaining it was awesome.

When I said I was truly grateful, I meant it.

Oh man! I almost forgot. BOLT BARBERS was HOT! They had people lined up for cuts and Matt blew me away with how upbeat, positive and enthusiastic he was about the event. I mean it really was more than just creating a “buzz”. Yeah. Good job Matt. I can’t wait for BOLT to open at the Rowan.

Full event page at


I have a few things on my mind that I will try to spell out for you later like Elemental Attunements, and “what’s this story about soy causing cancer???” but I’m not guaranteeing anything until the coffee kicks in.

Much love,

Scott K Smith

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