Hi there. Just a short note to remind you that I am participating in the September 10th Art Walk, in Downtown LA on Thursday September 10th.

Rowan Gallery Space
*I’m right in front*

460 S. Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

6-10 pm

Additionally the paintings will be up for 5 days after in the gallery, after the event.

You can link to the event on Facebook at:


The bulk of the work can be seen here or at the facebook site however keep in mind that most of the images are works in progress. I want to save the wow *I hope* for the drop of the final veil.


There are just tons of galleries, artists, performers and specials in the Old Bank District on the Art Walk. To learn more about the Art Walk follow this link:


*Art walk is always free*

Be well,

Scott K Smith


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