I’m diving into this one, head first.

There is a strong energy coming through this month that is related to communication, illusions, masks and revelation. We are all -yes I realize- to varying degrees vibing on different wavelengths, densities and tones of energy. We have an uncountably diverse planet but there are rhythms, base beats if you will, that move through the underpinnings of the seen creating the “boom boom boom” of the earth’s spiritual heartbeat. That thump-thump we are all so intimately bound to.

Last week as I did some healing work on the self, experimenting with what I am learning is called Reiki-Gong (Walter Lübeck). It was a fun experiment with interesting results, at the throat. Interesting, OK, and I recognize my center for healing expression and what was once a major healing issue for me earlier in the year and later last year. The throat. The center of communication.

The weekend comes and I attended the Old Bank District Block Party, mostly on 4th and Main. (Thanks Tom for getting our group into Warung so quickly, it was a rather large troupe). Saturday becomes Sunday and I nurse a bit of a hang over. Guilty as charged and spend the day resting, painting and catching up with some online friends. Sunday night… BOOM! The messages start rolling in. No, they explode in my face until about 11:30 p.m. at night and I’m left to journaling most of Monday, thinking, “What the hell?!?”

Monday I get a hit from a friend as we begin to talk about Masks, reality, truth and illusions. I took note in my journal and kept on.

Tuesday the Full Moon Newsletter from Gaia LA, rolls into my inbox.

This years last Full Moon will be in the social butterfly sign of Gemini.

This sign makes us feel light and social.

But this year we have a grand square that will make everyone more cautious about what they say.. or should (Um Communication!!! Scott)

I say, we should be more cautious about what we share, since

the planets that are aligning may bring foot to mouth more easily than most nights :).

The square in the sky is having us look at what we value as truth and what no longer

applies in our lives as doctrines.

We are open to share our new found hopes and are excited about the light that has finally

opened our eyes to what we choose not to see before.

Though sometimes we are not happy about the truth being revealed to us, there is

a relief to finally look at that truth in our lives so we may move forward.

This night is great to share our hopes and dreams and ideas with friends and family.

Very social energy, but tempered with solid values.

Do something productive to help with that polarity.

Create a night that brings you, friends and family together to make gifts from the heart. Share memories as gifts to those you love. Most of all,

open your heart to those you value and let them know that you appreciate them in your life. For sharing a kind word is priceless.

Are you following me here? 😀

The last of many “hits” on this topic came through in the December  update from Astrology Zone. The “heads up” by Susan Miller, iced my holiday cookies. Something is coming through many channels to say, “read my lips… Watch your mouth, listen to where the energy is focused. Gemini. Communication. Revelation. Truth. What you say. How it is heard.”


The message came to me, to you, to tell us that there is a special tone to the energy that is about us at this time and it is centered on communication, truth, reality versus illusions and the removal of masks.

Revelation. Forgiveness.

As I know it to be, as I mentioned before, I do believe we are all on different waves, levels of vibration and so this base line energy can affect us all differently. For some it may be love relationships, where the communicative energy is released, for others it could have to do with their own personal growth, their home and family or other aspects of their life. Where the mind is focused is generally where these things manifest when they “spike” around the planet. And we are heading into, if we are not already in the midsts, of a natural world thrust.

The December 12th date has a big highlight around it, according to a few sources, as a day to lay low. Which, I personally will do, keeping a few things in mind and being in the present.

This is a time when you can release Karmic cycles, energetic ties and the fetters and tethers that have clipped your wings for some time and held you out of the sky. There is a lot of focused power, squared -structures, physical, manifestation, earth- in these moments and the key to freedom isto be in the present, witness what his happening with an open and clear mind, and let go. Yes. Release.

Release the points of tension, the arguments, the ties that bind. “Let go. Let God.” as they say, “If it is true love, set it free and it returns to you”. Your karmic lessons are bound to bigger wheels of  movement, larger lessons and you remain bound to those lessons, unlearning because you, we, get caught within the proverbial spokes of the “problems” wants, issues and details; to the point that when the Karmic Wheel revolves around and begins again we find ourselves saying, “why does this always  happen to me?” and we are committing to the same learning path again, doing the same thing over, unchanged, unenlightened.

Sometimes it is better to listen, to let go and look at what is happening outside of the box of your own ideas, perceptions, desires and fears. Looking at reality without the lens of personal gain and loss.

To help you I would suggest strengthening some tools.

  1. • Speak less and listen more.
  2. • Make time to meditate, to get centered and feel your natural rhythm. It is through identifying and listening to your own cycle, your nature, that you tune into the natural world and the ebb and flow of these messages. You can navigate them with greater clarity.
  3. • Look to where you feel you are being challenged, these are your Karmic ties that are being loosened. Are you going to fight to preserve them or will you help them unfasten.
  4. • Look at your fears, we are heading into the Winter Solstice as well, when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are living in longer nights and shorter days. This is a time of greater darkness to a point, and a birth of light. Find the light, the love, the joy in your life and cultivate it. No matter how great or small it may seem, even the seemingly irrelevant can make a difference if it makes you feel good at the heart, at the body, in the mind.

I hope that this finds you all well.

Scott K Smith